Winters Blight – Advanced Level 100 Exalted 1v1 Ice Guide


“Oh my sweet summer child … What do you know of fear? Fear is for the winter, my little lord, when the snows fall a hundred feet deep and the ice wind comes howling out of the north, when the sun hides its face for years at a time…”

– Old Nan, ASoIaF

The Eternal Winter returns with new spells, setups and gear, all ready to be used, and its up to you to master it!


Ice-buttonThis guide is a Level 100 Thaumaturge sequel to my last guide, Frozen, which is for Level 90 Thaumaturge wizards. This guide adds a new twist to that guide, with new spells and gear in your arsenal, along with talents, strategy, and much more for you Exalted Thaumaturges!

Recap on what “Frozen” is:

“Time to tell Professor Greyrose that Thaumaturges  just aren’t about defense anymore; its time to show the true power of Ice in the arena. This guide will be something you would not expect for ice. It’s all about high risk, but potentially high rewards. An aggressive, offensive Ice setup.” Frozen is a kamikaze setup that has a big gamble to it, but high rewards in the end if you do things right. Time to become a glass cannon, and this guide will show you how!


Everything you need in a companion.

Here are some important pet talents that you will vitally need. Without these, this strategy may be a little tougher.


  • Damage Talents will always help you boost your offense, and potentially go over 100 ice damage, which alone, is a massive eye opener for most.
  • The Healing talents can sustain you in battle, but at the same time you can dish out damage. Although this is luck based, it’s nice to at least have a feeling of chance at staying alive.

Pet Cards

Now for something new to focus on: Pet cards. Some pet cards can, or will be vital for your strategy. You can mix and match pets for better results. Here are a few:

PET_FrankenbunnyThe Frankenbunny, not only gives 3 cards of Mega, but those cards happen to be 2 pip Heals. Although luck based, it has a potential to give you a 1000 heal, which can give you an extra edge in fights you may otherwise lose.

PET_Snow Beast The Snow Beast is a good Ice pet as it gives you a stackable Iceblade. Although it may only give 1 blade, it can still be vital for your final hits.

w101-adult-lord-of-winter-cards The Lord of Winter pet offers many great cards for your arsenal, all good to use in battle. If you don’t own a Snow Beast, then this pet would definitely be a great alternative.


Become a Glass Cannon.

The setup is similar to the predecessor of this guide, but has a few new gear pieces to try out. Remember to focus on Damage, Health, ResistArmor Piercing, but also CRITICAL. Items are listed in order of Greatest to Least.

Your hat is basically a wild card. The Hat could add a massive damage spike to your strategy, or help you stay tanky while keeping a good amount of damage:

HAT Traders Wintery Mantle(Craftable recipe given by Kazidan the Keeneye in Sardonyx) This hat gives tremendous Critical and Health, AND gives you resist. This hat is a perfect replacement for Zeus’ Helmet of Blizzards, it has resist to allow you to tank hits, but dish out greater ones.

HAT Zeus hat(Dropped by Hades the Unseen in Tartarus)  This helmet is great, because it not only gives a good amount of Damage & Armor Piercing, it gives a large amount of Health to keep you alive. Plus a great amount of Critical.

HAT Paladin's Mantle of Valor[Available in the Crown shop for 11995 crowns (Comes in a set)] This hat gives Resist, unlike many others. It also gives Armor Piercing, Damage, and a decent amount of Health.

An essential item to maintaining the equilibrium of your build, Robes should grant a balanced amount of every stat you need:

Morgan WinterBreeze Unseen Lord's Chill Armor (Ice WWU)(Dropped by Hades the Unseen) This Robe gives a huge amount of Health, Damage, Critical, and Armor piercing. This is by far one of the best robes in the game for Ice.

ROBE Sultan Robe(<!>RETIRED<!>Available in the Mega Bundle, Tier 10<!>RETIRED<!>) This robe gives a solid dose of Health, along with Critical & Block. The Damage output is massive for an Ice, and it gives a great amount of resist.

Wolfspear Hades' Frozen Over Armor (Ice Offensive)(Dropped by Hades the Unseen) This robe gives a TREMENDOUS amount of Health, mixed with some Ice Critical and Damage. If you mix this with a Helmet and Boots that give Resist, the sacrifice for Robe resist may be worth it.


ROBE Valiant Paladin's Armor[Available in the Crown shop for 11995 Crowns (Comes in a set)] This robe not only gives a grand amount of Health, but it gives a balanced amount of Damage & Resist. The nice amount of Armor Piercing always helps as well.


You should go defensive with the boots, as you can rely on your other gear to give you the offensive emphasis you need. However, if you go defensive with your hat, you can choose to go offensive with boots. Mix and match to see where your stats look favorable. You may even be able to go offensive with both Boots and Hat for a truly aggressive build.

BOOTS Royal Fusilier's boots(Available in the Yuletide Pack) These Boots give substantial amount of Health, but really shine on their Damage, Block, and Armor Piercing.

Luis WinterHeart Unseen Lord's Chill Boots ( Ice WWU)(Dropped by Hades the Unseen) You can remain tanky, but also retain some of your Damage.


Duelist's Fatal Razor(5000 Arena tickets from Brandon Mistborn) This is a great Athame to have for the extra Critical, since it boosts Damage and Crit, allowing you to create Damage spikes.

ATHAME Blade of the Felled Titan(Dropped by Cronus, in Tartarus) With tons of Health, Damage, and Pips, this Athame is a must have.


Waraxe of the Old Times(Available in the Crowns Shop) This wand buffs all of your offensive stats, as you’re introduced to Damage, Pierce, and Power Pip Chance. This is a great Wand to use for offensive setups such as ours.

Wizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack!(Found in the Islander’s Hoard Pack) This wand is great as it gives equal stats, and a good amount of Armor piercing. But this wand has a risk to it, you will have to try your luck at the pack to get it.

TEST_Staff of Flashing Blades(From Diego on Unicorn Way) This wand is great with the extra Power pip and Accuracy. If you can’t afford any of the wands above, this is a solid wand to have with you.

w101-l99-gem-of-the-grand-prophecy(Dropped by Morganthe in KR2) This Amulet is a huge boon for Ice, a massive spike in your stats will occur with this kind of Ice Amulet. The extra Iceblades are extremely useful to dish out 1 hit KOs.

Amulet-of-Divine-Influence(Dropped by Hades the Unseen in Tartarus) This is, of course, the best Amulet in the game. The block, critical, resist, and armor piercing can add an unparalleled boost to your stats.

Picture 2014-04-28 00-25-27(Can be found in Bazaar) This amulet gives a large amount of health, which can keep you at afloat when taking damage, especially with today’s aggressive standards.

RING Duelist Daredevil RingThis ring is basically a PvP upgrade of the Alpha & Omega Ring, except it gives a large amount of Armor piercing. This is a must as it provides the Armor piercing you need.

Picture 2014-01-07 18-28-22If you do not own the Duelist Daredevil Ring, this is a good substitute for now. Its block will help against Critical.



deck-of-winter-shadows This deck is a must have, the extra pip will give you a massive edge in the Arena.


This is how my stats look with the gear above:

Picture 2014-04-28 00-24-28


Deck Setup

Unleash the cold.

Your deck should primarily focus on these four spells:

Winter Moon

Wizard101 Winter Moon spellThis spell is a the gap closer to your combos. The damage and stun is tremendous, and will change the tide of any battle instantly, if used correctly.


(Spell)_BalefrostAdds a power boost to all your spells. This is a must to keep up, you’ll notice the hefty change in damage, and this will definitely give you an edge in the Arena. This will give you the upper hand every time. Pack 4-5 in Main, and pack 5-6 in your Side Deck.

Shadow Shrike

Shadow Shrike_lvl 92 spell_KhrysalisThis spell will add a 10% buff to your spells, and with the Armor Piercing, allow you to do “true damage” to your opponent. Ice doesn’t have a lot of Armor Piercing in their kit, but this spell fixes that. Always pack 2-3


(Spell)_FrostbiteThis is the main damage dealer for Ice. Our Damage stats and buffs will allow this spell to do 2000 damage total. It will allow you to just cast 2 Frostbites, Stun, and instantly defeat your opponents, surprising them with a massive damage spike.

And 3 Spells that synergize well with this Setup:

Sleet Storm

Wizard101 W101 Ice School Aura Sleet StormWith the amount of resist people have today, it’s fine to rely on your gear’s pierce (in some cases). This, stacked with Balefrost will add an extreme spike to damage. Winter Moon can do 4,000 damage, and so on.


(Spell)_Tower_ShieldTower Shield and Weakness spells will allow you to stall while you wait for pips. Great to use while waiting for the right time to combo attack.


(Spell)_ConvictionConviction allows you to stall out for pips, by tanking the onslaught of damage that hits you. The boosted Critical Block will reduce tons of damage from your opponent.

Questionable, but can be useful:

Dark Fiend

shadow-dark-fiendIt gets buffs from repeated attacks. Since you already are damaging your opponents, this will buff the Fiend, and let you deal even more additional damage.


(Spell)_InfallibleAlthough this spell is a staple in the PvP world, your gear and Shrike will already give you enough pierce to melt your opponent’s resistance. This is good in situations where you want to hit through Towers.

Katabatic Winds

w101-katabatic-wind-v2This spell is a decent Ice buff for your Critical and Armor piercing, however the Critical isn’t a big buff. The Armor piercing is tremendous, definitely use this against highly Ice resistant foes.

The Deck

Picture 2014-04-28 00-27-08

Picture 2014-04-28 00-27-05


Offensive Onslaught.

These tips are your primary focus for ALL schools. No need to worry about what you fight. Keep focusing on this and you will have an edge, and a victory:

There are no heals in this setup. Rely on your pet’s cards (if they have heals), or pet’s talents. Heals are a waste of time, your opponent will just damage through your heal, wasting your pips, leaving you vulnerable. It’s an eat or be eaten situation, but in this case you want to have a “feast”. You want to keep Winter Moon up at all cost, this is your “gap closer” (your spell to set up a finisher). Frostbite and Winter moon is a deadly combo when mixed with Balefrost (and/or Sleet storm).

Your main combo with Balefrost, Shadow Shrike, and/or Sleet Storm/Infallible  up at full pips should be, Frostbite, Winter Moon, Frostbite. This will almost always guarantee a win for you. The boosted damage from Balefrost along with an Aura, added with the Shadow Shrike buff, will guarantee Frostbites doing 2000-3000 damage. The Winter Moon stun piles on even more damage, but also a window for you to attack again as the Frostbite to ticks away.

Things you should do.

shadow-magic1If you have Shrike up, have a lot of pips, are ready to attack, don’t hesitate to use it. The extra Armor Piercing and Damage buff will help dish out more damage. However, don’t use Shrike too early, since the extra backlash will hit your large Health Pool hard.

Always keep Balefrost up at all costs. It is your main power spike over Iceblade, and will allow you to constantly unleash an onslaught of buffed attacks. Adding Sleet Storm to this will make your attacks deal menacing damage.

If you feel you need more pips, try to stall it outTower Shield, Weakness, and Conviction, are great ways to stall out your opponents while regaining Pips.

Things you should avoid.

shadowpipsIf your spell will use up all your pips, don’t use it. You want to at least have a few pips ready in case your opponent doesn’t die. Unless you feel confident, or if you feel your opponent may extinguish your pips via Mana Burn, Lord of Winter, etc.

Once you Shrike, do nothing but attack (same for Dark Fiend). If you focus on other things than attacking, you are wasting a turn, your Shadow spell, and potentially increasing your Backlash damage.

Don’t Winter Moon too early. The stun is vital for combos, using it too early will potentially throw the game for you later on. Use it at the right time to combo with other spells, like Frostbite or your higher ranked spells.



VS Storm

 Follow these tips, and you too can unleash the power of the Winter. Unexpected damage, high health, and an all out advantage against your opponents. Good luck fellow Thaumaturges!

– Alexander Lionheart


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  • Psylent Night

    For our Ice readers:

    Alex’s guide is an advanced guide, similar to the first Frozen. For those searching for a regular 100 Ice guide, some of our authors are finally leveling their Ice wizards, and we’ll hopefully be getting one out as soon as we can.

    • popcicool7777777

      How about other schools

    • Bifflet

      Maybe you could diversify in the guides so that they’re no all completely kamukazi? Lol.

      • Psylent Night

        Hey Bifflet. This comment was actually made with you and our other Ice readers in mind.

        We recognize that not everyone can play (or afford) the glass cannon style of Ice. But Alex is kind enough to share his setup with us, and we’re happy to show it to the readers who might want to try it.

        I remembered you said on the first frozen and in another article that you were having trouble with Ice lately. Now that some of our authors are leveling some ice wizards, I just wanted to reassure you that we’re still working on getting a wider range of Ice Guides out. Specifically, non-advanced Ice guides.

        • Bifflet

          Thanks for responding. I’m very happy this guide is out there, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not quite able to be at it’s level, haha. I’m probably one of the only ones, considering the only truly good wands are from packs or the crown shop, and many people that play this game invest a lot in it. To some extent, the same it true for gear but less so. Thanks for thinking about other styles of pvp. 🙂

      • Edward PearlWeaver

        Lol. I have been Ice for 8 years, still working on it.

    • Evan Silver

      Thank goodness! When can we expect some? I’m also leveling my wizard through Khrysalis and am looking for a more defensive build.

      • Psylent Night

        Hey Evan, I unfortunately can’t give a specific date, but I can say Jewel Shadowcaster has gotten her Ice to level 100 and has started crafting some spells. If you haven’t already, I would advise getting access to trained Winter Moon lol.

        I’ll probably be posting more information when I can.

      • Hunter IceShard

        I have quite a nifty defensive build on my ice, reduces health to around 4500 but really puts first place as a breeze vs shrike users. I might be starting YouTube videos myself soon so I’ll show it as my level 95 stuff that I have currently 🙂

  • ChoGath

    Very cool! It would be interesting to see this YOLO Ice approach in a video going 2nd. It would be especially interesting to see what would happen against a fire that played stun blocks as you did here.

  • I’m guessing the 4 first bubbles in the deck are balefrost, and the lone bubble is Katabatic Wind? Or is it the other way around?

    • jason

      four balefrost

  • congrats

    wow ice kills storm from first

    • Aaron S.


  • WilliamD

    probably one of the most anticipated guides for a while, i’ve always liked the idea of frozen as a strategy seems like a very fun way to play

  • Bifflet

    Hey, I know this sounds kind of wierd on an all-offensive guide, but is there any way to step this back a notch?
    What I mean is that for me, I don’t really have any crowns, so I have to work with crafted and dropped gear. That basically means no pierce for me. So should I use infall over sleet storm?
    Also, in the video, you use a wand to remove a tower. People with hades wand…. such as myself….. is there a solution to this? I would think ice bird, but with a blade on its risky :/

    • Aaron S.

      hades wand works fine, you don’t need the crowns wands as long as your aim is 900-1000 rank…if you’re going for leader board rank, then a crowns wand is ideal. As long as you have the duelist ring and hades robe, your pierce should be fine. Personally, I like conviction better than both sleet storm and infallible, so rather worrying about pierce, go for damage boost (and if possible, block). I recommend TC ice bird as a shield remover, since your wand is ice as well.

      • Bifflet

        Cool ty. I’ll get the duelist ring but idk about the hades robe. I use woodlant tribal coat, but thats just personal preference.

        • Aaron S.

          woodland is still great 🙂 less pierce, but more survivability. As long as you keep the damage boost up, I’m sure the trade off is more or less fine.

          • Bifflet

            Yeah I guess if you have like 70 damage against 20 resist, its still more or less a 50-60% damage boost

          • Aaron S.

            Here’s a good non crowns alternative:
            Trader’s wintery mantle
            Woodland tribal coat
            Crafted AZ boots (your choice on which one)

            Hades’ staff of frostbite
            Blade of the felled titan
            Horizon of underworld charm
            Duelist’s fatal razor (lv 90)

            Deck of winter shadows
            AT LEAST single damage & single resist pet

            This all together gives around 60+ damage, 40+ universal resist, with 70+ to storm & fire, reasonable accuracy and critical (critical doesn’t really matter) 245 block and 6 pierce. Obviously this build has 20 less damage and 10 less pierce than alexander, but you have more resist and block, which increases survivability.

            A fine trade off, if you ask me, although this build is definitely not a “glass cannon”

          • Bifflet

            I was kinda going for that, and in fact I have almost exactly that right now, except for my fail pet. I’m trying to get a dealer proof defy sprite pet, but right now I just have combinations of proof defy and sprite. Also, I use life mastery (my one crown bought thing). In general, pretty good stats, although it would use a bit of a different strategy and deck setup.

          • Aaron S.

            Yeah we’re straying farther away from alexander’s builds as we talk about this, but honestly I think what you have is fine. Alex did stress the need of 70+ damage and massive pierce, although that’s because he had ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE (sry for caps I just have to stress that lol)

            In the original frozen he had less than 30 resist and barely 160 block! Obviously a huge offense would be the only way to support that. With the build I gave you, you’ll have 40+ resist, and 245 block. throw on conviction, and you’ve got an even more hardened defense. honestly, you’ll still retain around 60% damage, which is almost good by current ice standards. Although you’ll have to be a lot less kamikaze like, I’m sure your build will be fine.

            Also, life mastery changes everything. Now you’ll have to decide if you truly want to be as offensive as alex, since the whole point of his gear is the fact that he doesn’t need to heal. As soon as you start using life mastery, you’ll be walking in your own domain, and you’ll have to devise your own build for yourself.

          • Bifflet

            Yay thanks!
            Also thinking about fortify….

          • Aaron S.

            ooooh no. no no no. Trust me, conviction over fortify any day. If you think of using fortify at all, just stick with infallible or sleet storm. Having more damage will do better than resist. Honestly though, conviction all the way 😉

          • Bifflet

            lol ok

          • Aaron S.

            wanna meet in game?

          • Bifflet

            Oh sorry i didn’t see this until now. Sure, just set up a time. I can do most days after 3-4 Eastern.

          • Aaron S.

            Alright, is right now cool? I live in central time, so i’m one hour later than you. For example 6:00 for you is 5:00 for me.

            I’m a level 88 ice, with no membership. (so not much to do lulz) name is aaron silver blade, what about arena realm scarecrow?

          • Bifflet

            Sure, but I may be a little late. I’m doing something until 5, so I may be there between 5 and 5:10/20 ish. Does that work for you?

          • Aaron S.

            sure! let’s say 5:15 your time

          • Bifflet

            Aww sorry I’m running late, if your still looking at this thread.

          • Bifflet

            I’m here…

          • Aaron S.

            shoot! wow i feel so silly, lol. completely forgot; my bad x_x i’m coming now! (if you’re still there)

          • Bifflet

            Oh sorry I left a while ago :/ and stopped watching this thread.

          • Aaron S.

            Lol wanna try again tomorrow? I’m busy today.. sorry. Tomorrow I’m completely open from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm your time. Same area & realm… if ur open, plz reply & u set the time 🙂

          • Bifflet

            Hmm I don’t know, but I’ll try. I’m having problems with my computer (just logged on and was getting about 1 frame every 10-15 seconds, yikes). How about any time in the afternoon, it’s basically the same time here and there.

          • Aaron S.

            lol alright; let’s try sometime between noon and 1:00. hopefully your computer is working by then 😉

          • Bifflet


          • Aaron S.

            yea…that never really worked, huh 😛

          • Bifflet

            …. I was there…

          • Bifflet

            let me just give you a true friend code or something

          • Aaron S.

            for real? i was too!.. 🙁

          • Aaron S.

            lol let’s try every day @ 5:00-6:00 pm your time, and maybe one day we’ll get lucky 😛 😛

          • Bifflet

            I’m here at scarcrow

          • Bifflet

            Didn’t see you….

          • Bifflet

            You mean daredevil ring right?

          • Aaron S.

            yes! thank you lol. i hate the fatal razor, in my opinion felled titan is munch better. daredevil ring, however, is a must. the pierce from that ring is all that you’ll have, and it is actually quite significant.

          • Going in with boosted resist that’s just going to be shriked away, less damage, very little crit, and no way to easily remove weakness/tower without wasting your blades seems like a recipe for disaster to me. I’d at least go with an off-school wand, if you’re going to have to buff more for damage.

          • Bifflet

            Well I think I would have at least 60 damage and 300 critical, but I think resist counts for something. Most players don’t shrike constantly. Besides, they only get a pip about every 5 turns. I fought a spammer the other day, and the match went on for about half an hour. I had about 35 resist, yet he only shriked once.
            Also, I guess my goal has only ever been to get to around the captain/knight rank, not warlord or above, if that changes anything.

          • Researching for counterpunch, most of my opponents shriked pretty regularly.

          • Bifflet

            Ok, nevermind then. However, tower spamming under shrike can save at least some of that resist. Just my opinion, your probably right in the long run.

          • Aaron S.

            If you’re going to argue that any resist is “shriked away”, that’s like saying resist retains no value. Obviously, more damage is always better, but since this guy has no crowns, I’m simply showing an alternative. 60 damage is decent by ice standards, so even if the higher resist is “shriked away”, It’s not like this build is completely at mercy. In fact, the only reason for excessive resist is to stall long enough to find a kill combo; hopefully it’s obvious that some offensive drive is required for this to work.

            As for off school wands, I guess it’s a possibility, but honestly there’s no good non-crown wand for ice’s that use off school hits. I’ve already recommended icebird, which is an amazing shield wrecker, and if that’s not enough, there’s always DOTs or minions. Point being, unless this guy finds crowns, I doubt going out of his way to get a low stat wand just to break towers is necessary.

          • I’m going to argue that boosting resist that can be shriked away and then crippling your ability to bladestack by using a same-school wand is a bad idea.

            The issue is offense being lowered on all fronts – damage, critical, piercing – leading to a more buff-centric setup, and then messing with your ability to actually buff. Crit does come into play when you cannot effectively buff, that’s why there’s so much force to either side of the spectrum: Tank/Buff or Glass Cannon/Spam.

            DoT’s or Minions have nothing to do with this, as it’s not about shields. It’s more about the tons of attacks out there with debuff as a side effect now, and how easy it is to stack regular weakness with those. In a combo build, you really need to be able to shake them off. Loremaster, Weaver, Efreet, Sugar Glider – any of these followed by a regular weakness is a big drawback. Ice bird is a big help there, but it still requires you pulling down your blade stack. Once you can shake off the debuffs, you’re then open to the Frostbite combos past shields and such.

          • Mallard

            Woah woah slow down… since when does anybody use Sugar Glider..?

          • One of our authors has already made overlord using nothing but Shift spells and Shadow creatures. 😛

          • Phil

            Might want to mention the universal damage he needed to pull it off? 😛

          • This is not about the build, it’s about the debuff. Literally, I just listed several available spells with a “weakness” side effect. Shift Sugar Glider a single training point, enchantable card with a weakness side effect.

          • Phil

            Just saying you shouldn’t expect a sugar glider to come flying at you from the average player. I get your point, it is a card with a debuff side effect but its uncommon due to the other requirements needed to justify it’s pip cost and damage. Lets not get everyone paranoid about a glider onslaught lol.

          • THEY ARE COMING!


          • Aaron S.

            lol sugar glider onslaught

          • jason

            who? eric?

          • jason

            I tried this out and got to knight

          • Aaron S.

            Well I clearly see your side, but just 2 things I want to throw out there: 1st off, I can’t believe you’re still supporting critical, lol. Alex, with all his offense, manages 339 critical rating, which I would believe transfers to somewhere around 65% (possibly more). Compared to ANY other school, even the most offensive ice build (again, not counting the dragon boots) yields pathetic critical, not to mention again, the no ice school-specific heal aspect.

            Yes, you could probably use the dragon boots, but then you’ll have a major dip in other stats such as damage boost, pierce, health, etc. Idk what range of rank you are assuming this build will take on, but as you’ve mentioned several times, the higher your rank, the more block your enemies will have. Attempting to throw on more critical in an ice build is therefore useless in theory.

            2nd of all, with 60% damage boost, balefrost, and colossal, an ice wizard can do decent damage to start with, assuming the opponent has <35% resist. Meaning, throwing on a blade or two, that decent damage will suddenly become huge. The need to blade stack is actually at a minimum in the arena these days, even for an ice wizard. simply a balefrost and one blade will generate tons of damage through low resist, so "crippling your ability to blade stack" is not really a concern.

            Of course, as soon as you are showered by debuffs, or you end up facing a wizard with 40+ resist, that changes everything, and you will probably wish you had an off school wand, lol. Obviously when you look at an ice build with a hades wand from all angles, there are many flaws as there are tons of builds that can take advantage of the hades wand: however, as the current ranked arena is, I think it's fair to say that one does retain a significant chance to at least hit overlord with the setup I've shown above. If anything, you can use rain beetle and infallible, and that'll probably clear a lot of problems.

          • I can see how it would seem like I’m defending critical, but that’s really not my intent. Even though I made Critical guides and such, I’m not a huge fan of Critical in PvP. I was literally pointing to the issue that hades wands are good for crit builds and that playstyle, but not so much otherwise. Going more defensive and then being stuck with an Ice wand seems like a bad idea to me.

            Rain Beetle and Ice Birds definitely would help.

          • Aaron S.

            critical in pvp was fun and creative until azteca happened…then it got out of hand lol, with aquila further supporting critical builds. Your original build with the level 80 cap and the vengeance amulet was the best 😀

          • And I agree, there’s a real lack of decent, off-school block wands for Ice in general. The build has to account for that somehow, though.

          • Mallard

            What’s wrong with life mastery? As you said, ice and myth are the only 2 schools that don’t have any healing spells (that’s why crit works less well with them), so wouldn’t a life mastery be encouraged?

          • Aaron S.

            The whole point of this argument is that we are trying to find a good non crowns offensive build. Healing really deprives the necessity of an offensive drive, so as soon as one starts using life mastery, your intent becomes a more balanced build…not what we’re going for 🙂

  • AngelAngle

    Just a few things I wondered: why not use blue phoenix in your treasure card deck instead of icezilla? It does 515-595 instead of icezilla’s 500-590, and is very common. Also, for boots, wouldn’t the frost shrine slippers be a good alternative? They still give 9% damage, and you get pretty good block and 6% accuracy. Finally, why no icebirds? They allow for an easy minion killer, can remove shields/weaknesses, do a bit of damage, and leave an iceblade.

    • Aaron S.

      blue phoenix is 5 pips, icezilla is 4. massive difference 🙂 Frost shrine is better for a more resist/block build, but fusilier has double the damage and pierce, which frost shrine doesn’t have. As for ice bird, idk 😛 I’ve been meaning to ask that myself.

      • Bifflet

        wait what isn’t blue phoenix 4 pips?? :/

        • Aaron S.

          nope. that’s why icezilla is better 😛

          • AngelAngle

            Blue phoenix is 4 pips. I have quite a few on my low level ice, although I don’t use it on my high level ice.

          • Bifflet

            HAH see aaron? Deal with it

          • Aaron S.

            🙂 yep lol. arcticzilla is still better though.

          • Bifflet

            I’m pretty sure theyre extinct though
            I think a meteor hit the bazaar and wiped them out

          • Aaron S.

            lol, I have quite a few…about 30 or so. I guess people just hoard them.

          • Aaron S.

            Oh sorry, my bad 🙂 you’re right, although I forgot to mention icezilla is 500-590, but arcticzilla is 670-730. that’s why alex uses arcticzilla. It’s by far better. lol

          • AngelAngle

            Oh, I did not realize that. I guess I just never find them, they’re probably in high demand because of that damage.

          • Aaron S.

            yep. it’s like an ice version of firezilla

    • Aaron S.


    • Alexis Ice

      Ice birds are too much to buy imo, also empower is way better. It gets rid of all weaknesses and gives pips. And he obviously does allot of gardening otherwise he wouldn’t have so many different pets depending on his setup. Every plant that drops megas drops empower. So its free. In a month you could have 200 with a 69 stack of emps. Also pets react to more damage to yourself than to the opponents, so it’ll get rid of life dispels and infections.

  • Aaron S.

    I’m worried about block there, I doubt 148 block and conviction would cut it for a lot of matches, but I guess that’s not the point of this build 😉

    • Bifflet

      Yeah I was think the same thing. I use the Azteca crafted boots, and I’m pretty sure you could substitute those in. I use an offensive build and have 245 block.

      • Aaron S.

        I’d personally keep the fusilier boots and use teeth of the lords of night.

        • Bifflet

          I go cheap and dont have crowns though lol. I wish I could get that kind of setup but i’m stuck with the hades wand

          • Aaron S.

            Good point. In that case, you’re right, crafted boots and hades wand is still great. Obviously not ideal, but it can get you well past warlord with a good strategy 🙂

  • Fred Spirithunter

    This looks wicked. I am going to focus on getting the pet stats.

  • jacob dark blood

    why is the crown amount erased?

    • Privacy.

      • jacob dark blood

        really i think most annoying people may see them and beg for gifts? reply must XD

    • TannerFrogbringer

      We do it on Central too.

  • jason

    what are some subsitutions for the boots if you have neither?

  • Shadowpurity

    Love this guide, very insightful, wonderful crafted, really speaks to the true essence of the game and the chilling aspect of exalted ice battle.

  • jacob dark blood

    if any one twilight they sense of taste good says me! no offend twilight rocks mainly taylor lautner

  • Bambuchani

    I like the Guide and play a *Winters Blight* since a half Year:D
    But here are some Question:
    Hat: Can you also use the Defensive/Offensive Hades?
    Robe:Can you also use the Avalon Crafted Robe?
    Boots:Can you also use the Azteca Crafted Boots or the Atlantean Poseidon Boots?
    Wand:Can you also use the Hades Ice Wand?

    Sorry thats so long 🙂

  • Liam

    You have 4 Balefrost in your main deck, the other global spell is Katabatic Wind? Why that?

  • goozeking

    When is someone going to make a lvl 100 exalted fire pvp guide?

  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    wait but you got the gem of the grand prophecy right?

  • Gunee

    Do you prefer sleet storm over Infallible? Why if you do. I:

  • Ireco Gnizedyou

    IMHO this is the setup when you gonna pray to not face the balance, they gonna spam lore and this gear want be able to block, if you cast conviction they use supernova and without healing spells you are doomed. I am ice 100lvl Warlord and never would use this guide in ranked matches. Thanks

    • Bifflet

      Wanna make a guide about how you would get to Warlord in a level 100 ice?
      I would be interested in how you did it.

      • Aaron S.

        Lol I’m still Lvl 90, but I’ve ranked up to overlord from >500 rank, undefeated, twice. Each time I hit overlord, I’ll rank down to >500 rank again, and restart. I’ve only lost 2 matches out of 3 ranking sprees, (approximately 75 matches) and not counting deliberately ranking down to >500. Idk how well it would work at 1100+ rank, but I think it’s fair to say I have a solid strategy 😛

        I’m working on getting a thingy to work on the duelist community, you might wanna check it out, even if it’s promethean pvp.

        • Do it!

          • Aaron S.

            🙂 Still gotta do another ranking spree from 500 to 1000, so that I can give screen shot proof of my losses staying the same with my rank at 500 and 1000. Also I’m still trying to navigate all the tabs and whatnot when listing gear and such on the blog 😛

        • Bifflet

          Ok, I’d love to see it. Almost level 100 for me, and I’m thinking of making a guide too.

          • Aaron S.

            nice 🙂

  • Fred Spirithunter

    I found out about an ring from morganthe. Its called the geometry of shadows. I was wondering if that would also be useful in the arena. Here are the stats from the wiki:

  • Hunter IceShard

    After reading this I have a really nice idea for a set up of my own.
    Usually I have an ideal 250 block average and thinking, to increase critical why not use the dragon tooth boots with the 130 block lunar scepter of Anubis? Overall an ice could reach critical of potentially 450 with this set up leaving behind a decent 220 block when mixed with conviction provide strong offence and defence. With a triple damage and proof and fairy pet, resist would be about 40 with hades hat and robe of unseen chill gear making 24, dragon tooth boots probably being 7% resist at level 100 and a 9/10% resist pet making 40, damage then totalling about 70%!
    I’m definitely trying this out for a couple of practice games when part 2 reaches my server (U.K.) so thanks 😀

  • Alexis12122

    Would you recommend a different robe not seen in this guide its the celestian snow smock and would the boots I put down work? Also the frostbit hood for that extra cushion and 12 damage spike?

    • Alexis12122

      Here are the boots

      • Helios

        I’m afraid the loss in damage would be far too significant for this build, but if you were going for a massive fire/storm tank this could work, especially in the level 60-90 range…

        • Aaron S.

          and pierce.

        • Alexis Ice

          It’s easy to recounter with triple ice damage and double resistance pets.

          • Helios

            Ah, I see, however, if you loose 10-18% from the boots, and 7-10% from the smock, and 1-3% from the hood, the Ice damage pet looses it’s worth. That could still be a very balanced setup, with a whopping elemental resist, and a huge resistance to all schools, while maintaining a moderately strong attack. Still, large amounts of health would be lost and you would have little to no pierce and critical as Aaron mentioned below.

          • Helios

            A great no-crowns option that I’ve been using to this day is:
            Zeus’ Blizzard helm
            Zeus’ Frozen Skies robe
            Hades’ defensive boots (offensive works too)
            Alpha and Omega ring
            Blade of Felled titan
            Hades’ ice staff
            The deck that gives a pip (forgot the name but it’s an easy drop all over Kr)
            Hope this helps, this should give you a massive attack and health if paired with a triple damage pet, while there’s still decent resist and awesome critical, some block and pierce 🙂

          • Alexis Ice

            Ice doesn’t necessarily need critical, and pierce. At lvl 100 our health base is close to 4,000. With the close to 1,800 health boost we basically hit 5,800 health just from 5 pieces of gear.

          • Aaron S.

            But that “decent resist” is 8% 😛 (still only 23% with double resist pet)
            Just curious, what rank did you make in 1v1 with that setup?

          • Helios

            I retained my warlord (900-1100), and yes I used a double resist, triple damage pet. However in the beginning, as I was still used to my slower ice play, I lost quite a bit until I realized how to pick up the pace. There are ups and downs but I’m still testing different strategies. (Sorry about the late response)

  • Doctor_DraX

    That storm wizard was probably just sitting there with his mouth open.

  • Ciel Phantomhive

    i have those ice boots they don’t have any block but they give 120 critical i used hades wand unseen lords chill armour and the level 96 craft hat (forgot name XD) alphan and omega ring and blade of the felled titan (i want the critical pvp athame but way too many tickets) i’ll also try get the level 99 critical block amulet and a triple damage pet with spell proof and critical so basically my crotical will be around 500 do you think that would work with this deck or do i need to be even more based on attacks

  • sonicflare9

    who would WIN Gray Fullbuster or Alexander Lionheart

  • Helios

    I know this is an older post, but I recently received the Zeus’ Tartarus armor and noticed its stats are better in all ways than the hades robe. Just wondering why it’s not included. Would it be an ok replacement?

    • I think he may have valued that 12% universal resist over 25% fire resist, in terms of survivability

      • Helios

        I actually meant the offensive hades robe, but if I had the more defensive one I would definitely use it haha.

  • Fred Spirithunter

    I find Infection useful because i don’t have conviction yet. Though once i do get conviction, Infection will be taken out.

  • Logan LegendThief

    So, he managed to get the frankenbunny’s storm-based traits out, and make it into an ice pet. Nice.

  • Ethan Shaw

    As an Ice myself, I’m pretty sure this proves that ice rules over all.

  • Duncan frost

    When I see the power of ice it makes me happy sometimes that ice is such a small pool of ppl imagine a bunch of monster ice like this

  • Gilroy angleblade

    Why is the snow beast pet better than the lord of winter pet?

  • Gilroy Angleblade

    Wouldnt the lord of winter pet be better than the snow beast pet because the lord of winter pet offers more cards than the snow beast.

  • Duncan frost

    ice hades staff is quite good because it atleast has block so you could easily substitute it for any of these with 107 ice crit and still being able to get 70 block is very good.

  • Billy Garvey

    I use khrysalis crafted hat and robe(don’t have hades yet, unfortunately) and Azteca crafted boots. Although I’m not warlord or anything, I did just reach sergeant… I have a triple damage pet, but no proof, however I’m working on it. Damage 79, resist only 29, though 56 to storm and fire. I love the waraxe, and use it for both pve and pvp, and would not even have considered it without this guide. Thanks, and keep up the great work

  • Duncan frost

    i myself looked at gear build and pulled my person critical ice critical build from it
    hat : traders wintery mantle, great critical with nice resist perfect for critical ice
    robe : unseen lord chill robe , best robe you can get out there decent critical good defense with a little pierce
    boots : dragon tooth boots( level 90+) ,as an critical ice these are perfect to give you the boost you need

    Wand: frosty stare tiki tourch , this is just an great staff all around so far since i lack in block it gives great block and still high critical to get that last bit of critical i need with some nice pierce

    ring : alpha and omega ring , awesome ring high incoming and great damage

    athame : blade of the felled titan(for now till i get duelist fatal razor)

    Pet: i am currently working on a pet which gives ice dealer ice giver spell proof spell defy and infallible, i went with infallible over an heal because if you going as an aggressive ice you wouldn’t really be healing much more focused on attack which getting infallible on a pet would make perfect instead of using a round casting it pet will do and you can concentrate on your critical attacks.

    amulet : exalted balance mastery , i plan to use this because in future when i get loremaster i plan to use it as an utility spell and any other balance debuffs and heals i can access


    damage : around 70 or 71 depending on pet

    Resist: 43 universal resist , 45 storm and fire resist

    accuracy: 7 accuracy

    critical: 426 ( thats 90% critical! in our age of pvp unless you fighting someone who invested in block not gonna find people blocking you allot)

    Critical block: 118 ( not the best block but with conviction you can get past it)

    pierce : 7%

    this is my personal build which is an really aggressive ice build that focuses more on critical even though many people consider critical pure “luck” with my build which focuses mostly on it it will insure you critical allot.

  • David Iceblade

    Would it be possible for you to find some non crowns gear to use that isn’t Hades or requires PVP tickets?
    I can craft and farm a little, so I wish to have options that fit that.

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