The Theurgist’s Notes – Part 2

 The Theurgist’s Notes – Part Two

Victoria Summer

Victoria Summer

Myth buttonLife buttonFor some background on this Life/Myth build, read Part 1 here! 


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Victoria Summer is back, and sporting some fancy new attire at that!

When we last left off I was dabbling in the use of mythic magic to improve my offensive strength. Now with our trusted beasty, Bear, we shall conquer the arena with the madness that is cows and bacon! Onwards, to the second age!


Watch this Build in Action



Lessons learned?


Always have an Infallible on hand. If you won’t be needing it for pierce, you will for accuracy. Gear at this level doesn’t boost your accuracy high enough for you to be sure that you won’t fizzle at the wrong time. Having this spell will help erase those sad moments when your plan falls apart and keeps you on top of high resistance.



Don’t be afraid to use doom and gloom! It’s your best way to keep matches from running long with the added bonus of a little excitement. But careful though as they can be changed, and you won’t have many to spare.


Next time, I cause a riot in the arena with the Sky Iron Hasta, a level 30 Aquila wand with a 10% damage increase! And maybe some team pvp?


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  • Cody DragonRider

    hehehe isn’t it great the we can have 10% damage give wand LOL While I build my death master level 42, I notice I had 73% power pip—-> compare to my fire level 90 and I only got 66% power pip I: I train Ice spell for my death, but wearing myth mastery and spam minotaur, medusa, basilisk and orthrus XD People called me TC user, I simply IGNORED it LOL

    • Frost Monarch

      Not quite sure what is being said here but the sky iron hasta makes dealing damage allot easier at mid-levels. I don’t wear it in the video but it has been a great help ever since I got it 🙂
      I almost forgot that I submitted this a while ago! I’ve got some pet work ahead of me to make this combo work better, and that includes mc infallible 🙂

  • ramnson


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