New Spell Ideas: Seeker Spells

Seeker Spells

It’s a new year and what better way to start it off than with some new spell ideas? Thanks to Legends of The Spiral’s awesome Card Creator tool (link here) I am able to bring these spells to you in the clearest way possible. Today’s article will center around a new spell mechanic I envision: Seeker Spells!

What is a Seeker Spell?

A Seeker Spell would be a type of spell that, when cast, adds another spell to your hand. The spell added to your hand would be added as a regular spell card, allowing you to enchant it. Seeker spells have numerous potential applications: they could allow you to summon copies of cards that you don’t have in your deck, and they could allow you to summon a card exactly when you need it. However, for my first batch of Seeker spells, I designed them to summon TC and item cards that typically aren’t available to the players to train or purchase. For the PvP top tiers, I designed spells that would be useful in PvE, while I gave the low tier PvP classes more potent PvP tools. In order to balance Seeker Spells’ powerful summoning effect, I made them deal 10% less damage than their equivalent pip counterparts. All Seeker spells would be acquired at level 78 via side quest.

Balance Seeker Spell


Explanation: As a top tier PvP school, I allowed the balance spell to add a PvE card to their hand. Balance struggles with Balance mobs and has no off-school AoE spells until level 108. Lernaean Hydra neatly addresses this issue.


Death Seeker Spell


Explanation: Death in PvP struggles to spike damage, especially from second. Deadly Minotaur addresses this issue while becoming more potent with the ability to further enchant it.


Fire Seeker Spell


Explanation: As a top tier PvP school, Fire’s seeker spell also gives it a PvE oriented spell. Between Meteor and Raging Bull – Fire has no burst Damage AoE, Fiery Giant bridges that gap.


Ice Seeker Spell


Explanation: Ice’s spell gives it a much needed high damage single hit for use in PvE.


Life Seeker Spell


Explanation: Life is in need of a low pip AoE for PvE and Potboiler certainly fits the bill. Note that Life’s spell was given a reduced cost of 2 pips to allow it to instantly use Potboiler the round after. There is little point in a low pip AoE if you still need to wait the same number of rounds to cast it as you would with Forest Lord.


Myth Seeker Spell


Explanation: A spell that offers less combo utility than Medusa, but does a lot more damage. Its nature as an AoE also makes it useful in PvE as a hard-hitting AoE until myth receives Mystic Colossus. Notice that myth’s spell was given a reduced cost of 1 pip. This is due to the fact that Lord Humongofrog would have to compete with Medusa and (in a PvP environment)-the more rounds Myth spends without stunning, the more likely they will not be able to stun at all during the match.


Storm Seeker Spell


Explanation: Storm has no offensive/defensive utility and struggles to deal with enemies in the late game. Water Efreet makes great strides towards mitigating this issue.


What Do You Think of Seeker Spells?

Leave Your Own Ideas for Spells that Card Seeker 
Could Summon in the Comments Below!

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  • James Earthwalker

    Lookin’ like Yu-Gi-Oh XD

    Also, thanks for reminding me I have some idea spells of my own 😉

  • Vincent Tran-Dyrenforth

    The storm and death ones just add cards that are upgrades of myth and fire. This destroys the uniqueness of the myth and fire spells and makes it seem like your facing a multi school wizard because of the similar spells.

    • Sierra

      These spells already exist as treasure cards or item spells though

  • Mycin

    Outstanding concept! Especially enjoyed the attentiveness to the spell names.

  • golden brigain

    What about astral and shadow spells? You could have a spell to add a enchant for spell like turning them into things like Thunderbird and fire wyvern. It would help because a big flaw of those spells is that despite how useful they can be, it’s hard to get both the attack and the transformation to do it. In regards to shadow spells, we could pull shadow enhancements like shadow blade and trap, or polymorphs.

    • Wolf FireBreath

      I kinda want to see a star spell debuff, i.e. puts an aura on them or something like that. I feel like it’d be hella useful

  • golden brigain

    Also, I’d like to make a post on duelist101 someday, if possible, how would one join the crew? I have a lot of ideas for pirate101 and I’ve made some for wizard too.

    • Sierra

      A great way to get started is to be active in the community and post there, we sometimes feature community blog posts here on the site!

      • golden brigain

        Like on pirate101 central? I’ve done a ton of post there.

        • Sierra

          I meant the community section of our site, you can find a link up top!

    • Alex Thunderstaff

      You can also join our Discord server for help and feedback. Link in our twitter bio

  • Giannis Koutovas

    I think that wizard101central does some contests at times, such as creating a spell. When they do it again you should use your idea it seems really fun.

  • Kane Rose

    lol copy of hearthstone not that original

    • Sierra

      Certainly would be an improvement in any case!

  • Monolithic X

    Nice post Eric. I do like the new mechanic of a spell granting you a spell that didn’t start in your deck. As Kane Rose stated, it’s quite similar to Hearthstone’s ‘Discover’ feature. Wizard absolutely needs to come up with some better ideas but I think this is far too revolutionary for them.

    Not to mention they would probably just muck it up. Like I told you before… stop giving away your ideas and make your own game. Blender?

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