Wizard101 Battle Frontier#6 – Ice’s Wrath


“You gotta chill, bro.”

There isn’t a faster way to chill than being in the presence of an Ice wizard! These tenacious Thaumaturges will leave you out in the cold if you aren’t careful! Hey everybody, it’s Mismagically back with another Team PVP school analysis. We’re on our 6th school: The school of ice! Known for their large health and massive defenses, the ice school has probably, in my opinion, the widest array of suggestions as to the direction the school should go over the years.

Up until Zafaria, Ice gear had universal resist. It’s important to note that they were the only school to have universal resist gear prior to the introduction of the Zafarian crafted gear. After that turning point, their gear became heavily oriented towards fire/storm resist, which lead to several immunity builds against both schools. This has only been furthered by the Zeus Iceshelf Striders dropped in Tartarus, giving a sizable chunk of resist to Fire/Storm. We’re going to tackle all the icy variants of this chilling school in this article!

Frigid Fact #1: They have the largest health buffer in the game.

(Icon)_HealthThis goes without much saying, though the gaps between health at top level pvp with Darkmoor (hereon DM) gear being everywhere. Ice wizards have the highest health in the game, and as such are rarely not going to survive long enough to pull off a hit or two. This allows them a certain flexibility where they can minimize their resistance, maximize their critical or damage output and still provide a hurdle to take down because they’re sitting on about 5,000 health. Let’s examine some strategies to take down these cushy behemoths:

  • Attack early and attack often: Get an ice wizard on the defensive quickly enough and you’ll surely get the better of them. While it might be daunting to attack so quickly on the w101 equivalent of Mt. Everest sometimes, if you manage to get a critical in or two, you can pressure the ice wizard to go on the defensive and use pips for healing, etc. 
  • Watch their blades: Any readers out there that played 4v4 during the hayday of the release of Avalon into the spiral probably remembers the old bladestacking techniques (that I’m sure precursored AV in fact). Ice has one of the lowest base damage spells (next to life) in the spiral. Needless to say, that means they’re going to need blades to make a decent dent in you. If you’re watching your blading and throwing up shields/weaknesses to disrupt them, you’ll be a step ahead. I will admit that this tactic is a bit less common due to the overwhelming popularity of Glowbug Squall and the May Cast Enfeeble (removes all positive charms from target) pet talent.
  • Pile on infections early: Nothing more disheartening than getting an ice wizard down to maybe 1500, then they pull off a critical Satyr bringing them back to about 4000, is there? With ice especially, pile on the infections early. 99% of the time, they will be wearing a life amulet anyway, and act as a backup healer for their team. The other 1% is usually going to be Morganthe Amulet wearing critical ices, which we will discuss later.

Frigid Fact #2: They have access to the single best shield in the game, and the most copies of it.

(Spell)_Tower_ShieldAh, Mr. Tower Shield. The destroyer of One-hit KO (hereon OHKO) Judge strategies. The only shield in the game that guarantees -50% to the next attack, no matter what school of magic it comes from. Alas, that’s the Tower shields blessing, and simultaneously its curse. Since it can protect you from any school, it can also be removed by any school. Also note that this is the only shield in the game that protects you from balance damage. Being that they have the most copies of it (and its team friendly version – Legion Shield: -30% to all friends), let’s see some ways we cam combat these heavily armored foes:

  • Shatter is your friend: Plain and simple, if an ice is shielding a ton and you’re finding it hard to get through, a well timed shatter can undo all that precious work they set out to do in the first place. Oh, and Shatter is also a pet talent. Woo!
  • DOT (damage over time) spells are a great tool: If you’ve got a cheap DOT at your disposal (Fire elf, Poison, etc.) then I highly recommend using it to destroy shields over multiple rounds before you launch your big hit. 
  • High Pierce (aka Shrike): Shrike’s base pierce of 50% will be cancelled out by a tower shield, so if you have good gear pierce values, you can still do decent damage by having shrike up to cancel the tower shield when you hit. If they’ve stacked a ton of shields and/or went immune to your chosen school, then you’ll need shrike anyway to make a dent, since a shield will keep them immune from that school(s).

Frigid Fact #3: They have really “stunning” spells.

Winter-MoonIce wizards really know how to put the freeze on their opponents. Besides having the 0 pip stun freeze, they have this lovely little prehistoric terror known as winter moon which stuns after dealing a nice chunk of damage, and the typical Frost Giant which stuns all enemies for 1 round. In a team setting, this might seem slightly insignificant, because you get 2-4 stun blocks, based on the number of players. However, we play in a fairly offensive meta where often times the first stun “wins” or is at least in a better position to win, so noting ice’s variety of stuns (2nd to myth I believe) is key. Let’s look at strategies:

  • Conviction is your friend: Against any school that can stun, I tend to use conviction or stun blocks as my first move. Given the large number of pips we start with, it’s not uncommon for an opponent to throw out a first turn stun, while their teammates set up a large series of hits.
  • “Cloaked” Stun Blocks are your secret best friend: Gotta love a good bluff. Nothing says surprise like a pair of cloaked stun blocks. They might even throw your opponents off so well, they try to figure out what the shields are, rather than stun you!
  • If all else fails, plan ahead: If you see no stun relief in sight, try to plan ahead if you can. Layer the weakness on the key hitter so they need 2 turns or a cleanse to be successful. Double dispel the healer so that they can’t effectively make use of the stunned turn. This can go a long way!

 We’ve gone over some chilling tools in the ice wizard’s arsenal. Let’s go over some general ways we can avoid crashing like the Titanic into these “icebergs.”

(Spell)_Enfeeble125px-(Spell)_ShatterStrategy #1: Clean them out!

When you strip away that shield tough exterior, and the large amount of blades, you’re left with a big tank that you can pierce right through! Use these mass removal spells wisely, and ice wizards will have a difficult time keeping up.


(Spell)_FeintStrategy #2: Spike your damage hits.

Feint is excellent against any school, but especially great when your opponent has a lot of health! That otherwise overkill on a storm, becomes a “just right” kill on an ice. Stack Feints for more fun, but beware of tower shields! The Ideally, stack the feints the turn you hit to avoid towers.


queue 8 shadow shrikeStrategy #3: Use your dark side. Give in to the power of shadow.

Okay, not really, but when in doubt, Shrike is the best way to get ice wizards to melt. All that resistance falters when faced with 3 turns of heavy piercing awesomeness. Boost your pips so you can get back to back hits and not have to wait a round and waste shrike’s precious viability. 


That concludes our tour of the Antarctic PVP Ice shelf. Hopefully, you’ve learned some good techniques to melt the hearts of those cold, calculating ice wizards.  Ha, just kidding – most of them have a heart of gold! And resists of steel. You’ve been warned! Next time, we’ll be doing the final of the 7 schools: Myth! Get ready to unearth some history!

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  • Talon StarGlen

    As usual, your guides are stunning (pun intended). These guides for each school are very useful. xD

    • James Earthwalker

      Puns are ALWAYS intended.

      • FrostHeart

        Down to the frosty core of a cold hearted wizard such as myself, but with tips and tricks learned I know my way in pvp and this is slightly, but far off accurate for the new updates

        Clearly forgetting the use of well timed ice armors and weavers and other schools armory – it’s quite deceptive to battle an ice!

        I have considered using Catalan, Lord of night, luminous weaver, loremaster in battles to name but a few. Feint can also be used in place of blades for an ice so we may see the return of cleanse wards! A lot more tactically minded. Don’t forget steal wars either! Towers aren’t always the number 1 way for ice to defend. Sometimes we use your defences against you 😉

  • Miranda DreamBlossom

    Hehehe, Ice wizards won’t be so effective on me anymore.

    • Helios

      Thanks to the new pack, lots of ice are running as much damage as anyone else, with a more offensive strategy. So be Careful…

      • Actually I never saw anyone run this pack’s gear in PvP and win. 😛 Mostly Malistare.

        • Helios

          If you go for glass cannon, I only recommend the boots. They’re great for farming etc. But you are right, the malistare boots and robe are great, especially when paired with trader hood.

          • I think the trader one is better than Mali due to the huge increase of fire and storm in the arena. Especially fire, with the crits they can score on you only resist can save you.

          • Helios

            I hate the ice mali hat… it’s attack is so low it’s useless compared to the other ones; take storm’s for instance (You we’re referring to the hat when you say trader, right?).

          • Yes, I was speaking about the hat.

    • FrostHeart

      We shall see! Just wait til old hunter frostheart makes his stand in US

  • Liam

    My sister’s ice has 93 ice damage with like 440 ice crit 270 block and 41 universal resist x. x

    • FrostHeart

      Nice damage! I can think of roughly what goes into that setup

    • That’s some sweet damage for ice. I’m wondering what got her all that much damage LOL. 🙂

    • I wonder how does she have those stats….

  • Ward Wrecker and Charm Chopper…*Evil Laugh*
    Some do consider Shatter in PvP to be “Broken” and for what reason, I’m not sure. Having your Myth Wizard throw out a Mystic Colossus will take down all ward defenses 😉

    • Jeremy WindCaster

      I am storm and whenever i use shatter (i carry only 1 in my side deck) in pvp (only when they stack a bunch of shields) and lets say i win. Well, this is what i hear before they port to the lobby: “tc spammer” “tc noob” “i don’t use tc” (well, you should DUH, not my fault).

      • Lol so true, you’re wrecking yourself if you don’t use TC in PvP. It’s an additional advantage that you should, well, take advantage of! Not doing so unevens the playing field for you and that only does your opponent good.

    • I really only see the use of the side effect of Mystic Colossus in 2v2, Or if your opponent has LOTS of shields of the same type and you sue it with shrike. In 2v2, you can use it instead of quake if the opponents don’t stack blades when you’re teammate is hitting.

      • Well we are talking about team play in this series of articles, and there is an emphasis on 4v4 which was what my comment was in regards to.

        Think about it: Assume you have a death Wizard on the team. They’ll be spamming Plagues, Virulent Plagues, and Mass Infections right? An Earthquake would get rid of all of those, and that’s why Mystic Colossus is useful since it only removes wards.

  • Patrick FairyStalker

    “It’s important to note that they were the only school to have universal resist gear prior to the introduction of the Zafarian crafted gear.”
    I think you forgot about the game-changing waterworks gear 😉

  • Cody Nightblade

    Give in to the shadow? Heh. That gave me today’s laugh. Great guide, though! I forgot that you can stack Dark Nova and Shrike, then hit the same round that Nova is hitting, with Shrike. I usually don’t see anyone with <90% shadow resist, so yep. You should give to the shadow. Haha

  • LOL nice guide, but I wanted to note that myth is the most ‘stunning’ school in the spiral. 😛

    • swaggy tyler 360


      • Actually it’s correct. Myth has the most stuns in the game 😉
        Regular Stun, AoE Stun, Medusa’s and Basilisk’s Stun, that makes 4 which is greater than Ice’s 3.

        • swaggy tyler 360


          • LOL I usually count medusa as two stuns because its really tough to win if you get hit by a good medusa without and debuffs or stun blocks. 😛

          • swaggy tyler 360


          • swaggy tyler 360


        • FrostHeart

          Even fire has artorius and choke

          • Ooh I neglected that dang I guess its a tie :3

  • Noone

    Nice guide but just to admit ice wizards aren’t always bladestackers and shields stackers and can kill you very easily

  • Peter

    When my opponent Shrikes, I love to just mess with them by casting Winter moon, thenjoy follow up with a weaver…. that is if I get the chance too… but when I do, it’s fun.

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