Anything Goes: PvP for your Level 50 Ice

Level 50 Ice

By far, the most popular level to PvP with these days is Level 50, thanks primarily to the Glendemming Warlord Gear sold by Duelmaster Diego. Also, Ice is currently the most popular school to enter the PvP arena with. So it only seems natural that combining the two would create the basis of a number of awesome setups for PvP.

And you’d be absolutely right! With the right gear, you can make your Level 50 Thaumaturge into a PvP powerhouse using just about any coherent strategy you can possibly think of. The gear you want to get is the following.

Glendemming Gear

As soon as you possibly can, get Glendemming’s gear from Diego by whatever means necessary (600 tickets each for hat, robe, and boots – or 1800 tickets total). This gives you the following stat boost: 19% Power Pips, 16% Accuracy, 50 Critical, 65 Block, 33% Damage, 40% Resist, and 9% Stun Resist.

Duelist’s Fatal Razor and Duelist’s Daredevil Ring

Farm for 6000 tickets to get the Level 50 version of the ring and athame from Roland Mistborn. You will now have an additional 495 Health, 18% Power Pips, 15 Critical, 10 Block, 21% Damage, 7% each Incoming and Outgoing Heal Boost, and 2% Armor Pierce.

Sky Iron Hasta_Lvl30 WandDuelist’s Dancing Blade

For 5000 more tickets, you can buy the Level 50 version of the Duelist’s Dancing Blade which adds 5% Armor Pierce, 20 Critical, 15 Block, and 4% Outgoing Heal Boost. (Alternatively, you can farm for the Sky Iron Hasta, which gives a 10% Damage Boost, in Aquila).

Your total stats will look as follows BEFORE any pet:

  • 2520 Health
  • 77% Power Pips
  • 16% general Accuracy boost
  • 54% Damage
  • 7% Armor Pierce
  • 40% Resist
  • 85 Critical
  • 90 Block
  • 7% Incoming Heal
  • 11% Outgoing Heal
  • 9% Stun Resist

Now, of course, pets can change stats further: a Double Resist pet can move your Resist up to 53-55, for example, and Pain-Giver can give you 60% General Damage boost together with 7% Armor Pierce (or 70% Damage and 2% Pierce if using the Hasta). These stats make your Grandmaster Thaumaturge EXTREMELY competitive!

For strategy, what we need to keep in mind is that there are really three types of PvP today: ranked PvP, KingsIsle tournaments, and matches against known opponents. Each type of PvP has its own strategy and will be dealt with separately. The most important thing, though, is to be aware of the prevalant strategies (which may differ) and be prepared to counter them.


Your most common opponents will be Level 70+ players who lose more than win and do not play with a coherent strategy. Generally, they will throw out big hits from their school, maybe with some blades – and possibly an occasional Critical from gear or Vengeance aura. You want to keep the damage coming (slowing down their big hits) and make sure you can withstand your opponent’s 6-10 pip hits. Tower Shields are useful for the random off school attack they may throw out. Dealing damage should be pretty straightforward: build up buffs and rain down Ice damage using the spells of your choice. Finally, the most useful amulet here by far is the Life mastery amulet. Two-Power Pip Satyrs will be much more useful than Fast Reshuffle could ever be.

As we discovered in the post where I tabulated the rankings, this strategy works really well. Ice dominates the ranked PvP tables at level 50. For example, I (by no means a ranked specialist) was able to hit 1700 rank with relatively little effort – and it’s not unheard of to see a Level 50 Thaumaturge with rank around 2500+.

KingsIsle Tournaments

You will most likely be playing fellow Grandmasters with full Glendemming gear and a single straightforward strategy: stack up blades (and tank a bit while doing so), put on an Infallible, and go for a one or two hit knockout; preferably based on DOT spells or multiple hits to make shielding nearly impossible.

Really, you have two options to beat this strategy. You can either try to tank through the hit before dealing damage (Weakness and Triage work wonders for this. Stun Block also gives frees you to move after a Medusa, Triage a Basilisk, or shield after a Frost Giant.) or simply beat them at their own game: kill them before they kill you, using more efficient boosts. Both of those strategies have been known to work for Ice, and I would even go as far as to say that Ice players are more likely to win Level 50 tournaments than not. Once again, I would suggest the Life mastery amulet to heal away the damage from your opponent’s kill attempts; in a 15 minute match you probably won’t reshuffle.

Known Opponents

This means Central Tournaments, Ladders, Youtube tournaments, and so on. Here, there isn’t any specific opponent type, but your gear boost and pierce gives a dominant build that allows for off school sucker punches. Wear a Balance Amulet, train Death to Feint, and kill with a double-feinted Judge (stack trained and TC feints)? That might work! How about putting on a Fire amulet when against a Fire and use a Heckhound boosted by opponent’s bubble and your Elemental Blade? Or maybe throw out a TC Triton, WITHOUT Storm Mastery, boosted by Elemental Blade as an awesome finisher? Everything here, and so many more things, are possible with this build. The Balance mastery amulet (minion killers, Reshuffle, and Judge) is probably the most popular here, though it is by no means essential.

As proof that Ice at Level 50 is viable here, the major Central tournament for levels 50-69 currently has two Level 50 Thaumaturges facing off in the semifinals. Keep in mind that 50 is the LOWEST level here! If this isn’t proof of the viability and competitiveness of a solid 50 Ice build, I don’t know what is…


How do you play your Level 50 Ice? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Frost Monarch

    Ice is certainly one of the greatest when it comes to competitive play. This sure will help someone who has already boxed around in the arena for a while but wants to be as outrageously powerful as they can possibly be. I played ice before it was cool 😉

  • Benjamin Icecloud

    Great Article! Nice to see thoughts about trending themes!

  • Rhin0

    I don’t see myself as an Ice PVPer. I like storm school, because of all the massive damage they can do.

    • Empiso

      I like storm a lot as well. I got a lvl 50 storm who destroys though double lvl 50 ice teams you see a lot x.x so funny when they see my pet and go, O: double damage & criticals! then of course a mc fairy, such a troll when your storm at lvl 50 with a awesome set that gives my storm around 150 crit (Using a nice wand) ices are one shots to me 😉

  • smithbrat

    I usually blade up, a lot, and then use an angel into winter moon combo once I get full pips, but before doing this, I remove any weaknesses that may come, heal as need be, weaken and shield as need be, use tons of poisons and entangles, and of course, use balefrost. This technique has taken me to 1988 rank, and I believe it is very successful.

    • mmailliw

      Sounds like a solid strategy! But I assume you mean Infections (0 pip Death spell restricting heal effectiveness), not Poisons (4 pip Death DoT which is only available in TC form if you’re not Death)? And hope you get that next win to break 2000!

    • adrian giantgarden

      i think you shouldn’t blade up so much because they could use enfeeble adrian giantgarden lvl 45 overlord

  • Empiso

    “and I would even go as far as to say that Ice players are more likely to win Level 50 tournaments than not.”

    actually, mostly lvl 50 myths win the tournaments. :/ ice wins more often when double ice teaming in 2v2 tournaments….

  • almost irrelevant

    problem: i’ve never pvped with my ice so how can i get warlord gear?
    kind of thought this was a guide, great job either way.

    • mmailliw

      I’ll be honest: when I brought Victoria to 50 I thought it would be REALLY hard to maintain rank because everyone rank 700+ would already have full sets of warlord and Mistborn gear, just like in the old days where almost everyone at rank 700+ (and many high levels around 500 or less) had a full set of commander gear.

      Fortunately, though, it is much easier to rank up to Warlord in the new arena because of the revamped point system. In particular, almost no one below 1000 rank has this top gear. Assuming you hit Warlord, it only takes about 75 wins to go from scratch to the 1800 tickets needed for Glendemming gear (you get 28 tickets a win at Warlord); although you’ll not have the best gear before that point, it won’t be necessary merely to maintain 900-1000 rank.

      If your question is about basic PvP strategy with Ice, there are plenty of mid-level Ice guides you can use up until you get Glendemming gear; Sparrow’s (though a bit lower level than you) is a really good one and I think Gorman gave some deck advice for a Master level ice that you can use almost verbatim at this point!

  • Wildhunter

    My ice made it to commander easily. Around PvP Knight`s Rank, there were many privates and it took me about 4 minutes each I think, but the point is ice is the one of the best pvping classes but takes patients to launch a full- pledge attack. So in the meanwhile, just blade, shield and weakness them (heal if needed) and you will do just fine. Also moon spells are pretty useless in pvp as you dont have your right deck to defeat the player.

  • Nicholas Shade

    As usual, I’m late to the thread, but am having evil thoughts about ice chain stuns ;D

  • Blaze Cloud

    MEH. You know what this site really needs to start doing? Creating guides for the following: People who can’t get mastery amulets. People who just can’t get the perfect pet for their school. People who DON’T have lore spells. People who can’t do tournaments. Not everyone has these advantages. I thought this would be a nice forum to come to, but it’s not, now that I see a few of the PvP threads. There’s no balance. Anywhere. The game lost it’s balance when lvl 50s could play with lvl 90+ stats.

    • I find your use of the word “can’t” rather interesting. Mastery amulets and Loremaster spells are both farmable, the LM spells are craftable. To me this reads a lot less like “can’t” and a lot more like “don’t want to put in the work.”

      For instance, all of Dead Sparrow’s “how to be a warlord” guides use “no crowns” builds, and I have personally written a few higher level “no crowns” guides. The problem is that those builds aren’t competitive with ones that people actually take time and effort to create, in the long run. That makes the guides much less useful to people who actually want to succeed in PvP.

      So you don’t like the way the game is right now, I get that. Coming here and (erroneously) insulting the people who write guides, I think that’s kind of silly.

      • Blaze Cloud

        Really? “Don’t want to put in the work.” I’m a full-time college student. It would be nice to be able to get a mastery amulet with gold or from a friend instead of having to sit on my computer for hours and hours, even weeks, which I’ve done with Loremaster, trying to farm for a long lost cause, which I do not even close have the time for. There are people that go through WW for the QUEST and get one! There have been people who fight LORE for the QUEST and get a spell or the spell they want! EVERYTHING nowadays in Wizard101 seems to be all about luck! No one seems to see this.

        • Everyone sees it. They make the decision to stick it out or move on. Some of them petition KI about it, ask for change.

          If you manage to find a really good game that doesn’t require you to pay any money or spend a lot of time, I’d love to hear about it.

  • Connor

    This guide is not very accurate. In some ways, it’s right, but in others, it’s not. My ice is a PvP warlord with 2700 rating. If you would like to see my rank, check the boards. My wizard is Noah Deathblade if you want to check what I am at. All you have to do is this: tower shield while blading up. You want lots and lots of heals in your deck. What you want to do after blading up is either use a frostbite to kill, or mammoth to kill. You can have other spells if you want too. If you want my deck, check on youtube and search for Noah Deathblade’s deck. It may or may not be posted by the time you read this, but there is a video if you want to watch how I PvP.

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