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Buon giorno! Today we answer a PvP question from a reader in Italy where Avalon has not yet been released.

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Level 70 Fire, 1v1

This week’s question:

hi, i love your site <3
i’m an italian lvl 70 pyromancer and, since there’s not avalon yet, this is still the highest reachable level.
(my english may not be perfect, forgive me please)

i’m a quite defensive duelist and i constantly use my minion.
my gear is the firestarter hat and robe, the boots are the crafted: freezing flame rangers (that 79 block is appealing).
i’m planning to get a pet stone with 10 + 5 proof-defy, 6 pain giver, and spritely, i’m very close to this goal.

i use the life mastery amulet. i crafted stellar signet and cosmic kris, and this (in addition to my crescent axe of the astrals) leads my satyr to heal 1969 hp.

before getting the mastery amulet i trained the polymorph treant, which is totally useless now. furthermore, i spent a training point in (the apparently completely useless) empowerment. about berserk, i don’t really use it in pvp, but i love it for pve, so it’s here to stay.

this is my spell list:
fire up to rain
life up to satyr
ice up to tower
sun up to colossal
star: fortify, amplify, vengeance, berserk, empowerment, infallible
balance: reshuffle, elemental blade, elemental trap
death: infection
moon: treant

my 1v1 deck (of the eternal flame) is here:

current 1v1 deck

  • 6 tower shields
  • 1 volcanic shields
  • 4 colossals
  • 1 legendary shield
  • 1 fairies
  • 4 satyrs
  • 2 spiritual armors
  • 2 sprites
  • 2 efreets
  • 2 dragons
  • 2 blades
  • 1 glacial shield
  • 2 heckhounds
  • 2 links
  • 5 minions
  • 2 phoenix
  • 3 power links
  • 2 rain of flames
  • 1 smoke screen
  • 4 steal charm
  • 2 wildfires
  • 1 amplify
  • 4 fortifies
  • 2 infallibles
  • 3 infections
  • 1 reshuffle
  • 2 elemental blades

in my side deck i usually keep lots of shields and heals, i’ve bought like 90 availing hands treasures XD


i’ve got a few questions to ask you: first of all, would you make any changes?
would you suggest me to buy back my training points to get something useful like weakness, entangle and unbalance?
i would use cloaked version of these spells, and keep a lot of them in my side deck.
should i save some points for later use?

i spent 28 training points and i’ve got 3 left.

hope you can help me ^_^
thanks in advance



Gorman says:

With this deck set up it’s important to cloak the shields accordingly. For example, facing a myth you want to cloak legend shields. Facing a balance you want to cloak towers, etc. Try to make gargantuan links in the beginning of the battle and scalds/meteors if they are the minion type.

Focus on defense and use gargantuan link to do both damage and keep the infections off. Use your minions as a distraction if you need to heal or as your shield breaker once you have a few blades up.

As the battle goes on you can make more efreets and helephants in your main deck as well. Use your side deck to pull out efreets when needed. Wear your opponent down with link, and after that a bladed infallible efreet should put them in a tight spot.

You might also want to consider some ways of killing those huge resist ices. Prism and piercings are some options. Wyldfire is your main damage source other than your attacks.

With this deck set up it’s important to discard fast and not hang on to cards that you won’t be using in couple turns ahead. For example if you have a heal in hand and you are fully healed then drop the heal because you’ll get another heal again at some point. With your healing boost you should have no problem surviving any type of a hit.

Also make sure you make lots of weakness against opponents like myth fire and ice. Keeping 2 weakness on them once they are bladed at all times should keep you out of trouble. Also I forgot to mention that you can use keen eyes to multiply steal charm or your heals (satyr/sprite).  Hope this helps. 🙂


Training Points

Here are a few useful spells for your deck:

  • Stun Block – Use this when facing Myth and Ice. Find a stun block early and put it on.
  • Weakness – a 0-pip spell effective against all attacks, even DoT’s.
  • Cloak – This is very useful to multiply cards in your deck so you have additional copies after a reshuffle. If you haven’t seen it already, check out Nick’s Reshuffle video for a demonstration of this technique.

Unfortunately you only have 3 training points remaining, but it would require 5 points for all of these spells. You can wait for Avalon to be released, which will  give you an additional 6 points. Or, you can re-train from the Registrar in Golem Court and consider dropping Amplify, Empowerment, and/or Beserk.

Finally, as Gorman mentioned, Keen Eyes could be a helpful addition to your deck for multiplying spells if you have an extra point left over.



Gorman says: I suggest using this athame for more damage. You can get this at Zafaria crafter.


Deck Setup

Gorman says: They key is to have minion killers and big hits like efreet in side so you can use it when you need them.





A Final Note

Nick has more guides and videos in the works for top-level Fire wizards. Take a look at his Discarding Tutorial for great advice on how to manage your deck during a battle to have the cards you want, when you want them.

His character chronicles for Archmage Fire currently look at a high-critical build but they also contain useful bits of information for other playstyles, including ideas on how to counter high resists of Ice opponents.


Next Time!

Next time, we talk about Archmage Ice in 4v4. I’m shivering just thinking about that one. Brrrrr!


– The Duelist Crew

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  1. curious as to why you recommend such a large deck?

    I get drawn to smaller faster decks usually and after I get beyond level 50 Pinewood Decks are what I tend to use for bosses, mobs, PVE and PVP really doesn’t matter to me o.O

    • Because the complexity of a PvP match requires more cards to have answers for the things your opponent will do, and for providing you the options to close out a match in a variety of circumstances. In PvE, I rarely run more than 5 cards in my deck. PvP is a different story though.

      • I can see and understand, just noticed all the people I have been beating in PVP have larger decks than me. I tend to win by turn 5 or 6 and they usually still dropping blades, shields and traps when I hit. Most of my PVP experience is ancient though and after a 2 year absence, I’m back to learning as I go, that’s why I asked 😉

        … and only doing 1v1 so far so maybe that’s part of it also?

        • There’s nothing wrong with your experience. It’s definitely effective to create a kill solution faster than many people can get through their decks. The decks we have been posting expect for the user to discard pretty heavily for them to work, especially to counter quick kill setups like your own.

  2. 😀 TY

  3. thank you! now i’ll probably buy my points back to get (at least) cloak and weakness ^_^

  4. Some questions on the deck:-

    1. Your buffs are low, I would ditch a legend shield, remove glacials
    completely and remove a volcanic shield, adding a tower. Then, I would
    add 2-3 fireblades and another elemental blade.

    2. Why do you have just one sprite in deck? I would ditch the Satyrs, add sprites.

    3. What is the use of power link?

    Just my thoughts. No offense intended.

    • 1) Buffs can be cloaked if you need more, this is a slower deck that expects to be reshuffled.

      2) This is a deck for Life Amulet on Fire. Having lots of sprite is pointless when you can pixie for a pip.

      3) Power link – Idk. Gorman made that deck, he definitely had a reason for including it, just not sure what he uses it for.

    • theonlyone522 says:

      My fire’s deck is slow but I know how to work it effectively

      1. blades can be cloaked and increased in amount,

      2. I use life amulet, sprite is useless with my strategy of using link to keep tempo and heal at the same time, especially when it criticals, sprite is only used when I just need to fix a pip and heal a bit

      3. Power link is used mainly when I have blades set up and I need to use them I’d use power link to provide more damage and follow up with an efreet if my opponent is tanking enough to force me to do that.It also provides great heal.

  5. pvp master says:

    I think firespear comes at lvl 80. Also I happened to have trained Icey wyvern, so I can mutate fire wyvern. Should I substitute a couple scales for this?

  6. no reshuffle you cant be serious and just three blades oh #@$% no

  7. guys can i post a “how to be a warlord” guide for fire lvl 70? i customized a deck that lead me into warlord 2nd age 😀 i am like the 220 duelist or something :p

    40 wins 12 losses,like 8 of my losses were in 2v2 (i did 10 2v2 ) i have a basic pet,spritely proof pain giver and health gift hero pig.BTW I REACHED THIS STAGE BECAUSE OF NICK!!!!!!! thank you nick for helping me achieve my goal.

  8. Hi, I’m a level 68 Pyromancer and I need a pvp 2v2 deck that would greatly help me in PvP.
    My Spells:
    Fire up to Rain of Fire
    Life up to Satyr
    Balance: Reshuffle, Elemental Blade, Elemental Trap, and Weakness
    Sun up to Colossal
    Star: Fortify, Amplify, Infalli, and Vengeance
    I have a Life Mastery, and sadly a pet with only Sprite and a Pierce Card.
    Please help! D: -Jennifer (Level 68 wannabe Warlord fire)

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