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This time, Ask Duelist helps out a Level 77 Theurgist.

Recently I’ve been working on my life wizard ( level 77) I finally got PvP captain on it but I lucked out on the last few fights, my problem is defeating fire and storm.. I was paired up with a lvl 90 fire and his serpent killed me in one hit, I even towered, now I know I sound kind of sad saying I would not like to lose anymore fights. I just need a solid strategy to go in with.
To be honest I never have had a strategy the only thing I aim for is blading up and hitting with colossal Gnome. I just really want the commander gear, I don’t really think PvP is all that fun it’s just nerve raking at the least.. ( I do have mass triage and Guardian Spirit ) .. I don’t know why my life wizard is so hard to rank up, my ice and balance are doing just fine… :/

My stats are:
Pet: Storm Beetle (Epic)
– Spell proof: 9%
-Spell Defy: 4%
-Pip O’ Plenty: 4% (not happy with that stat)
-Pain Giver: 4%

I use the waterworks gear for life.( I have 41 overall resist)

99% power pip chance
2% pierce
72 block (not the best I know, I have a myth bow lvl 80 I am waiting to switch over from my pro fire when my life gets to 80 it gives really good block and 35 critical rate).
125 critical rate.

Amulet: Torc of the faithful squire (gives triage card)
— now I do have a fire and ice mastery amulet I happen to get from waterworks , I’ve tried farming for a myth one for weeks, no luck :(
Anthem: Sun kris
Ring: lvl 66.,
Could you please tell me a strategy I could use to help me win? Would mean so much.




Duelist contributor Nick handles this one alone, and gives our Theurgist advice on gear, deck, and strategy.

Here’s some of the gear I recommend…



The Build


  • Hat and Robe: Good to go
  • Boots: Craft Avalon Boots (much more block, decent stats, and life accuracy).
  • Athame: Craft Courtly Dirk
  • Ring: Up to you. Stellar signet is always a good choice, or you can go for something with block and damage. I tend to favor damage. My life runs 60+ damage boost.
  • Wand: Use a LIFE wand, extremely important. Lifeforce blade works fine for this, or a Life wand with more block.
  • Pet: Please get at least spritely on it, so important to be competitive at high level. Proof/Defy/Sprite is the bare minimum.
  • Amulet: I suggest Balance Mastery. Quake is too expensive, and Myth spells are too low in accuracy for my taste. Balance gives you a 4 pip AoE and cheap reshuffles. I see you have Fire and Ice ammy, but nothing to really gain from using either in this situation. The deck doesn’t use buffs much, so off-school minion killers is a waste. The advantage of Scorpion is that it can only be blocked with tower, so is a good way to make it harder on your opponent to keep minions alive. I recommend if you’re going for a mastery – go Balance. Otherwise a health/card ammy is good, like your triage amulet.


Here’s the deck I used…



The open slots are for 1x Guardian Spirit and the rest are for some form of Ice shield. I’m a fan of training Storm’s Thermic Shield, as it will give you Ice defense, and even more defense against Fire.

You can also swap out 1x weakness for Sanctuary. Many people are afraid to use this spell, but this deck expects you to use Gnomes frequently. Healing boost is in your favor when they are dispelled from healing.


The Technique

This is a hyper-aggressive Life build. It uses blades very rarely, and relies on healing suppression from Gnomes/Infection. Clear shields with wands and Imps, and Minion will remove a few also. Imp also makes a great minion killer with Colossal on it. If you can’t get Balance Mastery, swap the Scorpions out for a few more low pip Life attacks like Leprechaun and Nature’s Wrath.

Vs Fire and Storm especially, discard hard and dig for the Volcanic shields (Balance amulet helps here, making reshuffle cheap!). Try to use Cloak on them, so you can multiply and become even harder to kill. If you still think they’re going to OHKO you, use Guardian Spirit. Between Tower, Volcanic, and Weakness though.. you really shouldn’t have any trouble surviving most of them. Be sure to get a minion out too, as she will pixie you many times and save you. Throwing a Tower on her should be enough to save her from the second hit of Sun Serpent unless it goes critical.

Just keep the damage pumping out, alternate between shields and weakness, tank their damage, and toss out Gnomes when you can. You will eventually win.



Bonus Assistance!


To make absolutely sure this deck worked, Nick found some time in his super busy schedule to try it out!

Watch the video below!



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  1. theonlyone522 says:

    Awesome guide!

  2. pvp master says:

    Amazing as always, Nick! BTW, that was your wife’s character, I presume? Lol, sorry if I am nosy.

  3. Stupid question: with power pips that high, is there really an advantage to Imp over Leprechaun?

    Every time I watch a Nick vid, I am always amazed by *how* in control he is throughout the match… not only do I have to worry about going up against characters named Nick, Nicholas, Jonathan, and Pedro – but now I apparently have to worry about versing people named Roslyn too!

    • My pips are like 85%, and depending on gear they go at low as 75%.. so I still get white pips fairly regularly. Imp helps there because I have very few spells to clear up white pips.. so in longer matches it becomes a problem otherwise.

  4. Vigilant Seraph says:

    Awesome guide, really fun to watch to the video. Got a couple questions: 1) Why plague in a 1v1 deck? 2) It looks like you don’t rely on Star spells, but vengeance is your preference? When do you decide to use them or were they just not up when you needed them in this match? 3) Anything you would have done different from second? I hate using my minions from second. Pretty much guaranteed to die before they can cast a spell and takes a one or two pip spell to take them out. If it costs me 4 pips to cast the minion and my opponent 2 or 3 max to kill it, how is it helping me? I’ve always been a myth mastery user. An earth is one pp more and takes out all shields and blades, guaranteed.

    • Heya Vigilant,

      Ty, glad you liked the video!

      1) Virulent Plague is just an anti-shatter, anti-bladestack component. It can buy time when needed.

      2) I just didn’t need them much that match. I use vengeance because it’s both offensive and defensive for life, with the heals. Plus vs opponents that I just can’t seem to take down, Crit is a great help for the no-buff style of play.

      3) From second, mostly turn control, keeping them busy. If they’re spending turns killing minions, they’re not doing other things that could hurt me more. Especially from second, you’ll spend a lot of time at max pips clearing shields and stuff. This is why I feel Earth amulet is not the best choice for Life – it doesn’t fix the fact that a single shield shuts you down from second, and it clears dispels/infection/weakness that are otherwise working in my favor.

      From second, just a slower match. Have to play more defensive, double stack shields so you can have a turn to react to the hound, work harder to stop the hound, etc. And some of your attacks will probably land into shields, at least a tower, so the damage suppression is even more important from Gnomes/Infect.

  5. ryan spritestone says:

    i just want to know of a lvl 80 deck for pvp’

  6. ryan spritestone says:

    for death

  7. ArlenGreen says:

    Hey, I have a life lvl 61 commander 870 rank, I have gotten close to warlord many times now but always lose the chance when PvPing against Death.. I discard hard to change dooms with sanctuary but they always have more and it gets hard to heal .. I only have 90 crit as I focused on block with the quagga blade, so cannot crit my way through this problem. I do have big healing boosts with using the stellar signet, grizzleheim crafted lvl 56 athame (forgot the name) and full ww gear but thats not enough when constantly being struck by poisons, skele dragons and steal health spells.

    I have trained balance till sandstorm with balance mastery, ice till tower, ice shield, life shield, reshuff, infect, stun block, life dispel, conviction, sun school till garg, fortify. I do follow your transcendent strategy using near exactly the same setup, I also use gnome tc’s..
    You probably get these questions a LOT, but much appreciated if you could give me some advice on how to counter the death school.. and gear advice (if needed). Btw pet is a storm elf with 6% paingiver,14% proof and defy andspritely.

    • Pack triage and don’t bother changing the bubble. They will run you dry out of pips. And keep ur minion out and shield yourself. That’s all I can give you, myself a 65 necromancer finds life not to be dificult for that reason. But if you keep the battle in control. You can pull a win. Hope this helps.

  8. Wolf Legendgiver says:

    Honestly i think this isnt the best guide i’ve seen way better sry.

  9. I am using a lvl 77 life build, have been for awhile now in 2nd age. I am atm 11-1 and the 1 loss was from a misfortune of a disconnection 🙁 but hey…. I don’t go aggressive on life, I actually changed to the critical life helm in av with cosmic+stellar, and a nice staff from a very old hoard pack that gives me 2 ice stuns 60 block and 30 crit, this way I can stay back and rely on critical heals. I use availing hands often and have 5 minor blessings to remove any incoming infections/entangled. I save my hits until I find a opening in my opponents defenses, one slip up in the match and a gnomes takes them into a easy kill zone for my seraph to come in and clean up. Most of my opponents so far have been lvl 60’s-70’s which ya give me a advantage but since I am almost captain now, soon I will start to face lvl 70’s-80’s which I have done my 2 matches to get to knight for. Critical guardian spirit for days! Having critical on him also helps as most don’t really try to focus to much on life defenses as they play real defensively, so instead of pure aggression a critical no block gnomes to the face is how I turn my games around.

    But once I get the warlord wand things will be a little more interesting and I plan to change to a more aggressive strategy by swapping my athame to the tournament one and using warlord wand. Taking this deck into consideration it really will help me form it to work. 🙂 Nice guide as well! Very informative and helpful, short and simple down to the point. (Unlike my post)

  10. Epicninja998 says:

    Hello! i came to this fourm for my level 72 but i noticed that i have none of these spells so please can you do a level 72 life pvp deck and armor set, etc, etc

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