Frozen World: An Exalted Ice 1v1 Guide

Frozen World Header 2Exalted Ice 1v1 Guide…with Vrael!

My rankIce has always been my favorite school for PvP. A top level Ice 1v1 guide has always been on my list, and I’ve finally found the time to write one. This guide isn’t completely for beginners, nor is it an advanced guide for experienced players. I’m going to try to land somewhere in the middle and share my views on how Ice can be played.

Alright then. To many, Ice is the defensive school: high resist and wanting for damage. Many players have the impression that Ice is a “tank” school and should wait it out behind big health/resist. The meta shift, Hades Gear, Shrike–you name it–destroyed that. Everyone has their own opinion and many at level 100 will oust Ice from top tier in PvP because the lack of damage output or powerful spells. Also, Ice and Myth are dying breeds in Wizard101 Central PvP Tourneys. 

So where does Ice stand? Is it still a school to beat? What can be achieved in ranked PvP with Ice? Let me shed some light on it.



HAT Traders Wintery MantleThis is possibly my favorite hat. Easy to obtain (I hope) with the best stats for an Ice. Craft this hat in KR part 2 from the vendor in Sardonyx. It gives health, resist, critical rating and damage. Basically a complete package.

Ice---LvL-90---HatThis is my actual go-to hat (thus hat 2 🙂 ). It gives a bit of resist, pretty much the same health as hat 1, but where it differs is the pips, pierce and a bit of healing boost. It has less critical rating, but as an Ice, I feel achieving critical shouldn’t be on the top of list. Farmable from Tartarus, at your own risk.

Sarah Sky Hades' Helm of Shivers (Ice Offensive)This one is similar to hat 1, minus the resist. Instead of that, we get pips, pierce, and some heal boost. Although I rarely use this hat, I thought I should add it in case someone looks into it. Also from Tartarus. 🙁

ice hatWhile the first 3 hats are great, I just wanted to point out that 12 resist from the water works hat or Hades resist hat are not bad options either. I just feel that since we are now level 100, those 2 hats don’t really make it for me. I honestly prefer and would recommend Trader’s Wintery Mantel (hat 1) to all who are looking to do some ranked PvP at level 100. If you are 90+ Ice then the other 2 hats will work just fine or water works if you don’t have the patience (like me) to go farm Tartarus.



Morgan WinterBreeze Unseen Lord's Chill Armor (Ice WWU) This is my current favorite robe. As you can see it’s from Hades, thus a bit difficult to get. Once obtained, I think this robe more than pays off. I simply love the stats. They are as balanced as one can find as an Ice.

For those with crowns, Warden’s Hailstone Armor from the crown shop is a fine substitute.

Azteca crafted Ice RobeI recommend this robe for Ice who won’t/can’t farm Tartarus. This crafted robe from Azteca gets the job done. I used this robe often before I got Unseen Lords Chill Armor, so it’s still a very good piece for this build. The level 76 Ice robe “Woodland Tribal Cote” crafted from Avalon will also work for those who can’t craft Azteca gear yet.

Vrael other robes If you stumbled upon a bundle, these three are also good options. Sultan’s Robe in particular has been my favorite by a long mile, but sadly it’s retired. If you have an unredeemed one, do use it. The other 2 are also fairly well balanced. Obviously critical rating is missing from them, however they do have block and pips and accuracy.

Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulet, Rings, Pet 

Vrael ShoesTo be honest, both boots work equally well. One has more block, the other more resist. My personal favorite is Frost Shrine Slippers for that awesome Snow Drift card 😉 . But in all honesty, I swap between them on regular basis. As always, one is crowns, the other is crafting. Get what you’re able to.

Vrael WandsAll 3 Wands are equally matched in my opinion. One is a Hades drop, the other 2 from the Islander hoard pack and Shaman’s hoard pack. Since I like to get as much block as possible while playing my Ice, my personal favorite is Teeth of the Lords of Night for the insane block and Ice wand hits. Frosty Stare Tiki Torch is just as good. Again, get what you’re able to.

Vrael AthameReally not a lot to say here. Both Athames are good. I personally like Blade of the Felled Titan for damage, pips, and heal boost. But I have both and switch between them.

Life-AmuletI only really use life amulet on my Ice so I have to recommend that. If you have spells such as Loremaster on your Ice, then balance amulet isn’t a bad option.

Vrael RingsI use Desert Stone of Gall for the 17 balance resist and balance block. In this age, I strongly think balance deserves special attention and that ring will keep up your balance resist. Twenty heal boost and 18% pips is also nice. If you can’t craft that ring, then Alpha and Omega Ring or Duelist’s Daredevil ring will suffice.

petsI love my Ice bird. It has damage, resist, and the card itself is very handy. I can’t count how many ways I use the Ice bird spell to combo off my hits. Both pets with these stats are good and I do switch them every so often. As a special offer, if any Ice is looking for a pet and has no one to hatch with feel free to shoot me a message here or on wiz central!!

Vrael DecksAny of these decks will work. I currently am using Bumbler’s Sleetfall Pack and that’s mainly because I don’t have Deck of Winter Shadows. But if you have that then I would recommend using that instead.

 Well then. We have done the boring bit so far.  I’ve given several choices for the different player budgets. Hopefully I’ve listed something in each category that you’ll be able to obtain. Moving Forward…..


Damage statsDamage Stats

I thought about skipping the stat totals, but I figured it would be nice to show the end result. As you might noticed,  I have only picked Hat 1, Robe 1, Boots 1, and all the other gear that I prefer. These stats reflects my preferred gear.

You guys can do a bit of adding and subtracting to see how the stats will work out with other gear options that I have added in the earlier slides. It does not show, but if I might add my Total health with this setup is 5611.

Critical statsCritical/Misc Stats

Critical stats with the same gear….This setup should hold off critical a majority of the time. My elemental block is a bit low, in exchange for high elemental resist. Some may want more block and if so feel free to craft/use Triskelion Band. It’s a level 76 crafted ring from The Wild in Avalon and it provides elemental block.  

Given the luck percentage in Wiz, the chance still remains for someone to still break through, but we have changed that percentage significantly into our favor!.



Training Points


Here’s every training point I’ve spent.

  • Colossal (5 tp)
  • Life up to Sanctuary (10 tp)
  • Infallible, Fortify and Vengeance (3 tp)
  • Infection(1 tp)
  • Dream Shields (3 tp)
  • Thermic Shields (3 tp)
  • Weakness (3 tp)
  • Elemental Blades (1 tp)
  • Shadow shrike and Dark Nova (2 tp), 
  • Keen Eyes (1 tp)
  • Primordial (1tp)
  • All Ice spells including Stun Shields, Snow Drift, and Shadow Sentinel (was free I think). 

That’s all the stuff I have trained (I know it’s not a lot), and everything you’ll need to recreate the deck. As a result, I still have 14 training points left over for you to spend however you wish.

The Deck

 MainThis is my current Rank deck. It’s not very “high tech” as many of you can tell. I have a habit of running easy decks. I know what is in them by heart, thus I can pretty much expect my cards to show precisely at the right time. However discarding is still very crucial. 

SideWell this is the side deck, same story. Side is mainly to help along, rarely is anything in side part of the final shots. They are used more so to boost a hit from the main deck or to kill minion and such. We shall discuss this a bit more into detail…

Deeper Thoughts on Deck

Main Deck


Bubbles are important for obvious reasons. Ice wants its bubble up at all costs. Even VS another Ice, it’s not a terrible thing to put up Balefrost, but you must know how to manage it. Then a blizzard and 3 frostbites, frostbites are mainly use to combo my hits with say winter moon into snow serpent. Then we see lord of winter, it’s there when my small pip combos do not work to make a one big hit.

Weaver and leprechaun (I also have some on side) serve a few purposes. Kill a minion, remove damage debuffs or dispels. At times I’ve found my opponent around 200 health with an Ice shield up, and Leprechaun has often been a cheap way to close out the game.

I have 2 winter moon, which combo with frostbite. The stun also helps in the scheme of things given your opponent does not have stun shield up. 


Then we see 2 minions and 2 snow drifts. With gear, I have 3 snow drifts and for me they work wonders vs balance (Availing Hands) and fire (stealing those critical power links). Minions are not used so much to win a match outright, but to distract my opponent. Even with 2 minions at times my opponents do not bother to kill them and end up paying dearly for that mistake.

Charms and Wards

On the attack, having four blades in deck have been amazing for me. On defense, Tower Shields…well because they are towers! During my journey to warlord, I mostly faced fire, storm and balance, so the large number of volcanic shields has worked well for me.

Some might say two infections are not enough. I feel in a ranked environment, may cast heals steal much of infection’s value. I pack 2 because they are 0 pip spells. Secondly, they give me a feel of  how the opponent is going to fight. Say if Ido infect and my opponent does not bother with taking it off. I can pretty much guess he will be spamming hits, if he’s not worried about it. If he does bother to take it off, well that tells me his deck is either defensive or balanced which again allows me to adjust how I want to play.

Two elemental blades? At times white pips can get annoying and really beefs up combos (Ice bird, Iceblade, Elemental blade while shrike is up….that frostbite is just awesome!).

Side Deck

As I said earlier, everything is pretty much used to help me boost my hits or kill minions. Reshuffle is important…I would say pack as many as you feel you’ll need. I’d recommend a minimum of 3-4 though. I just have not had a match where I needed more then 3 reshuffle. I started with carrying 15, but soon found to be pointless so now down to 6.

No Cloak?

I already know by looking at my Deck setup, Question 1 will be  “where’s cloak?” It’s simply the way the deck is set. I feel at the top level meta, most matches are fast enough that there’s no time to sit and multiply spells. More often than not, these matches end without reshuffling, thus I personally see no point into cloaking anything. A lack of cloak also makes counting cards in my deck easier, which is very crucial in planning kill combos and the like.

Having said that, it’s never a bad idea to add cloak if you absolutely want it. This deck is flexible enough to add and remove spells if needed, I do it all the time. 

Back To Basics 

Blake TrollhornI was never a 1v1 PvPer. The first year of my PvP career was spent in Team PvP, but life eventually forced me to enter into the 1v1 arena. I was decent in the days of Dragonspyre with my Ice and had commander rank which was obviously achieved from the gear from Malistaire. Anyhow after Celestia came out I entered into Wiz Central PvP tournaments and I was, well, terrible at it (In my first series, I lost to a storm from first). It was quite obvious I needed help with 1v1 as an Ice.

My friend Arcwarrior taught me everything I know about Ice. He showed me that the key to playing Ice was in deck construction. Many players have very good gear or good timing, yet don’t do very well, and that mainly boils down to the fact that their deck is poor. At the end, it does not really matter if you’re in Wiz Central Tourneys or in Ranked arena, having a good deck setup is very crucial.                              

Now the question is “What is a good deck setup?” You’ll get different answers and many of them are correct, but if I could put it in one word, it would be “simple”. The more simple your deck, the easier it will be to run in Ranked. You will find the spells you need at precisely the right time (yes a bit of practice always helps). Discarding is always crucial. Just to add, if you really want to test your new setup for ranked arena, set your Deck and go join a rank match! I personally don’t bother with practice PvP because to me it’s not a true test for my deck. It’s set for rank and that’s where it needs to work. Losing a few matches during the trial and error period isn’t a big deal while you’re getting actual experience.

The setup above is not very different from the setup I had 30 levels ago. Obviously there are new spells added, but the basic game plan is still very similar. Combos are still played out much less the same way I did them before, only that I find them a bit easier to execute. In my honest opinion, learning basics of playing Ice in ranked is important, and to me it has not changed much. Yes matches are faster at times, but Ice is well covered with health, block and resist. It comes down to making the correct decisions which are not very different from the times of old.

Well I know what is next…How to run this?


Vrael Blaze Raven IceHere I was a bit double minded. Most guides I read have a portion where it says how to fight each school using their setup, but I personally dislike doing that because in my opinion it’s basically limiting the freedom of finding various ways to do things. I personally feel that it’s more important to be able to counter strategies then to counter certain schools.

At top level most players have a basic knowledge of what each school has and is capable of, yet are unable to counter them. That is because these players fail to beat a certain strategy.

So instead of giving ideas on how to fight every school, I am going to talk about how to counter certain strategies which are common between players and various schools.

Glass Cannon Set

If your goal is to reach warlord then prepare for this setup.

For those who don’t know, it basically means all out hit spam with high critical/pierce/damage. Very little in the way of resist and block. You will encounter many schools using this setup. While it’s easier to run this kind of setup with fire or storm, I have encountered life, myth, ice–well practically all schools using this.

Now knowing your deck and gear setup, you know you can’t out heal the incoming damage. You do not have enough heal boost or, if your opponent decides to shrike, resist. So how do you beat it?

vrael storm stockI don’t particularly go all out defense. Since I know my opponent is going to hit given the pips, I time the shields while gaining pips (control the incoming damage). I know minion most likely will not be used so I don’t need to worry about it. Now I can focus and construct my deck to go after him/her. I may use a wand to gauge his/her resist. While defending, I start with a frostbite,  understanding what my opponent can do with the pips he/she currently possess. My frostbite is almost always followed up with another Ice bird, Ice blade and winter moon. Glass cannon setups don’t have very much in the way of healing so you really don’t need to worry about your damage being healed up.

What you need to worry about as I wrote earlier is to control the incoming damage. Small pip combos work the best. I have had my Colossal snow serpent do 1000+ damage with just a blade. The key is to do damage while not wasting many pips, to have the resources to heal in case you need to. Personally speaking, with a bit of practice and all out defensive gear, one will find that this setup is easy to beat. Critical isn’t predictable, but damage is. We’re taking the way of damage, and it lets us ensure the kill on a combo,  instead of hoping that it will critical.

Balanced Set

A balanced setup, not very different to what we have above. Depending on the player it may have some perks such as life dispels, mantles, weaknesses and such but over all it’s less luck based. Given that every player runs it differently, the best I can say is try your best to read/understand your opponent. Predict his/her moves and construct your deck accordingly. Again I will just share how I do it.

Vrael Balanced setOver time, I have learned to use my opponent’s pips against them. Say if my opponent is the type who after I hit him/her with frostbite likes to satyr and such I “adjust” my deck and go offensive. By adjusting I mean discarding what I don’t need in order to find hits. If he/she returns my hit with their hit then it’s more of waiting for their next move or given the pips I may hit back and force my opponent to do something they don’t want to. It’s situational, and every situation is different. I will say however that most who run this sort of setup in rank don’t execute it very well and given enough time you will find the weaknesses.

Defensive Set

Well this sort of setup is annoying, I personally don’t like it. The other day I ported to a friend of mine and was watching this life vs life match. Life going first had over 120 healing boost, a pet with MC sanctuary and MC conviction and such. He did not have much on the way of resist yet he couldn’t die. His method was to guardian spirit (more then often it went critical), stack traps, shatter, and kill in one hit. The person going second killed him many times but he always died under sanctuary and always came back with full health. As soon he was back, first thing he did was empower and guardian spirit and that pet of his (dryad) loved to cast sanctuary more then anything.

Vrael Defensive LifeWhile watching this match play out, I thought “how do you beat this setup from second?” Starting out the match, you have some time to work it out because it will take time for him to stack enough traps to kill. Keep your pips up to start with. If you do kill from second and he comes back, try to follow with winter moon to stun if not kill and then a serpent or evil snowman (if you have in deck). I know it’s always easier said then done…but from second your options here are very limited.

Problem is when you do run into defensive setups you encounter a very high to immune resist (for instance, I did some 2v2 with seth and well we ran into Ice teams immune to fire). Now the good thing is this sort of set up is not very common in rank at level 100. If you do encounter it, first test for resist and work out a kill combo. We know this opponent can’t kill without stacking traps and shrike so we have some time. At some point, you’ll need to use something like Infallible, Shrike, Ice bird, Frostbite, Winter moon. Before you pull it off, make sure to have 2-4 Ice blades.

That was just a simple combo, but the main point was to try to stack infallible and shrike so you can pierce 65% or 70% (treasure card infallible) of their resist. After the initial hit, Shrike’s bonus 10% pierce spear lets you pierce even more. Again, the only thing is that you most likely will not encounter this in 1v1, but if you do end up getting lucky enough to encounter it, then that is the best option to go about beating it. 

Misc. Sets

I don’t know why I included this tab to be honest. Perhaps I feel my style of playing fits here the best. My setup is defensive, if you go by the resist. I love to play offensive with my Ice but I like to keep defensive stats. This for me does 2 things: null out the offensive setups (gear and deck) most people use in rank while doing damage at a considerably fast pace. Once you combine the deck setup and the gear setup and the way I prefer to run it, it’s not defensive and it’s not offensive and I personally don’t feel it’s balance either. So I thought…What If you encountered someone who uses this sort of setup?!?! Someone like me!!!? well then may god help you!!….

The key here really is to balance while not balancing. To start with you must read and stay ahead of your opponent. Dish out damage while keeping your health up. Manage your pips well, force your opponent into doing something they can’t control or handle or don’t intend to do. Force your opponent to make mistakes and then cash in on those mistakes. This sort of mental warfare is more common in central tournaments then rank 1v1. However I feel having the knowledge is never a bad thing, because what if you end up fighting Gorman in your rank career!?!? well then….may wood walkers show you some mercy.


Improving  your PvP Skill

At times I hear my friends in the game saying “I wanna be like such and such player and win this many tournaments and have a really high rank”. The obvious question here is how to improve? While some players try to copy others’ style of play or deck setups, they never quite reach the players they copied.

The obvious answer is that to improve, you must come up with your own understanding of PvP and deck construction. That way you know by heart what you can and are capable of doing. While it’s good to be inspired by other people’s style, inventing your own is a must. That way as the times change you can change your style as well. So how to improve yourself? Some things come to mind…

  • Pip Management – This part of PvP has remained true since day one. Winning the pip war is a must. The people who can do that keep an edge over their opponent. Many players don’t do well because they fail the first step. They spam as soon they have the pips to do so, by doing that they also become very predictable and easy to take out.
  • Predicting – Staying ahead of your opponent is the key behind almost every PvP match. If you as a player can stay 2-4 turns ahead then you can see their options and their possibilities. This opens you up to start taking steps ahead of time, so when the time comes you are prepared. I recall doing PvP on my Ice and Devin ports to my match against a fire. After a couple of minutes he says ” he will hound you”. Approximately 9 turns later, sure enough I had fire hound on me but I had 2 satyrs to beat it. So always stay ahead of your opponent.
  • Timing – This also has not changed. What makes a player great is that they can time  their shields/blades/heals at the right moment to keep the match leveled. Classic example? When someone hits you with say an Efreet and you satyr the very same turn from second. What you just did there was negate the damage that Efreet did. Not to mention a pip swing in your favor because where Efreet takes 8 pips to cast, satyr (hopefully primed) is only 4 pips.
  • Discarding – Do not hold on to your cards. If you think you don’t need something, discard, keep your deck moving. You do not want to be a sitting duck, if you don’t discard then you will never pull/have what you need in time…so DISCARD!
  • Momentum – Controlling the momentum (tempo) of your match. As a player, if you see how the game is being played and feel you are in disadvantage, you must do something to gain it back. Again the question is what in the world is Momentum in PvP?!? Well, going back to previous example. Player 1 Efreets you from first and you manage to heal the very same turn, well you just took out his ability to kill you off with the second hit, thus changing the momentum in your favor (although it may not live for very long).  It comes with timing and pip management. 
  • Never Give Up – Be a Spartan! Fight until your last breath. You never know what the match may come down to. You living by 1 health and making the last hit to win it. I am sure many have witnessed such endings so I just wanted to point out….KEEP FIGHTING!
  • FUN – This is the most important and I believe what players need the most. They take PvP so seriously that I personally can’t even begin to comprehend. Remember this is a game and games are meant to have fun. Do not rage!!. We all lose matches, some are due to critical and others are due to the simple fact of being outplayed. Raging is not going to bring back your loss. Get over the fact that at times you will lose. Everyone loses. Instead of crying about it, take the opportunity to improve yourself. Learn from it so you can become a better player.


At the End!

If played correctly, Ice can still be the school to beat. I don’t think Ice has lost it’s edge, it’s the players who play Ice  having switched to other schools. In rank, Ice is still very good in my opinion.

Before I end it, I just wanted to say that guides alone cannot get you the warlord badge. This guide is not ” do it all” type of guide either. It’s to open players to the possibilities or perhaps a different point of view in playing Ice.

I use this deck and I am a Warlord with a (now current) record of 39-8, take what you like from it (if anything), but that doesn’t guarantee that this exact deck will bring you the same results. Like I said before, it’s good to be inspired from someone’s deck but it’s always better to build your own deck and grind through the trial and error to “zero” out your perfect rank deck.

Big Thanks to Vrael for the guide!

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  • Justin Covert

    mine different lolz

  • Stephen Redblood

    Great guide, and a very well-balanced build!
    I actually don’t have an ice, but my account doesn’t have anything near a great pet, so may we hatch? The card and the ice stat will actually help me L18 balance using ice mastery. He is currently a warlord, but I need a better pet :). Thanks in advance, and once again, great guide!

  • Oh joy

    Glad to see a nice guide that shows ice can still be a top tier school, despite many objecting so

  • JuliaJay

    Fantastic guide for Ice 1v1. This is definitely going to be helpful for my Ice wizard.

    • Vrael

      thank you 🙂

  • hiya

    can you make like this but for death students lvl 100? ty 😀

    • Vrael

      would love to but my death is level 88 so i am not sure it will work out. However i do hope someone who have mastered death at the top level will eventually go about making such guide, if that person isn’t lazy like i am… 🙂

  • Jeffrey Smith

    I like this guide, even as a Pyromancer. I respect ice for being able to win against storm and balance at exalted. They are the hardest schools to counter because of sheer power and control, but because ice can win by outlasting and hammering them.

    Even as a guide for ice, this is really similar to my build for fire. The deck is surprisingly similar, of course with it’s fire counterparts instead of ice. I think this will help a lot of players out in the future. Nice guide!

  • ProdiousTheGreat

    Well, i finally have my style of ice guide 🙂

    • Vrael

      phew am glad it helps. i admit i was nervous in writing my first guide but i suppose it went ok.

      • It’s awesome, and thank you for making it!

      • ProdiousTheGreat

        I loved it! an excellent first guide!

  • Scot hexeyes

    Ofcourse life mastery for ice ._.

  • Elver galargas

    Ofc shadow shrike

    • WilliamD

      its there to be useful if you dont wanna use it its no problem but its a very good spell and comes in handy in allot of situations

  • I like how you use the infection to decipher your opponent’s Playstyle. That is simply genius.

  • Eric Legendtamer

    You’ll need that special attention against balance xD

  • Alejandro

    Hmm… I tried this guide out in ranked and I gotta admit it was actually extremely potent. It has so much strength. I won every game other than two and they were both myth. This is a great guide but for some reason myth counter it. I think a good loremaster should do the trick. Myth is one class I always win against, I don’t get how they can win when I try this build. But anyway this is an OP build, it destroyed a jade gear storm.

    Never knew what was coming to him xD

    • Vrael

      I will be truly honest while i was ranking i ran into 1 myth in total and i admit this deck in particular isn’t design to fight myth so what i did was i knew i had 5 towers and 3 myth shields, while keeping that in mind i chose to take advantage of my health and go offensive. I knew i could take couple hits before needing a satyr given the circumstance. So say when he has 4 power pips i would throw tower in there to make him either use Minotaur or remove that tower with wand and such which buys me a turn. So basically it was a race to 0 health which i end up winning. Neither of us really went defensive and with me being first i held the edge. I don’t know if that helps..

      • Alejandro

        Ok thanks dude, I will change my deck a bit. I think your way really works, xD you should really make a guide here on duelist101

  • Jason Goldenshield

    I love this guide, Blake. I completely agree with special treatment towards balance as long as you don’t make it too extreme. I carry the same amount of snow drifts in my deck for ranked. And, even if you don’t play balance it’s great if an opponent tries regenerate as a last minute heal, or if a fire does a critical power link. Personally I like the ice/life damage boots better, especially when you’re using some life hits in the deck. Anyhow, well written and glad we all could take a peak into your strategy.

    • Vrael

      thx bro and yea ice life boots are nice, at time i do use them but if i do then i just add another snow drift in the main deck like you cause ya know 3 is the bench mark ;).

  • Megan

    I srsly enjoyed reading this guide, Blake you out done yourself once again, I hope many people x.x including myself rethink and change it up a bit. I havent pvped ice lately but the next tour I’ll be going back to just that . You hit allot of good points, and ofc the most important is having fun and nvr give up.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Yes a guide that puts fun as a factor … duelists should have Pvp as a hobby not their life 🙂

  • Frosthammer

    i find this guide really useful but i just couldn’t give up my snow angel and frostbite i like to do strong damage over time to keep opponents open then i’ll use stun attacks or skills to stop opponent from healing from the damage over time.

    • Vrael

      Snow angel is not a terrible choice for 1v1 but i personally like frostbite and i also use ice wand (ice elf will also help), all these are cheaper (cause you will be using less pips) ways of removing shields which allows you to follow up with a one giant hit and do some serious damage. Having said that if snow angel works for you then stick with it 🙂

  • ScarletPhantom

    Something I thought I could add into this, if you carry a lot of reshuffles (As I do and as this set up suggests) I would suggest that people not be afraid to reshuffle before they have to. There have been times when I’ve been in a match and despite heavy discarding it’s just one bad hand after the next my remedy is a reshuffle. One might argue that with every discard your getting closer to what you need but with a deck of around 100 cards ‘closer to what you need’ isn’t always very close.

    • Vrael

      Good point. I must admit that this setup becomes more solid per reshuffle but it’s again how you decide to play your opponent. In rank the best i have ever done is 2 reshuffles in any given match yet i still carry 6 just to be safe.

  • Apollo

    Nice guide! I liked how you focused on strategies instead of school.

    However, I am a bit confused as to why you trained to Sanctuary, Weakness, Fortify, Vengeance, Dark Nova, Keen Eyes, etc. and did not include them in your deck.

    • Vrael

      ah generally speaking those spells are in there because of wizard101 central tournaments. At times i end up fighting my own school or an aggressive balance, myth, fire or if i want to over come infection because of the limited heal boost so instead of putting ice bubble i will use sanctuary, specially given when i am second. Same story with rest of the spells, i don’t use keen eyes for rank precisely the same reason why i don’t use cloak for rank. However, having said that i do at times switch around when i wanna try/test something new but most of those spells i use more commonly for central tournaments but thats not to say they are bad options for rank. it’s just generally speaking i have not found them that much of an help with my rank experience/setup.

    • Vrael

      ah generally speaking those spells are in there because of wizard101 central tournaments. At times i end up fighting my own school or an aggressive balance, myth, fire or if i want to over come infection because of the limited heal boost so instead of putting ice bubble i will use sanctuary, specially given when i am second. Same story with rest of the spells, i don’t use keen eyes for rank precisely the same reason why i don’t use cloak for rank. However, having said that i do at times switch around when i wanna try/test something new but most of those spells i use more commonly for central tournaments but thats not to say they are bad options for rank. it’s just generally speaking i have not found them that much of an help with my rank experience/setup.

  • Medusa

    Wow really nice guide. I especially like the little section on “improving you PvP skill”. I’m actually that person that attacks as soon as i get the pips xD, and then spam small attacks lol. However as my rank increased, i ran into more wizards playing stun shields. So my wintermoon was pretty much shut down :(, and i was having a hard time keeping up with balance and storm. So i will definitely try some of your pointers and tips.

    • Vrael

      yea if you start spamming with low end pips anyone with decent skills/setup will start to follow your pattern and will over come. Same thing happened to me once i fought a storm when my rank was around veteran and he shriked then used storm lord which i picked up with shield but i got stunned and then he triton which sadly critical went through and i was dead, the very next match i increased my stun shields and end up getting that storm 3 more times in which his strategy didn’t work cause he failed to stun. Also cause i was watching his pips like a hawk so i had shields going at precisely the right time lol

      • Medusa

        The exact same thing literally just happened to me!. I was going up against a storm and he used the same exact combo. I’ve been having trouble with exalted ice PvP. Usually when i go up against the other schools, it’s really easy for them to control the tempo of the match. I’ve been getting life dispelled left and right, before i can remove one i get another. No healing, shrike negates my defense, and stun shields stop my attacks. That’s basically a sum of all my matches :(.

        • Vrael

          well we can meet in person (if you like) in game one of these days and work out your gear and perhaps couple practice matches for me to see what and how you are running your deck and being out played, i may be able to give you some further tips once i get the feel for your style. if you like that is. 🙂

  • SethPvP

    Would lunar scepter of anubis work for this build? (130 block and and 75 crit)

    • Vrael

      Sure if you have it…it is a very well balanced wand so yes it’s more then works.

  • Ethan Breeze

    This guide is awesome; too bad my ice is only at grandmaster… I am still looking for an ice pet though. Would you mind hatching with me?

    • Vrael

      can we hatch tonight at 9 pm est? i will at hatchery in realm troll area 1. My name is Blake Trollhorn

      • Guest

        Sorry, I was busy. Would you mind a later time?

        • Vrael

          Lets schedual hatches on wizard101 central, i use the same name so leave me a visitor message with your available times thx 🙂

  • Guest

    This guide is awesome; too bad my ice is only grandmaster…

  • Ethan Breeze

    This guide is awesome; too bad my ice is only grandmaster … he has been looking for a good pet though. Would you mind hatching with me?

  • issac

    How would i get the triage tc’s?

    • Vrael

      You can get those from bazaar for most part and obviously some bosses drop them as well.

    • UsArmyBear

      You can farm them from the Ivy League plant, although they cost crowns, if you are looking for a mass amount of Triage TC, this might be a good option for you.

  • Bifflet

    Hey, great article!
    I’m very into top level ice pvp, although it’s pretty confusing for me right now. What you said about gear and decks really speaks to me. I have Trader’s wintry mantle, Lunar scepter, and Frost Shrine slippers, yet I still get a fair amount of losses. For this reason, I would be very interested in any deck tips you have, since your deck doesn’t really apply to me (no weaver and my preferred tempo is probably a little faster than what suites the deck in your article). Also, I’ve been trying to get a good pet for literally almost a year now. I have a starfish and lord of winter that have the potential to get dealer, proof, defy, and sprite, but I can never get them together in one pet. I have proof, defy, blizzard card; proof, iceblade, sprite; dealer, selfish; the list goes on. Any chance you have the time and energy to hatch with me?

    • Vrael

      i sure can hatch, If you have an account on wizard101 central, you can leave a message on my wall with the your available times and i will try to match them.
      As for deck, i mainly run this deck at a fast paced however as i have said it will take some discarding to do so and little practice. Having said that i would like to see how you run your deck, A tempo is a deck depends much on discarding in other words it is very possible to have a defensive deck yet make it spam hits. So perhaps your losses maybe something else besides deck. So for me to be more precise as i said i will need to see you run your deck in a match. anyways lets get the hatching done first and we can work out the deck further if you like 🙂

      • Bifflet

        Thanks for responding. Rereading my comment I guess time and ENERGY was an unintentional pun…. hah…..
        I’m actually gonna be heading out of civilization tomorrow to the land of no internet for a week or so, so if can hatch today, that would work really well for me. Give me a time and I’ll try to be there. Btw I don’t have a central account and thanks for the tips on tempo!

        • Vrael

          hey there hopefully you are back to the civilization 😉
          we can hatch this monday at 8pm est? please let me know thx

          • Bifflet

            Sure, I think I can make that. If not, I’ll let you know before hand
            Thanks so much for everything 🙂

          • Vrael

            i will be in hatchery on monday in realm troll will see ya then 🙂

          • Bifflet

            Sorry, forgot about it until now but I’ll be there in about 5 mins. Are you there?

          • Bifflet

            Hey, I leveled it up to adult. Unfortunately, it got sharp shot right off the bat at teen. Could we hatch again sometime? Again whenever works for you 🙂

  • Arcwarrior

    Its good u don’t forget ur roots, u have grown to become a good player from when I first met u, however you still have much room for error to correct with ur guide and decks, one thing u always did beat me in tho was the ability to keep ur frustration and feelings inside or for a later time, so in that aspect ur solid. but as for the rest only time can improve that. even tho we no longer talk I still keep an eye on u blake, not a bad guide for new people to read.

  • terry

    We need more life pvp level one hundred guides

  • UsArmyBear

    Thanks for the great info, I stumbled here because I wanted to learn more about ice pvp. Although I’m not as high level to use this guide, I still felt that the part about Improving pvp skills really helped me out. Also, If you have the time, I would like to hatch with your Ice bird with mine, my ice bird needs a lot of work and hatching it with yours would sure help out. I’ll be checking in often to work out the details, Thanks again!

  • Nicholas Shade

    I just stumbled upon this guide, 22 days after it came out, and it has to be one of my favorite articles on the site. Although my ice is only level 12 (along with every other member of the frosthaven clan) I’m looking forward to be able to use it.

  • Billy Garvey

    I know I’m almost a month late, but I would love to hatch with your Icebird… I have a 5/5/8 damage sea dragon with ice sniper and ice ward(blah) and a 10/5 resist sporty dragon. Get back to me if you can 🙂

  • Josh

    Your comments are true. Does anyone know if KI is going to fix Myth? They really can’t compete much over level 90… and the leader board and tournaments show that. There are less and less myth wizards around at high levels in general. Even I have created balance and storm exalted wizards and am amazed at how much easier it is to win with them at level 100 than my exalted myth (which is really hard to win with). Part of the problem is you almost have to have a different deck build to deal with every school as a myth as opposed to a balance, storm, etc where you can have a standard build that will allow you to adopt different strategies from that one build to be effective on most schools. Anybody know? I like playing my myth as it was my first character but after 2 years of this, I’m thinking I may just want to cut my losses. Exalted Myth PVP guide anyone?

  • nico9996

    If i have balance mastery amulet should i use loremaster savage paw should i use satyr to heal? How should my deck look? And ty vrael Perfect guide

    • Duncan frost

      i myself have sat down and thought through many benefits of an balance mastery and i would personally say its a better amulet to have than life sometimes. you can replace heals with avaling hands tc and you can carry a few balance dispels you also have the ability to not use lore master or savage paw as utility spells if you have them.

      • nico9996

        So no life heals?

        • Duncan frost

          if you want to but most time in pvp unless you let your health too low or you fighting another ice an balance heal over time will be fine. just put it when you reach the half way mark of health to give the heal over time some time to heal you. also life amulet other than satyr and fairy doesn’t have much heals for 1v1. its ok if you have luminous weaver and life dispel but in our situation loremaster is better than luminous weaver for same pips and balance dispel has become way more needed than balance dispel in our current pvp time.

          • nico9996

            Ok thanks for the fast reply.
            How should my deck look?
            I am working on a flying squirrel
            that gives cards availing hands

          • Duncan frost

            ok i myself would bring around 4-5 balance dispel in main deck if you have savage paw or lore master carry around about 3 of each considering that they not gonna be main form of attack ice will still be main attack method.

          • Duncan frost

            also of course some availing hands in side deck since balance is heal method

          • nico9996

            Well isnt balance dispell useless against lets say fire? Just asking lol

          • Duncan frost

            they are quite universal just as life dispel by putting a balance dispel you can stop them from putting black mantle or weakness on you and you can also delay them if they want to cast spirit or elemental blade.

          • Duncan frost


  • Duncan frost

    i myself looked at gear build and pulled my person critical ice critical build from it
    hat : traders wintery mantle, great critical with nice resist perfect for critical ice
    robe : unseen lord chill robe , best robe you can get out there decent critical good defense with a little pierce
    boots : dragon tooth boots( level 90+) ,as an critical ice these are perfect to give you the boost you need

    Wand: frosty stare tiki tourch , this is just an great staff all around so far since i lack in block it gives great block and still high critical to get that last bit of critical i need with some nice pierce
    ring : alpha and omega ring , awesome ring high incoming and great damage
    athame : blade of the felled titan(for now till i get duelist fatal razor)
    Pet: i am currently working on a pet which gives ice dealer ice giver spell proof spell defy and infallible, i went with infallible over an heal because if you going as an aggressive ice you wouldn’t really be healing much more focused on attack which getting infallible on a pet would make perfect instead of using a round casting it pet will do and you can concentrate on your critical attacks.
    amulet : exalted balance mastery , i plan to use this because in future when i get loremaster i plan to use it as an utility spell and any other balance debuffs and heals i can access

    damage : around 70 or 71 depending on pet
    Resist: 43 universal resist , 45 storm and fire resist
    accuracy: 7 accuracy
    critical: 426 ( thats 90% critical! in our age of pvp unless you fighting someone who invested in block not gonna find people blocking you allot)
    Critical block: 118 ( not the best block but with conviction you can get past it)
    pierce : 7%

    this is my personal build which is an really aggressive ice build that focuses more on critical even though many people consider critical pure “luck” with my build which focuses mostly on it it will insure you critical allot.

  • Artur Swiftbreath

    The bottom bit is universal for schools 😀

  • tootruu

    this guide is awesome, I went from sergeant to commander in only 2 days

  • Wolf TheWiz

    Dude amazing guide. I am going to make an ice character for exalted PvP and this guide will be super helpful. Keep up the good work oh and also I am quite late but will you still hatch with me please?

  • Yousef Attia

    bro can we meet in game i want to hatch with ur pet

  • Omar Levi Ortiz

    This gear set up is similar to mine and the strategy he uses also is similar to mine but his deck set up makes things more complicated; firstly using minions as exalted character really drains your pips if you think of the fact that storm can use a critical wand to kill the minion and you are the one to drain your pips; secondly he has more attacks then he has colossal. The way i use my Ice is i tank just about every hit i can while blading and healing very defensive boring play style but before i used this play style i also had 103 damage and 29 resist to all schools that play style doesn’t work anymore knowing how much critical other schools have while still keeping their critical while mine was nearly 200 never the less it was okay before shadow now defense is a must in my opinion.

    • Vrael

      Well am late to this response, been a bit busy. Minions as you see are 2 and it all depends on the type of opponent and school i am fighting. for example say if it’s balance and i feel i have too many pips, to avoid a costly mana burn minion will be an option (if no hits or heal comes to hand). sometimes players don’t bother with minions so they are good shield remover. sometimes i just use them to divert an attack or buy a turn and nearly half of my matches i don’t even use them so as i said it all depends.

  • Patrick Schmitz

    Hey can i have that hatch with your icebird plz? -Patrick Hawkeyes

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