2v1: Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide

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Magus Myth No Crowns 1v1 Guide

At Magus, Myth is certainly not a top tier school. However, they aren’t exactly lacking in tools, either. With a deadly double-strike in Minotaur, no lack of basic tools, and a myriad of minions, most notably the 700 health Cyclops Warrior, the Myth school has the ability to succeed at this level. This is a level 35 without the use of crowns gear, over-level treasure cards, and the spell Shatter, which I personally never even got around to training. You will need to rely on your minions to help guide you through your matches.

Why Level 35?

At level 35, Myth has their powerhouse attack (Minotaur). You could stop at level 33, but I went to 35 for the extra training points from the Stone Roses Zeke quest and getting to level 35 (like I said before, I didn’t even bother to train Shatter, and it was not my reason for going to 35. I would discourage people from using it because I think it is both broken and boring).

No Mastery?

Because masteries fall under the category of crowns gear, I worked without a mastery amulet for this project. If you did have access to a mastery, I would easily pick balance for the efficient heals, shuffles and judgement. However, without a mastery you will be just fine using pixies and sprites to heal, regular pips for shuffles and combos to close out matches.

The Gear

Charlie GearI used the best bazaar gear I could find. Look for damage first, then accuracy, and then health. It may be worth your while to farm mount olympus for Zeus or even Senator’s gear, as it will offer better stat bonuses. I also used the Sky Iron Hasta, which is a no-brainer for this level with +10% damage. It has a 100% drop rate from Ares in Mount Olympus. I used the Heartsteel, which isn’t exactly a “no crowns” piece of gear, but it can be easily farmed for at Prince Gobblestone on Colossus Boulevard or bought for only 260 crowns.

If need be, you can substitute for the best bazaar Athame you can find, favoring Power Pips and Health. For the ring, I used the Tournament Ring, which can be bought at the bazaar. It gives some health, and some incoming and outgoing healing. As my amulet, I ran the Nightshade’s Choker for the extra weaknesses. At Magus level, your best deck is the Deck of the Lotus, offering 50 cards with 4 copies of each and 20 Treasure Cards.


For my pet, as some of you may know, I used a Rude Goblin, which gives some minion manipulation cards and 2 Van Der Borst spells. These cards are helpful, but by no means necessary. If you can get your hands on one, that would be great. Here are the talents I had and the priority I think you should try to get them:

  1. Spell Proof– The basic resist talents. Try to get Spell Proof on your pet. If you cant get any other talent, get this one. You need the extra resist.
  2. Fairy Friend (or any other healing talent)- I normally don’t like may cast heals on my pets, but without a mastery amulet, the extra heals are super helpful. Fairy Friend or Spritely would be the top heal talents to get.
  3. Pain Giver– This talent will help get your damage up to a level where a combo can actually kill an opponent without 3 stacks of blades. Not a top priority, but it certainly helps.
  4. Spell Defying– Basically Spell Proof but smaller. Not an essential talent, but a nice way to boost resist. If for some reason you can’t get Spell Proof, get this talent.
  5. Incredibly Infallible– This talent is more of a luxury than a necessity. Even without this talent, I’m not sure I would need Infallible in my side deck because this strategy doesn’t rely on it too much. If its up when I start attacking, great. If not, I don’t worry too much. In addition, it is an over-level spell, so if you don’t feel comfortable using it, you don’t need to (this goes for the Treasure Card or May Cast version).

Training Points and Deck Setup

At level 35, I had 16 training points, and used all of them (yes, you can squeeze in to Dragonspyre at level 35; I actually managed to pick up my Zeke quest at level 33). Here is what I decided to train:

  • Ice- Tower Shield (5)
  • Ice- Snow Shield (1)
  • Life- Sprite (4)
  • Death- Infection (1)
  • Balance- Weakness (3)
  • Balance- Spirit Blades (1)
  • Balance- Reshuffle (1)

This gives you everything you need without a point to spare.

With these spells trained, your deck should look something like the images to the right.

Deck Explanations

Starting off with main deck explanations:

  • We have at least 2 school specific shields to each school, and 4 Tower Shields for Balance. This ensures that we will have a solid defense.
  • 3 Pixies and 2 Sprites are there for heals when needed, or to break infections in the case of Sprite.
  • 4 Time of Legends. WIN the bubble war.
  • 2 Wooden Constructs and 3 Cyclops Minions. Constructs are great distractions to put in to play, or to sacrifice for health or pips. Cyclops will be your main minion. I sometimes swap out one construct for 1 Cyclops.
  • 3 Myth Blades and 2 Spirit Blades. This strategy uses a good amount of blades to prepare a combo.
  • 4 Infections and 4 Weaknesses because this strategy also relies on debuffs to distract your opponent.
  • 1 Shield Minion to help establish mainly a Cyclops or Ogre minion (if using a Rude Goblin).
  • 1 Cyclops and 1 Troll as multi purpose attacks (minion killer, finisher, add pressure).
  • 3 Humongofrogs to kill minions or deal a solid hit to your opponent.
  • 3 Minotaurs to act as your powerhouse attack. Mainly used in combos of 2-3 attacks. 
  • 2 Reshuffles so discarding one isn’t an issue. Also, you can extend the time you have to set up your combo.

And now the side deck:

  • 1 Stun Block to avoid high level Treasure Cards (Medusa, Mammoth, Basilisk etc) Freeze treasure cards, or miscellanious spells (Winter Moon).
  • 2 Triage to, again, avoid high level Treasure Cards (Skeletal Dragon, Basilisk) or other powered up DoTs (Frostbite, Heckhound, Poison)
  • 4 more bubbles. WIN the bubble war.
  • 1 Aftershock/Earthquake to stop bladestackers (Aftershock is more level appropriate but much more rare; Earthquake is overlevel but much more common. If you don’t want to use Earthquake and can’t get aftershock, you don’t need to include it).
  • 2 Humongofrogs to help kill opposing minions.
  • 7 Monstrous to give your attacks extra power
  • 1 Doom and Gloom to cut off healing if needed (this should be in every pvp deck in my opinion).
  • 2 Steal Health to get a good heal from a minion. This fun little spell not only heals you a good amount (350 or 400), but it completely ignores Infection and Doom and Gloom, is boosted by your Spirit Blades and removes any Weakness on you, all for 1 pip. This means it is an effective way to reliably heal from second, and can set you up for an attack the next round. Great to use when your cyclops is about to die, or to Golem Minion -> Steal Health.
  • 1-2 Infallible (if wanted and not included as a pet talent). This questionable spell can help with huge resist targets, but isn’t completely needed. If adding one, take out a Monstrous (or Aftershock if unavailable). If adding 2, take out a Monstrous and either a Time of Legend or Steal Health (or Aftershock if unavailable). 

The Strategy

Double Team Diversions

Normally, when starting off with Bazaar gear at this level, you’re going to want to take a more offensive approach to 1v1 due to your inability to live through much damage with such low resist. However, this strategy has a different way of dealing with low resist. You need to use your minions, most importantly Cyclops, to distract your opponents from attacking you. With your minion out on the field, your opponent will either kill it, giving them less resources to target you with, or leave it on the field, which allows you to play a 2v1 match. This is what you want, which is why spamming your minions and keeping your opponent debuffed with your 6 copies of weakness is key.

Once you get to a 2v1 position, you can play a bit more defensively by debuffing (Weakness and Infection), shielding and blading up, while your minion applies pressure and breaks shields. After you get to a place where you have enough buffs that you can kill your opponent with a combo, you can let loose on a multi Minotaur combo, followed by a finisher if needed. This is basically all there is to it. Keep debuffs off of you and make yourself a threat. Keep Infections off with Sprite, Weaknesses off with your wand, and your bubble and pips up. If you scare you opponent into playing defensively with these methods, you’ve done your job right.

School Specific Tips

Key spells: Heckhound, Efreet

Keep a triage handy if you think they’ll hound. Kill their minion asap, because without it, they can’t hit around shields without wasting blades (besides Heckhound). Keeping a frog in hand may prove helpful if you notice they’re using it a lot. Expect Efreet and try not to attack them from second if they have 8 pips. They do have scald, so while summoning a minion, weakness may be a better choice to defend yourself. They can fight a bubble war, so make sure you’re not left without a bubble. I like to weakness or shield early to see if they’re running the Sky Iron Hasta wand, in which case you can play weaknesses and tower shields knowing they cant simply wand them off.

Their health is on the lower end, so keep in mind that you wont need as many blades to take them out. I like to play a little more offensively against fire, timing shields based on how much of a threat they are (ie, pips to hurt you with, blades, etc). Infection will be helpful against Fire wizards. Some of them rely on Link to remove them, so putting one or a few on them could be a good way to bait them into using their blades. 

Key spells: Frostbite/Snow Angel, Winter Moon/Wooly Mammoth

Stun Block may help here. Again, Keep a triage up. This will be a much more difficult match due to Ice having higher health and better buffs than fire. Their minion can’t live, and their bubble MUST go down as soon as it goes up. Rely on weakness to defend against DoTs, and shield mainly when you want to summon a minion to avoid a Blizzard. Throwing up a shield if they’re planning to attack soon isn’t a bad idea because it cuts off a single shot hit such as Mammoth or Lord of Winter, however weakness should be used first.

Aftershock or Earthquake may prove useful in this match as many Ice wizards like to bladestack (an Enchanted Armament pet is usually a giveaway of this strategy; if you see one, especially on an Ice wizard, keep that Earthquake or Aftershock on hand). Make sure to keep your health up high, because Frostbite can lower your health quite a bit without you even realizing it. Using a sprite to help counter a frostbite is one of my favorite moves. Infection is going to be a must here to make your damage stick. Beware of them being removed by sprite.

Key spells: Wild Bolt, Triton

Shield, shield, shield. If they’re the spammy type, defend with shields whenever you can. Wild Bolt is a dangerous spell, but becomes not as deadly if you can defend it. I generally like Tower Shield when they’re at lower pips, and throw up a Volcanic Shield when they reach higher pips and/or have a blade or trap on.Triton at 6 pips will nearly OHKO you. If your opponent likes to kill your minion, don’t shield it. They will either waste their pips killing your minion without an enchantment, or waste an enchantment killing your minion.

Either way, this is a win for you, so using your minion will prove useful. However, only use your minion if you can spare the resources. Van Der Borst really shines in these types of matches because you can damage your opponent and summon your minion at once, thus making great use of your valueble resources. They generally wont fight a bubble war, however they can, so I would keep a bubble on hand. Although infection is still needed, it isn’t as vital against storm as it is with the other schools because your turns will be mostly spent doing damage, shielding, or using a minion to absorb damage.

Key spells: Seraph/Centaur, Amulet school spells (most likely Myth)

If you see a myth amulet, stun shield early. This shouldn’t be too hard of a battle in general, as life is a lower tier school. Throw up some life shields and keep the minions coming, because they have no effective way to defeat them. If you see a myth amulet, avoid using your bubble. If not, bubble when you can as they can’t change it. Be wary of a 4 pip AoE they may have access to through an amulet, be it Myth or Balance, when summoning your minion. Kill their minion quick, it likes to fairy and imp. It also likes to pass on the first turn its out too, so know you may have some time to kill it. Keep lots of infections on them and Reshuffle if you need more. If you can keep them on the defensive, you’ve started the process of what you need to do. Winning most likely will consist of forcing them to ineffectively heal through infection, and possibly having them resort to trying to summon a minion to aid them (which should be down quickly. This may be a battle where you want to throw up doom.

Key spells: Poison/Skeletal Dragon, Sacrifice, (possibly) Deer Knight

Death is generally a weak school against minions, so spam yours. Be wary of Deer Knight. If they have it, which is unlikely but possible, I suggest taking caution when summoning a minion. If they don’t, spam your minion. Be aware of heavily bladed Skeletal Dragons and have Triage out to stop them. Weaken their cloud of blades if they go this route.

If you’re second, where Triage is less effective, I suggest attacking them quicker than they attack you. If they have no mastery, a forced Sacrifice will steal all their blades. If they do have a mastery, make sure they’re infected and attack fast. Keep your bubble up, they only have doom to counter it. In general, rely more on Weakness to stop their DoTs, and use shields only when they are going to want to recover some health from a drain.

Key spells: Minotaur/Orthrus, Cyclops Minion, Medusa, Basilisk

This is likely going to be a minion battle, or high level tc defense. Stun Block quickly, always keep a Frog up to kill their minion, avoid using your bubble, and keep Triage ready in case they Basilisk. Rely more on weakness to defend Minotaur, Orthrus and Basilisk, and only use shields as a counter for Medusa or a double shield if you need a bigger counter to Minotaur or Orthrus. Keep their minion down. If your opponent likes to shield their minion, it may be better to Minotaur the minion from second.

Keep in mind that you’re going to need a blade to kill their minion with a Monstrous Humongofrog, so keep the blades on. If you force them to switch between killing your minion, summoning their own, healing, and removing weaknesses, they wont have any time to focus on you. This is when you prepare your combo and attack. 

Key spells: Judgement, Helping/Availing Hands, (possibly) Loremaster

Balance can be played lots of different ways at lower levels. It can be played successfully with a Fire, Ice, Life, Death, or Myth amulet, which makes it difficult to describe a counter. Be aware of their amulet and take into consideration the tips I have given for those schools. Judgement is a deadly spell that you will almost certainly lose to at least once ranking up due to your low resist. I suggest keeping 2 Tower Shields up from second to avoid Pierce, and stack Weaknesses and Tower Shield to counter their buff stack. Infect them heavily, as they have trained heals and reshuffle at their disposal.

If they have Loremaster, try to pressure them into going defensive. I havent faced a Balance wizard at this level with Loremaster, but lets just say I’m NOT looking forward to the moment I do. Put up your bubble freely as long as they don’t have a Myth amulet (Basilisk-Judge is not usually a fun combo to face). Kill their minion fast, and keep a Frog up to take him down if they summon him again. Don’t stack too many shields if they have a Fire or Ice amulet, as DoT’s can take them down. To avoid DoT-Stun-Judge combos, throw up a Stun Block. Be wary of Winter Moon combos if they have an Ice amulet, put up your Stun Block.

If they run a Life amulet, just play normally paying special attention to Infecting them. For a Myth amulet, Stun Block and be wary of Basilisk, Medusa, Orthrus and Minotaur to clear shields for a heavy attack. If they run a death amulet, expect Doom, Poison, and drains. Put up Death Shields in addition to Tower Shields, and remember to Stun Block for Poison-Stun-Judge. Also, Deer Knight is a possibility here against minions; take precaution here (yes, this is possible; my Master Balance wizard has Deer Knight, and Deer-Stun-Judge can kill you for summoning a minion).


Thats it! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. 

Happy Dueling!

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    Out of curiosity why not mention the level 35 gear farmable from the Jade Oni that offer damage, universal resist, and accuracy? A basic proof/defy/heal pet paired with that gear can give a player 37% resist … it’s true that it would involve some farming but it’s not out of level range and would seem to me to at least be worth mentioning …

    • Charles Darkflower

      I didn’t mention that gear because I didn’t have it on hand, and crowns gear is generally a rare drop. This being a no-crowns guide, I decided to leave it out. The reason I mentioned the Senator’s robe was because it is much easier to get, and I didn’t do any farming for it. I got it easily while getting a Sky Iron Hasta. If I had gotten a piece of crowns gear dropped from the Jade Oni, I might’ve included it. If the Senator’s gear proves too difficult to get, an acceptable alternative is what I had planned to use, Yakedo’s Hypothetical Robe.

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