Beginner Legendary Ice PvP Guide (1v1)

Beginner Legendary Ice 1v1ย Guideย 

ice-noraMeet Nora Misthead, my level 62 Ice, and learn about my setup in this Legendary Ice PvP guide.

If you’re a beginner at PvP, this guide is just for you! I will point out some of the more “obvious” things that long-time PvPers do automatically, but you might not have learned to do yet. Everybody has to start somewhere, so how about you start with Ice ๐Ÿ™‚

Ice is considered one of the easier schools to PvP on, mainly because of its ability to “tank” hits. As Ice, you have great resist, so you’re not as fragile as some of the other schools. This means you can make a mistake in a match and still recover from it and win the game. Ice is forgiving. I picked Legendary (lvl 60-69) because that’s when you’ve just been able to get Waterworks gear.

This build has been very successful for me: I won my first 36 matches without any losses at all. If I can dominate the Arena with it, you can do it as well. If you’re really only getting to know the basics of PvP, you will have to understand that you will have losses. Losses are not a thing to be ashamed of — they’re just learning opportunities! Reflect on what has happened in the match and then try again. At the moment, Ice Nora is at a record of 46 wins and 3 losses.


1. Gear

Waterworks hatHAT Frostbit Hat

Waterworks bootsfrostbit boots

Waterworks robefrostbit cape

It’s just good gear. Waterworks rocks! It makes me glad that you don’t have to farm Waterworks as much as you have to do Tartarus to get the defensive gear. It will take a few tries, but at least you won’t be getting wet in there for months at a time.

What I usedwolf's bronze claw

What you should useLegendary ice PvP

Why? I’m basically very lazy. I never research my gear choices well enough. The Athame YOU should use is definitely better than the one I used.

Garnet Bear Claw is a crafted Athame and you need to be a Grandmaster Crafter to craft it. Buy the recipe from Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund. The one I used can be found in the Bazaar.

What I usedsapphire ring of battle

What you also could use

This is a matter of personal preference. I prefer pips over healing boosts, so I went with the Bazaar-bought Sapphire Ring of Battle.

You can craft Wintertusk Ring of Valor with the recipe bought from Ingulf the Grower in Vestilund. You need to be a Grandmaster Crafter to buy it.

What I usedWizard101 Islander's Hoard Pack

What you also could usequagga blade

I happened to get this wand from the Islander’s Hoard Pack, but if you don’t have crowns, I would go for a wand with block. Some of my wins were from lucky critical hits, but it’s not right to depend on those. With the wand I used, I was pretty much in the situation where my critical hits never got blocked, but I didn’t block anyone else’s criticals either.

A more balanced, less luck-based approach would be to pick a wand that has as much block as you can possibly find. Quagga blade can be found in the Bazaar.

Everybody wants no-Crowns builds (and I completely understand that), but after PvPing on Storm and Fire without a Mastery Amulet, I have come to the conclusion that it’s very hard to get far in PvP without a Mastery. Healing is such an issue without one!

I used the Balance Mastery Amulet, because I happened to have gotten the Loremaster spell while farming for Winter Moon (which I never got). Because Life Mastery is more common, I will include it as an option for this guide.


life mastery


Advantages of using this Amulet:

  • Reshuffling doesn’t take as many pips.
  • You can use Availing Hands to heal.
  • If you craft or farm for the spell, you can use Loremaster.
Advantages of using this Amulet:

  • You can use Satyr to heal, which gives you a lot of health in one go, rather than a little bit every round like Availing Hands.

Here’s the pet I’ve been using.

Of these talents, the only one I would call absolutely necessary is Spell-Proof. Besides that one, Infallible is a great talent as well, because that means you don’t have to put Infallibles in your deck! As always, the better a pet you can use, the easier ranking up will be for you.

If I could switch pets, I would go for one with double resist, may cast Infallible and two damage talents. No heals? Nope! I don’t feel they trigger enough to make them worth it. I tried a few matches with my tripple heal pet, but it just wasn’t as good as having Infallible up almost constantly.

With these gear choices, your stats should look something like this:

stats ice 62


2. Deck setup

The deck I’m using is crafted. I would recommend crafting it, because it gives you lots of extra space compared to Bazaar decks. You can buy the recipe from Quentin Chamberlain in the Floating Land, Celestia. It requires you to be a Grandmaster Crafter.


Don’t have Loremaster? Replace it with Winter Moon! Don’t have either? Get yourself to The Atheneum, Dragonspyre, and start farming! While the lack of these spells won’t kill you, they’re still so awesome that they’re worth spending time on! You can also craft them, if you’re a crafter.


3. Training Points

Balance Mastery Amulet

With a Balance Mastery

  • Infection-1ย 
  • Elemental Blade- 1
  • Weakness- 3
  • Reshuffle- 1
  • Gargantuan- 4
  • Sprite -4
  • Cloak -1
  • Infallible -1 (a pet that may cast this would be better, so start hatching)
  • Conviction -1 (once you have ranked up enough to meet a lot of higher levels)

Life Mastery Amulet

With a Life Mastery

  • Infection-1ย 
  • Elemental Blade- 1
  • Weakness- 3
  • Reshuffle- 1
  • Gargantuan- 4
  • Satyr -7
  • Cloak -1
  • Infallible -1 (a pet that may cast this would be better, so start hatching)
  • Conviction -1 (once you have ranked up enough to meet a lot of higher levels)


4. Strategy

As far as strategies go, this one is more on the spammy side. As you can see from the deck, your highest pip attack is Colossus with 6 pips. At level 62 you have access to Frost Giant and Snow Angel, but these don’t get used with my setup. We’re mostly using Frostbite to kill opponents.

4.1 Enchanted hits

Most of the attacks you will be using will come from the side deck. These Treasure Cards are not bought from the Bazaar, you will need to enchant them yourself. If you’re new to pre-enchanting attacks, go read a guide about it here. This should be done before you set foot in the Arena. Don’t forget to change decks and add your newly made Treasure Cards to your PvP deck! You can get Gargantuan Treasure Cards for enchanting from the Archivist in Celestia.

4.2 Knowing who your opponent is

When you click “confirm” and get teleported into the Arena, the first thing you will want to do is check out your opponent’s pet. Especially when you’ve just started ranking up, you can tell how serious someone is about PvP by looking at their pet. Mega pets usually indicate someone who’s been pet building for a while and possibly also has lots of experience in PvP. Pets don’t tell you everything, but it’s a nice way to get a feel for your opponent.opponent

Once the timer runs out and your first cards appear on screen, you should be looking at the menu chat options to find out your opponent’s school. If this is new to you too, we have a guide about that too. Knowing your opponent’s school will help you decide which cards are redundant and can be discarded right away.

The third thing to check is whether your opponent has a Mastery Amulet. These amulets are visible as a floating light circling around your opponent’s head. Is the light green? Then your opponent has a Life Mastery Amulet. Not all colors are as easy to distinguish from one another. Red indicates either Balance or Fire, with Balance being a lot more Common. Blue-ish could be Ice or Myth, and is most commonly Myth. Purple-ish could be Storm. What color is Death?

4.3 Figuring out your opponent’s playing style

This is important to figure out, because you will be adjusting your playing style to counter theirs. Usually, an opponent’s school will give you a first possibility to guess what kind of a player they are. Triage TCAs Ice, we are often considered tanks: slow players with good resist, leading to long matches. Storm wizards more often spam hits, so you need to make sure you have a debuff on them pretty much all the time.

However, the school doesn’t tell you everything. A Fire wizard COULD be a full-pip Heckhounder (get Triage ready!), but they might just as well try another route. A Life wizard with a Myth Mastery will not necessarily be using any Life hits at all; instead they could focus on Basilisk’ing or Medusa’ing you to death.

Getting used to the different playing styles and recognizing them in time to take measures against them is a long road. Don’t expect to be good at this right from the start, just reflect on what you learned after every match you play. It’s a learning process!

4.4 Discarding properly

Many beginners don’t discard aggressively enough. Go check out Gorman’s Discarding video for a look at how aggressively you really could be discarding. Don’t be afraid to discard a card that you won’t need this round nor the next one, even if you think you might need it in 4 rounds. This deck has multiple copies of pretty much everything, so you can and should be discarding what you don’t need right away. Two towers in hand? Delete one! Three weaknesses? Delete! Just remember to take your opponent’s school into consideration: I keep shields and delete weaknesses when facing Storm and, while facing Fire, I will often delete Tower Shields when I’m looking for Weaknesses (for the HeckHound we might be expecting).

If you’re using the Balance Amulet, deleting cards should not be a problem, since you can reshuffle at a low pip cost.

4.5 Counting your cards

I’m personally pretty bad at this one. You deck doesn’t have an endless supply of everything. You will need to keep track of how many cards of a certain type you have used or discarded already. Your side deck only has 4 heals, so you need to make sure you reshuffle after you’ve used 2 of those.

Count your reshuffles too! Delete the first one to appear, hold on to the second one and only discard that one when number 3 appears. Early reshuffling is always a good thing (when you have about 20-30 cards left), especially if you’ve been discarding side deck attacks in order to find heals or Triage.

4.6 Pip management

Especially as you rank up, you will see that people don’t really attack right away (unless they’re Storm). They will be using utility spells like Blades, Weaknesses, Infections etc while building pips. That’s what you should be doing as well. You need as many pips as possible before you start being offensive. Get rid of white pips with a minion, Sprite or Elemental Blade. When you do start attacking, make sure you have enough pips to get a heal going, if needed.

Look at your opponent’s pips as well: the best time to attack is when they have just attacked you with only a little damage. They will be low on pips and possibly so focused on their offense that they will forget to be defensive. And even if they go defensive, that just means you survive one round longer.

Remember to be a threat to your opponent. A scared opponent makes mistakes! Read this article to get enlightened about this topic some more. As for yourself, remind yourself that a little bit of fear is good for you: it keeps you on your toes. As long as you realize your opponent’s pips or blades are intimidating you, you will be paying extra attention and avoid the mistakes we’re hoping the opponent will make.

4.7 Going first vs. going second

Going first is easiest, though with this deck I feel comfortable going second as well. When going first, avoid especially the mistake I see many beginners make: don’t cast a Tower Shield, a Volcanic Shield AND a Weakness right after one another. As long as your opponent doesn’t remove your debuffs, there is no real need to add other debuffs (unless your opponent is Blade stacking of course). Imagine you putting both a Volcanic Shield and a Tower Shield against a Storm wizard, only to have both removed at the same time with a Thunder Snake. And then not having another shield to prevent the big Kraken from hitting you in the face. If you’d have kept the Volcanic Shield, you could have shielded the next turn.

When going second, you need to make sure YOU are in control of the match: give the opponent more to do than he or she can handle! You do this by alternately putting a weakness or a shield on him or her. Most people will try to remove those before attacking. Don’t stack shields, alternating works best, for me at least. In the higher ranks, putting up Infections will make most players dig for a Sprite, so that’s useful as well when you rank up a little.ย  Get your minion out as well and put the Ice bubble up. All this will make the opponent react to your moves instead of them having control over what you do by going first. A premature attack from your side might also get them healing instead of attacking — even if you’re not ready to kill them yet.

4.8 Healing on time

If you’re playing with a Balance Mastery Amulet, you will need to heal fairly quickly. Better to be too careful than not careful enough! Do realize, however, that 4 Availing Hands means you will only be able to recover from 2 serious attacks. This deck isn’t set up for matches to last for hours and hours. Don’t let your health be lower than your opponent’s.

If you’re at 3/4 of your health, start thinking of a heal. At 1/2 it’s probably too late, unless you’ve gotten your opponent’s health down equally much. I play the “if you don’t heal I won’t either game” fairly often in my head: I postpone healing until they heal. Don’t tell them this out loud though!

The Sprites in your main deck are meant to get rid of Infections. If you have a white pip and an Infection on you, do use the Sprite, no matter how close to full health you are. The Pixies are for those annoying matches where you get nothing but white pips again and again: getting rid of two at once is awesome! This only works when you’re not wearing the Life Mastery Amulet! You will use your Golden pips if you have that one on, leaving the white pips be where they are.

4.9 PvPing at favorable times

While this might seem like a bit of a “cheat”, it can be beneficial to PvP at times when the “Warlord kids” aren’t out of school yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ Getting less experienced opponents will help you get used to this deck without risking too many disappointing losses. Unfortunately summer vacation has started for many, so at the moment it might be hard to pick a good time to PvP. Living in Europe — and thus being awake when most people sleep — definitely would help, so maybe you should move ๐Ÿ˜‰ Surely you would sacrifice everything for an unfair PvP advantage? :p


5. Spell-specific advice

Next up: a look at what each of the spells in your deck is used for. If you’re truly new to PvP, it would be extremely important that you read these. When you know what specific uses I have in mind for these spells, you will know when you can discard them and in what situations you should keep them.

Balefrost, the Ice Bubble

Try to cast your bubble whenever you can. Balance, Storm and Life won’t replace it so easily, so you can discard the other bubbles that appear in your hand. It’s vital that you keep an extra bubble in hand when facing Fire, Myth and Death so you can win the bubble war. The four bubbles in our deck aren’t really enough for a war, but we’re going to reshuffle early anyway, right?


Freeze is a spell I rarely use, but it has come in handy once or twice. If you’re smart, you use it after you hit, to prevent healing while you wait for that extra pip to give the finishing blow and end the match. If you’re me, you just randomly use it when it happens to appear in your hand.

If you have Winter Moon, I’d add two more Freezes to the deck (and replace some/all of the Loremasters with Winter Moons). That way, you can remove the Stun Block that appears after you hit with Winter Moon at zero pip cost. People will cast Stun Blocks as well, which could ruin the Winter Moon strategy. It’s all up to you!

Frost Beetle, way OP, just ask Gorman.

Frost Beetle is one of the many ways this deck offers to remove white pips. It’s also good to remove Ice shields when you don’t have any blades on you yet. I haven’t personally used them much, but I imagine you would benefit from them if you try this deck with a Life Mastery Amulet. My normal white pip remover (Pixie) would use a power pip with the Life Mastery, so in that case you could benefit from a few Frost Beetles.

Also, if you need room to add something to this deck that I haven’t put in it, the Frost Beetles would be the first thing to replace. I enjoy having something in my deck to discard, so I can draw from my side deck without deleting importing cards from my hand.

Frostbite, does surprisingly much damage

Especially from second, Frostbite is an awesome spell. It does plenty of damage, uses one of those annoying white pips and helps to remove shields as well! You have some pre-enchanted ones in your side deck, so the main deck ones are mostly waiting for Guargantuan, to be used after you reshuffle and run out of side deck attacks. Feel free to discard them without enchanting them first if they’re clogging up your hand.

Side deck Frostbite, your main attack

I adore Frostbites. Pre-enchanted with Gargantuan, they do 195 initial damage and 605 damage over 3 rounds. Try to mainly attack when your pet has cast Infallible. Cast Infallible yourself if your pet doesn’t have the talent, though I really suggest you start hatching for it.

Let me also quote Aaron S. on the uses of Frostbite and Snow Angel:

“Frostbite is better for combos and spamming rather snow angel because of the lower pip cost, and it actually has the most damage per pip on any ice spell; 550 damage for 5 pips. At lower levels, frostbite is all the rage because of this, and it becomes pretty evident that itโ€™s better than snow angel. At higher levels, however, you tend to get power pips every turn; so instead of frostbiteโ€™s 5 pips vs angelโ€™s 8 pips, itโ€™s suddenly frostbiteโ€™s 3 power pips vs angelโ€™s 4 power pips. At that point, as long as your plan isnโ€™t spamming, in which all pips count, waiting one extra turn for a heavy hitting angel is more favorable than rushing a frostbite ๐Ÿ™‚ also since most ice wizards blade stack, they have a pile of pips which they can use, and the higher rank snow angel seems more reasonable than the lower rank frostbite.”

Our build still has a lot of white pips, so using Snow Angel is not worth it. We’re also not blade stacking, we’re a little spammy! In addition, I just don’t like that spell. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Iceblade, because blades scare opponents

Warning: I’m not much of a blader. If I use 2 blades in a PvP match, it’s a lot. This doesn’t mean you should discard them like I do. Blades have their uses, so go for it, by all means! On the other hand, don’t feel frightened to discard them; I do that all the time and I’m still winning.

Picking between an Iceblade and an Elemental Blade can be tricky. Pay attention to your pips and let them decide what you need the most.

Ice Guardian, your best friend and team mate

Yay for this Ice minion! He’s super useful, because he attacks a lot. If your opponent is a big shielder, a combination of this minion and Frostbite will run him or her out of shields in no time!

Be prepared to see Bob die again and again. Don’t give up and just bring him back. He’s a great distraction! Even if he dies the next round, it’s very common that the opponent uses a 4 pip spell to get rid of a 3 pip minion. That puts you ahead in the pip fight!

I used to discard minions when fighting Storm (since they can get rid of the minion with 2 pips). However, lately I’ve been using Bob even against Storm and I haven’t been disappointed. Distractions are awesome! Long live Bob!


Snow Shield: do delete this from your deck if you need extra space

I had been facing a lot of Ices for a while, so I added an experimental Snow Shield to my deck. So far, having it in my deck has meant that I haven’t faced any Ices at all, wheeeee! If you are facing an Ice, it pays to cloak this shield, as they will think it is a Tower Shield and perhaps try to remove it with their wand — thus wasting a round. This will also mean you’ll have TWO Snow Shields after you reshuffle (since they multiply when reshuffling).

You could cloak the Snow Shield and put it on even when facing other schools. Keep them guessing as to what shield you put on you! Everyone is automatically going to suppose that it’s a Tower Shield, dig for a wand, and then find out it isn’t. Muahaha :p

Steal Ward: just to keep the opponent on their toes

We only have one Steal Ward card in our deck, but our opponent doesn’t know that! Let them cast those shields, we will steal one and make them think we’re going to steal all of them! It’s so gratifying to steal a shield, always makes me giggle :p

Stun Block, because… Myth!

Stun Block isn’t necessary against ALL schools, but with Myth, it’s a bare necessity. Medusa leaves a double stun, Basilisk a one round stun — those are dangerous spells! I also use Stun Block against Ice and sometimes Storm. In all other situations, they’re quickly deleted.

If you’re going against a Myth and you can’t find a Stun Block in your first hand, start discarding aggressively. I’ve been stunned into submission too many times to allow that to happen anymore. Shields, weaknesses, infections — all can wait until you have that Stun Block!

Tower Shield, the spell everyone has but you can have more of

Being Ice means you can fit more Tower Shields into your deck than your opponent, woohoo! I went with 6, though 7 would have fitted too. This is the only shield in our deck that can protect us against Life hits, so be careful with them when fighting a Life!

Volcanic Shield, because Storm and Fire are the most scary schools

More tools to debuff Storm and Fire, yay! Discard against all other schools, except maybe Balance, if they seem the Spectral Blast kind.

Cloak, your ever-mysterious buddy

I love Cloak. Some people find it useless, but I say they are wrong. WRONG! Cloak has several functions. For one, you can multiply cards with it. After you reshuffle, you will have one extra copy of all the spells you have cloaked. Awesome for when you need more copies of a specific card than would fit into your deck!

In addition, Cloak keeps your opponent guessing about what spell you just cast. Depending on the situation, I cloak Infections, Weaknesses and certain shields. Against Life, cloaked Infections are great because after you reshuffle, you’ll have more of them to quench their healing powers. Against Fire and Storm, cloak Volcanic Shields and against Death, cloak Legend Shields.

Gargantuan, because you will need it in long matches

If a match is taking really long and your opponent keeps healing out of the danger you put them in, you will be grateful for the Gargantuans you have in your main deck. If you haven’t noticed: our main deck has very few attacks. This is because we’re mostly relying on the attacks in our side deck. After reshuffling, though, we will have more main deck attacks because Gargantuan multiplies cards the same way Cloak does.


Legend Shield, mostly against Death wizards

Legend Shield offers a shield against both Myth and Death, but I mostly use them against Death wizards. Why not against Myth? Well, Myth has too many attacks that would require multiple shields instead of one. The result is that I pretty much delete most of my shields when against Myth and try to dig those Weaknesses up. Don’t forget that Loremaster also leaves a Weakness! Multiply these shields with Cloak when needed!

Pixie, white pip destroyer of my choice!

I use quite a lot of Pixies to get rid of white pips. The health acquired that way isn’t as important. I use Availing Hands as a main heal and Pixie just in case of White Pip Disease. Feel free to discard your Pixie if your pips are good.

If you’re using a Life Mastery Amulet, you can’t use Pixie for this purpose, as it will just use your power pips. In that case, you have one less way of getting rid of nooby pips, but you could possibly replace the Pixies with Satyrs for more effective healing.

Infection spam toย suppressย healing

Cloak these if you have a heal-crazy opponent or pet, so they get multiplied. You want to cast pretty much every Infection in your deck, do not just discard these. Infection is extremely useful with this deck. You will not be doing one hit kills, so you need a way to suppress healing. As you can see, we don’t have any Dooms and Glooms, so Infection is the next best thing. This way of suppressing healing has been enough up to where I’ve ranked to, but it might be necessary to tweak this deck at higher ranks to deal with healers.

Do cloak this spell! Your opponent will have trouble guessing if it’s a Weakness or an Infection.

Loremaster, worth farming for

Loremaster is an extremely useful spell — many are calling it overpowered even. I like it in this deck because it gives us yet another way to debuff opponents. At the same time as debuffing the opponent, you can get a little bit of damage done. It’s also a good final hit, if the opponent puts up an Ice shield.

Don’t worry about the hit not necessarily being enchanted with Gargantuan: sometimes the extra effects (the weakness and the fizzle thing) are well worth the pip cost — even if you don’t do much damage. I’ve even hit Loremasters into Tower Shields when in great need. Whatever keeps you alive!

Side deck Loremaster, awesome!

These side deck versions you have pre-enchanted with Gargantuan. They’re not your main attack, because you’re Ice after all. However, in some matches, I use more Loremasters than Frostbites. Sometimes it just pays to have a Mastery Amulet.

If you don’t have Loremaster, but do have Winter Moon: Winter Moon can be used for that same purpose, but this means you will have to pack more Freeze cards, because the stun block left on the target will prevent a second stun. If you don’t have either spell: go farm for them! I’m sure you could replace these two by some Ice spell, but you’ll be making your life harder in the Arena by doing that.

Reshuffle, a great asset for this build!

With the Balance Mastery Amulet, this spell is way less expensive pip-wise. In other words: do reshuffle early, for example when you have 30 or 20 cards left. In combination with Cloak and Gargantuan, Reshuffle rocks.

If you’re using a Life Mastery Amulet, you will have to sacrifice more pips for Reshuffle, but I’d still try to do it while you’re ahead rather than waiting till the last handful of cards. You might want to use your white pips for this at some random moment in the match!

Elemental Blade, just there

I don’t really use this spell very often. If I’m in a long match, I might, but otherwise it’s just something to delete. If you like blading up, you can make more use of this! Me, I just put it in my deck to have something to delete occasionally. *shrugs* People are different, right?



Weakness, yay!

Weakness is a standard addition to any of my PvP decks. It stalls the opponent, because many of them won’t attack with a Weakness on (which makes ME nearly ALWAYS attack with the Weakness on me, because I’m Mary Mary Quite Contrary). As far as debuffs go, 25% isn’t much, but as I said: most people try to get rid of it first. Also remember that you can Cloak this spell! Keep your opponent wondering if what you just cast is a Weakness or an Infection!

This spell will reduce the damage of all the ticks of Heckhound, Frostbite or Poison and both hits of Minotaur, so use them especially against Fire, Ice, Death and Myth. Delete them in favor of a shield against Storm wizards, unless you’re going second, when any debuff is vital.

Icebird, great source of a blade

Since I don’t like being like everyone else, I must say I don’t really use this much. However, Icebird seems to be a standard part of every Ice setup. It’s a great spell, because it gives you a blade. Hence, many Ice wizards will first use an Icebird, and then blade up with Iceblade and Elemental Blade before attacking. Personally I just use this situationally, when it’s the only thing in my hand that’s even close to useful at a certain moment in the game.

Side deck Blizzards, mainly minion killers.

I don’t bother using them for much else, unless I need a finishing blow and am low on pips. Dig one out of your side deck right away when dealing with Fire or Myth. You’re usually not in that big of a hurry with Life, Ice or Balance — but beware of their minions as well. When facing Storm or Death, you can usually just discard the Blizzards, as these schools don’t use their minions very actively.

Is your opponent a minion spammer? Well, you are one too! Make sure you have a minion and kill theirs. If you run out of Blizzards, unenchanted Loremasters from your main deck are a good choice as well (same amount of pips asBlizzard). If they happen to shield their minions a lot, Frostbite is your best bet.

Remember that we’re using the PRE-ENCHANTED version of your trained spell, not the Blizzardย you get from the Bazaar! Their damage is way higher when you pre-enchant them yourself. Get Gargantuan Treasure Cards for enchanting your hits from the Archivist in Celestia.

Side deck Colossus, only from first

I pretty much only use Colossus when I’m going first. It’s such a shame when a pretty 6 pip Colossus runs into a tower shield. All that wasted effort! However, remember that you can sometimes risk it too, especially if the match is long, the opponent has used a lot of shields already and you need to get a bigger hit in to make progress.

Although I use this build to be spammy, you could triple blade (Iceblade + Elemental Blade + Icebird Blade) and go for a big hit with Colossus. Remember to have a minion out then, to get rid of shields for you. This strategy probably works best when going first.

Same remark as with Meteor: these are Colossus Treasure Cards you have enchanted yourself, not the regular kind you can get from the Bazaar!

Krokhotep, for no real reason

Krokhotep does damage, steals a shield AND puts a 200 hp shield on you. Okay, so, this spell isn’t one hundred percent necessary for this build, nor are the cards that easy to find in the Bazaar. I used one ONCE and it made me very happy that one time. It meant I survived the full-pip Judge that came right after :] In honor of that one fight, I have kept one in my deck ever since. This is such a professional guide, lol :p You can leave this spell out of your deck in favor of something that suits your playing style better!

Triage, life saver

Start stalking the Bazaar for some Triage Treasure Cards! Dig for a copy of this right away when you’re facing Myth, Death or Fire. Do not delete this one in favor of other cards, it might save your life! Myth’s Basilisk, Death’s Skeletal Dragon and Fire’s Heckhound can be countered most effectively in two ways: by casting a Triage which will remove the tick all-together, or by casting an Availing Hands and shielding the other rounds. Most of the time I go for removing the tick. I don’t use Triage for Deer Knights, Poisons, Frostbites or Links, since those don’t do as much damage.

Availing Hands, our precious heal

You have 4 Availing Hands in your side deck, which means you can survive two serious attacks. This isn’t much! This deck is NOT set up for long matches. However, I have yet to be in a match that lasted longer than my Availing Hands. That’s how effective this build is if you use it right: long Ice matches are history.

Heal early, somewhere around the point where you have 75% of your health left. As I wrote earlier in this guide, you can let your health go lower, but ONLY if your opponent’s health is lower than yours at all times. Don’t be over-concentrated on healing from the beginning though. I trust you’ll find your balance after a few fights.

If you’re using a Life Mastery Amulet instead, the Availing Hands would have to be replaced by Satyrs. With Satyr, you can let your health drop lower, because it will heal you in one round rather than spread out over several rounds. Feel free to be obnoxious and heal a lot, if that’s a playing style you enjoy. Do remember that it’s hard to kill when you’re healing too much!


And now…
To the Arena!

Try it out and let me know how it went, okay?


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  • jacob dark blood

    nice one!! i love this one but i wish some one puts up something for storm lvl 40 plus you really awesome too make a very long one and can we use storm mastery amulet for ice lvl 50?

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      We’re trying to make new guides all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe someone will make a storm lvl 40 soon, dunno!

      Storm mastery for Ice? I don’t know how well that would work. How would you heal? Life or Balance would be easier.

      • jacob dark blood

        hmm in storm attacks are good and in ice armor resist a lot than tower shield no need to say about resist a good match isn’t? a heal could be fairy and satyr because in lvl 50 we can’t farm water works for life mastery amulet my friend got lvl 50 ice account and someone gifted him storm amulet so just asked you…

        • Molly Daisyfountain

          The problem is that you can’t wear two mastery amulets at once yet. If you use the Storm amulet, Satyr costs way too many pips. I wouldn’t try the Storm amulet myself, because I think you would die really fast without efficient healing.

          • Aaron S.

            you probably never will, either ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Conor myth spear

            What about mastery gear? Probably not but with ki you never know

          • jacob dark blood

            did you think of ice resist!! one of great majority and health, ice got no attacks and we should use only tc but in this way we can also use storm tc! normally storm tc are great attackers then ice

          • Conor myth spear

            If you want ice attack check out winters blight

          • Conor myth spear

            And if you think I don’t want to be a glass cannon having a storm mastery would make you a glass cannon

      • jacob dark blood

        you a moderater of duelist101

        • Molly Daisyfountain

          I’m the person who wrote this guide ๐Ÿ™‚

          • jacob dark blood

            yea your very patient and a fast typer i guess!!!!

    • Blaze Raven

      Storm Mastery on an Ice is a bad idea. Very. Bad. Many newer players think this would be the perfect combination with Ice’s tankiness and Storm’s offensive nature, but the off-school hits are terrible, you can’t blade them very well, you can’t effectively heal, and it’s too easy to shield against Storm. You really just deny yourself new utilities for spells worse than what you already have. Go Life or Balance Mastery on a 50 Ice, never Storm.

      • Aaron S.

        Well technically, if you have full glendemming gear + duelist ring/athame with a damage pet and the sky iron hasta, you’ll have 70(+) universal damage, and with infallible, you can spam monstrous kraken effectively to overwhelm your opponent, while your high base health will give you an edge over other glendemming users ๐Ÿ™‚

        • jacob dark blood

          yep ty buddy really a good idea cause ice will have a awesome resist and health.

          • Aaron S.

            Well it’s not necessarily a good idea xD It could be effective, and is known to have been, but you can’t expect to climb your way up to warlord with that strategy. Storm mastery is more or less something to try if you’re done ranking up and you’ve gotten all your duelist and Glendemming gear with a perfect pet. Otherwise as Blaze Raven says, your lack of utility and your reliance on storm hits will get you killed ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • jacob dark blood

        but ice and life and balance are a weak attackers can’t blade them in storm we blade them with elemental blade! ๐Ÿ™‚ just speak frank

        • Blaze Raven

          You aren’t using it for the If you want me to be frank, Life has more healing and other utilities to offer, Balance has fast Reshuffle, Loremaster, and off-school minion killers to offer, Storm has..useless junk.

          It’s a common error among newer players to think that because it hits harder, it’s better. That’s far from the truth. Ice has enough offensive and blading capability on its own, while Storm just denies it extra utility. There’s also no readily available Storm DoT, meaning one or two Volcanic Shields throws your entire strategy through a loop.

          Bottom line is, you use Life for quick heals and Life Dispel. You use Balance for fast Reshuffle, Availing Hands, Loremaster, and off-school minion killers. Storm has nothing to offer that you don’t already have.

          P.S. I know what I’m talking about, if you think I don’t. I’ve done 50 Ice, 38 Ice, and 80 Ice. My 50 is currently sitting at 2700 rank and my 38 is at about 2070. I haven’t done much on my Archmage this Age.

          • Aaron S.

            Oooh boy you should try Archmage ice ๐Ÿ˜‰

            The fact that you have to fight shrike (and I’m talking people who actually know how to use it, unlike the ones you fight as a Glendemming) at warlord + starts to screw things over…typical Grandmaster and Magus strategies just simply don’t work anymore and adapting to a faster pace while retaining defense becomes a lot more important; something you never really have to do at lower levels.

          • Blaze Raven

            Sounds fun. But as soon as I start playing on it, I’ll get harassed to level it.

          • Aaron S.

            That’s what happened to me, lol.

  • Quinn Dreamhaven

    Very nice. Thanks Miss Misthead. The meteor is actually called blizzard.

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      Darn, so typical that I mixed them up lol ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Conor myth spear

        I think there should be a convert that changes meteor strike to blizzard

        • Quinn Dreamhaven

          Good idea. Mutate meteor to blizzard has a nice ring to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jacob dark blood

      we can understand it is blizzard

  • Maria

    Nice guide. I think you meant death instead of storm for replacing your bubble though and vise versa ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bambuchani

    Very Interesting Guide for Ice,I play a similar style ๐Ÿ˜›
    But could you use the zafaria-crafted-athame?
    Why you doesn’t have Wintermoon in the deck ( main or/and side )
    Could you use the zafaria crafted boots/robe or hat?

    Could you replace the wand with a wand from Winterbane Hall/Pagoda?
    Could be the wand also the Passat-Spear ( the one with 50 block ), or the spear from light and shadow?

    • I’m sure you could use those things, but the build works pretty well as-is.

      • Bambuchani


    • Molly Daisyfountain

      Thanks for the many questions!

      All guides are open to changes, lol ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re welcome to make the changes you find necessary. This is just a starting point for the newer players, so they have something to base their set up on. This set up WORKS as it is, but changes are always possible.

      About Wintermoon: I mention it a couple of times because it’s a potentially awesome spell, but I haven’t gotten it from the Loremaster yet. Can’t add something to my deck that I don’t have myself!

      Thank you for mentioning the Zafaria gear. It never even crossed my mind to check those.

      • Bambuchani

        Here another Questions:
        Is Luminous Weaver an alternative for Loremaster ( If using Lifemastery )
        Are Krampus and Ifrit an alternative for Loremaster ( If using Firemastery )
        Is Handsome Formori an alternative for Colossus ( For those White-Pips )
        Is Sacrifice an alternative for Availing Hands ( If using Deathmastery )
        Are Medusa and Earthquake/Myth-Banshee/Aftershock an alternative for Loremaster ( If using Mythmastery )
        Does an Off-School-Minion Killer work ? ( Sandstorm,Meteor,Frog,Deer-Knight,Tempest or Scarecrow )

        • Molly Daisyfountain

          I hope you’re not planning to make ALL THOSE CHANGES at once :p

          Another important tip for beginners; only make ONE CHANGE to your set-up at a time. If you make multiple at a time, you won’t see what kind of an effect ONE change has to your game. Multiple changes can be made, but change as little as possible at one time, otherwise things are bound to come crashing down.

          • Bambuchani

            I just wanted some Information about Mastery-Ammys and Lorespells for PvP :p

          • Bambuchani

            Oh,I just read yet that it is a Beginner Guide^^

        • Seth

          Efreet, while giving an amazing weakness, isn’t the best idea to use as an alternative to Loremaster where it’d double the pips. Sacrifice is a good heal alongside Availing Hands, and using a FOUR pip off-school minion killer can work. I can see Luminious Weaver working in place of Loremaster, except for the damage and accuracy debuff, but if you have that instead of Loremaster, it’s still a great spell. The rest I would personally not suggest, but you can try and see if it works for you.

        • Conor myth spear

          How to use a mastery for ice in evry school ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Conor myth spear

        You can craft it it I think

        • Conor myth spear

          Yep you can craft winter moon

          • Conor myth spear

            Here’s your recipe

          • Conor myth spear

            Here ya go

  • Cameron

    looks like a great beginner guide and I can definitely see a new player getting to warlord with this guide. Damage output seems like the only major weakness. I’d be interested to see this build against someone with Glendemming Gear and 1400 rank +

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      I fought someone like that yesterday! I won, but it was very close :p (at 54-5 now)

      • Cameron


    • Conor myth spear

      You don’t need high damage untill you start rainking up

      • Conor myth spear

        Someone delete that comment not that true

  • Conor myth spear

    And your the one who does crafting guides and you didn’t craft the Athame all the sudden
    I am scared about your crafting guide jk all your guides are great

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      Lol, you crack me up, Connor ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Conor myth spear

        To be serious for someone is “a craft expert ” (don’t quote) you seem reluctant to craft

        • Conor myth spear

          But you do have a crafted deck

        • Molly Daisyfountain

          Yeah, I get what you mean ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m just not very gear-oriented. I craft furniture and reagents and treasure cards. Gear? Eh. I don’t know what’s out there nor do I really care.

  • Aaron S.

    Woot quotes! Great guide, I love how detailed, yet surprisingly efficient this guide is it has everything a newbie would need, yet feels refreshing to read even for a long time pvper ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      The deck was a great suggestion, Aaron ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve been a great help and good support in this PvP project!

  • AngelAngle

    The stuns could also be used for a frostbite->freeze->colossus combo. I sometimes use something similar on my level 33 ice, although it might not do enough damage to kill the opponent in legendary pvp. Unless the opponent spams shields, you’ll usually be able to use an unshielded attack. Also, wouldn’t at least one snow angel be useful for heal spammers/jade gear users? A one hit kill can be useful against those players.

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      Yeah, thanks for those additions! Those are definitely things a newbie could try in addition to what’s in the guide!

  • Cody Nightblade

    Don’t forget some people like to use mutate tc ๐Ÿ™‚
    Mutate Elf, Storm and Ice, and Mutate Swarm (Balance) are common tc in the bazaar, so they may spam that attack or blade stack for a powerful dot attack.
    What about Myth’s Orthrus spell? Some tend to use Orthrus due to the second damage hit being increased. They may just blade up, ignore the weakness, and just Orthrus you. Don’t forget some may have Earthquake, which removes all buffs except auras on all enemies (I saw a version that was tested back then, and it turns out that Earthquake seems only to remove five of each shield type.).
    Also, what if a wizard goes for a Dragon->elf type of combo, where blades are on for the higher rank hit? That could totally mess you us from second. First too, if you don’t kill their minion and they use a dot spell on ya.
    For the cloak, it’s pretty funny to me too to see the enemy in my head, frantically digging for a wand when they think the cloaked Infect or snow shield put on themselves or you was a cloaked weakness or tower shield, when they find out it’s not a tower. Then you can cloak a tower or shield and put it on you or them and they might already be convinced that it isn’t a weakness/tower, and they find out later that it was.

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      Yep! It’s a dangerous world out there! You bring up many of the scary spells opponents may use. Orthrus is brutal! And Fire’s Dragon+Elf hurts too! I usually just tank those and dig out a few Availings Hands. It has worked so far, but I bet I’ll run into trouble sooner or later ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m glad it’s not just me who is amused by using cloak ๐Ÿ˜€ Awesome spell!

  • Kevin Battleshield

    LOL nora remember me? you faced me twice and i lost cause i went afk my name is jason iceshield lol

    • Molly Daisyfountain

      HI! ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe you shouldn’t go afk so much :p

  • Conor myth spear

    If you are facings critical myth could you use conviction once he’s about to hit instead of stun block

  • While You Read My Name I Took

    Honestly I feel as if a Life mastery would suit this build more just because of the fact that you will be doing little to nothing with Loremaster and you’re better off with just spamming weakness, added to the fact that Availing Hands is an overtime heal and often times you have to predict a hit to heal it off efficiently, and if you predict wrong, there goes four pips. Trust me, I know this, I’ve played as a Balance wizard at many levels and having an overtime heal is tricky and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people use it at the wrong time.

    I don’t know what to put in the empty space left by Loremaster, maybe Snow Angel in case they have a minion up. You don’t really waste your blades, you bypass shields, and you get a kill on a shielded minion.

  • Vrael

    nice guide, reminded me of my old setups with ice they were somewhat similar with an exception of few spells but i suppose that is mainly due to the different playing style we have. However if i would recommend one spell that would be healing tbh in the main deck you don’t have enough heals. if you are running a balance amy perhaps then more availing hands on the side cause having 4 hands in 30 card deck well chance of drawing 1 at the right time is not in your favor but then again if it works then it works.

    I do feel your gear setup as an ice on legendary level is well not even average. your block isn’t nearly enough. as an example i have a legend fire and i run 250 critical on him, your block would not block 90% of the incoming hits. i would recommend leveling your ice to level 68 and crafting block boots and getting warlord wand that will put your block around 170ish. Being an ice at legend-archmage levels i would say block and damage should be the number 1 priority, if you can null out someones critical then you are turning your opponents advantage into their disadvantage and then being an ice your universal resist comes into the play to further null out the incoming damage.

    i understand it’s beginners guide but a bit of more gear fixing with that deck setup and those guidelines i feel it will bump an average ice player to commander or early warlord ranks with ease. just my 2 cents ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Worth noting that it doesn’t actually count as a beginner’s guide if you need to already be a warlord to get the recommended gear. ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Vrael

        ah lol yes that warlord wand didn’t quite fit the rhythm, i shall edit that bit

  • Conor myth spear

    I fell like the day you write a defensive guide will be the day the Mississippi River flows backwards

  • Nicholas Shade

    I farmed loremaster with u a little while back. 3 runs, I think

  • Blaze FireSword

    Nice guide I will try it out on my all level 60 account ( I have two accounts one top level on all schools the other 60 level on all schools)

  • Malvin SilverFountain

    “Tower shield, the spell that everyone has but you can have more of”
    Ok, that made my day.

    I think I got more enjoyment out of reading this guide and its quirky comments then any other PvP guide I have read. I have never seen a guide where most of your attacks are in your tc deck though … It’s quite a different approach, but it works ๐Ÿ˜›

  • NickTheIceWizard

    what would the deck look like if you trained saytr, and infallible? What would YOU take out?

  • Myrna Dragoncloud

    hi lower level ruin PVP let’s ban treasure cards noobs ruin PVP thats all I have to say.

    • Glenn

      I agree

  • Cass Willow

    I suggest using Frost Demon instead of Colossus. It’s only 5 pips and does around the same damage.

  • Flint

    Listen,i don’t have any balance mastery but i’ve a life one.The thing i want to point out is that without a balance mastery mass discarding is a great issue.I’m not a noob or anything like that,i’m playing on uk server.Anyway, if you are using a life mastery i don’t think all your advice are useful.My ice wizard is now 61,from the start i loved and i was good in fighting using my ice char and i think i’ve found the solution As you can see people, her deck is not having many attacks in main deck and not many utility spells in side deck so this requires the discarding.The solution i think and i tried and it work is to have both uility and attack spells in main deck as well as in side deck so the mass discarding won’t be so required any more

  • Blaze Ghostthief

    For my legendary fire i use the Jaws of Fire, sold by someone in Zafaria. essentially the smae deck here but 6 max copies of non school spells. and no crafting! great guide overall and will help me counter ice better.

  • Benjmain ThunderSword

    What works best with this guide, waterworks or zigazag?

  • Jordan Starflame

    The thing is, Ice is already a brilliant school and does not require a lot of effort to succeed at Legendary level. My Legendary Ice has a simple debuff and blade stack strategy that is barely counterable. Occassionally, you may face players who can Earthquake or remove the blades in some way, but I use Icebird TCs and my Rain Beetle to quickly remove shields and follow up with Frostbite. I think it is much better to break the opponent’s will by combining huge resist with healing boosts. For instance, my ring is the Stellar Signet, and my athame is currently the Garnet Bear Claw (it will be the Olyphant’s Storied Scimitar once I reach 66). That huge boost alone means Spritely and Fairy (from pets, or cast by you) can let you recover health and boost up with relatively little effort. I find that complex strategies aren’t necessary for Legendary Ices. I only use a basic strategy since I don’t have any Loremaster spells yet, but by all means, utilise those like shown in the guide if you have them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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