PvP Deck Types Dissected (Wizard101)

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PvP Deck Types Dissected

You may remember a few months back when we looked at PvP Deck Archetypes, and more recently we discussed Gearing Up to suit your overall wizard Build. This article is going to take those a step further by looking at the way decks are actually built. We’ll look at several examples and then define what type of deck build it is, what archetype it is suited for, what gear compliments it, and what discarding style it requires.

Deck #1: Main Deck Attack Spam

Fire with Death Mastery Build

Main Deck

Side deck


This deck relies on being able to create enchanted hits from the main deck alone, and lots of them. It uses only tower shields to make it easier to grab a useful shield amidst all of the attacks and enchantments. Most of the debuffs and manipulation spells come from the Side Deck, while the Main Deck focuses mostly on Attacks and Buffs.

Two Pyromancers


This deck style is best suited to the Blitzkreig playstyle. Its major advantage is that in extended matches, a large amount of attacks have been enchanted so they get multiplied when the player reshuffles. This ensures that the player continues to have lots of enchanted attacks to keep damage pumping out. It seeks to take an opponent down fast, and if that doesn’t work it generates even more attacks to suffocate them with damage.

With a few more buffs, this Deck would also be well suited to a fast Combo playstyle, although not as resilient if things go wrong. It also has enough buffs to support an OHKO strategy, which is what it used to deal with Ice players that had high Fire resist.

Gear Considerations

The Blitzkreig/Spam approach requires extreme aggression, so it’s not suited for Defensive setups. This style of deck works best with high damage, high critical, and high armor piercing. Resist and healing can help this playstyle, but not if they come at the expense of offensive stats.

Discarding Style

This deck works well with a slower discarding style. It relies on having large numbers of attacks and enchants to ensure that they come up frequently, and maximum copies of Tower Shield so they are not hard to find. It also draws debuffs and major attacks from the Side Deck, so they can be accessed without a ton of discarding.


Deck #2: Flexible Main Deck

Balance with Death Mastery Build

Main Deck

Side deck


This deck has a large variety of cards, and enchantments to use on almost all of them. It allows the player to enchant and multiply to build a stronger deck as a match progresses, and simply to have more playstyle options through discarding. The Side Deck is composed primarily of attacks, allowing the player to create damage even when they’re still busy digging for cards in the Main Deck.


Savage PawIt’s called Flexible for a reason, and this deck can work with any playstyle. By controlling discarding and multiplying cards, it can be a Blitzkreig, Combo, Minion, Tank, or a Control deck.

It is, however, loaded more towards the offensive side of things. It’s easier to spam damage out of the Side Deck than it is to dig for shields and be a Tank, for instance. This particular build uses a Death Amulet and Doom, so it doesn’t need to buff up for a Combo to generate kills, but the ability is there with a blade and Feint.

This deck is not particularly well suited to OHKO, but it could be by adding a few more buffs.

Gear Considerations

This deck favors a gear setup with well balanced stats. Although it can generate damage quickly, it becomes most useful when the player has time to manipulate cards, and that means having a solid defense too.

Discarding Style

The flexible deck can work with a slower discarding style, relying on Side Deck damage while cards are cycled through in the Main Deck. Using the it to specific purposes, however, can require heavy discarding. Advanced players often use this style of deck, and rely on discarding to make it work to their purpose under a variety of circumstances.


Deck #3: Flexible Main and Side Deck

Pure Balance Grandmaster Build

Main Deck

Side deck


This deck has a variety of cards, and enchantments. It allows the player to enchant and multiply to build a stronger deck as a match progresses, and simply to have more playstyle options through discarding. Most notably, the Side Deck holds enchantments instead of pre-enchanted attacks. This type of deck is most useful for low-mid level players who cannot pack powerful Main Deck enchantments. It allows them to carry a variety of attacks in Main Deck and enchant the correct ones for their current situation using Side Deck enchantments.

mander minionArchetype

Like the Flexible Main Deck, this deck setup can handle any type of play style through proper discarding. It is much harder to Blitzkreig however, because attacks must first be found from the variety in Main Deck before they can be used. It holds plenty of buffs for a Combo or OHKO and a high enough ratio of debuffs to maintain defense.

By default, this deck is best suited for Combo, Control, and Minion playstyles.

Gear Considerations

This deck favors a gear setup with well balanced stats. It is most useful when the player has time to manipulate cards, and that means having a solid defense to go with your offense. If a compromise must be made, defense is probably more effective. Since the deck has plenty of buffs, it is able to generate damage without having huge damage boost from gear, but it absolutely must be able to tank enemy damage.

balance spellcastDiscarding Style

More than any other, this deck relies on aggressive discarding and Reshuffle. Since it is a lower level deck, having a variety of cards means only carrying a few copies of any given card. This means that discarding and reshuffling become important for keeping a steady flow of important cards. Heavy discarding also drives the Damage, because a player must find their attacks from main deck. In short: This deck type is probably not for players who aren’t comfortable discarding to get what they need.

This deck also enhances a player’s ability to discard, if they have a variety of cards in their Side Deck. Normally when you pull a Treasure Card, you cannot discard it. If you pull an Enchantment, however, you can then apply it to a card in your hand and discard that, allowing you to continue pulling cards from the Side Deck if needed.


  1. Alex Thunderstaff says:

    no storm? :/

    • The storm school has a very small health buffer, so it is very hard to play a purely controlling style with. Storm has a very natural affinity to the Blitzkrieg style.

      • TRUTH
        On my storm I usually find myself somewhere between ‘main deck attack spam’ and ‘flexible main deck’ because my colossal low pip attacks and Rain Beetles are main deck enchants… and my extraordinary high pip attacks and Insane Bolts, along with Elves, are in the side deck.

        The control styles I see on storm are generally styles I nickname with things like “I can’t believe it’s Storm”; they can work, but at that point you’d probably be better off just using your Amulet school as your main school!

  2. Interesting article 😛

  3. I usually use a flexible main deck, with the side deck used for pure utility.

  4. 1 question: why are you using cloak in that fire deck?i mean the single things you can cloak are infections and weaknesses. most of the time you will prefer using doom and gloom instead of infection and cloak does not give you such a great advantage. so i think those 2 cloaks should be replaced with more useful spells.

    • Cloak can be used to multiply the infections, weakness, blades, spears, and shields in that deck. Obviously I wouldn’t use it on shields until the cloak/pierce bug gets fixed, but that particular deck was built before that issue came to light.

      More importantly, this article is not about giving people a deck to use. It’s about identifying how decks are built and how that interacts with other decisions like gear, discarding, and playstyle.

  5. Arcwarrior says:

    Gotta keep them shuffles in side Nick lol not worth having in main since there limited just keep like 5 in ur side sometimes I pack 25 in my side when i think ill need it but u hardly even use more then 1-2 now.

    • Finally! Someone who understands that this is the case!

      • lol it’s not that crazy…you’ll almost never use shuffle anyway so where you put it doesn’t really matter seeing how you’ll most likely end up discarding it, unless your strategy revolves around shuffle, which again, is unlikely 😉

    • Myrna Dragoncloud says:

      I agree with this. I never use reshuffle though lol

  6. Myrna Dragoncloud says:


  7. Myrna Dragoncloud says:

    Yolo Swaggo