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Pvp on a storm wizard has always been hard at any level due to the low health, the low shield breaking capabilities, and the fact that a lot of storm’s spells are lucked based.  The one good thing storm does have going for it though is the stats they can pull off.  At level 60, storm has a huge advantage when it comes to offense unlike max level where the damage isn’t all that much more then the typical balance wizard and the health is just around 2000 less.  

At level 60, a lot of the challenging factors that make it hard to rank up on a storm are gone.  Mainly, balance does not have mana burn or supernova.  Those 2 spells are a HUGE factor of why it is challenging to rank up on a level 100 storm.  At level 60, your health will only be around 800 to 1000 less then a balance which I understand still sounds like a lot but with your huge offensive advantage, it isn’t that much to fret about.  Ice will still have quite a bit more then you (1000-1200) but generally, if you are fighting a level 60 ice, their damage stat will be in the 30-50 range and generally not much higher.  In this guide I will tell you how to overcome the challenges given to storm by their lack of a DoT, lack of health, and their “lack of defense”.


The gear is probably one of the most important parts and probably one of the more time consuming parts to obtain.  With that said, lets jump right into it.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-15 (2)For the hat, the Skyscream hood, dropped by Luska Charmbreak in the waterworks, is the way to go.  This hat gives everything this strategy focuses on in a very high amount.  It gives a very nice amount of accuracy (this gear set will give us 31% accuracy, so no fizzling).  It gives a very nice amount of resist (only slightly lower then the competing schools waterworks gear), and an incredibly hefty amount of damage and critical.  If you cannot get this, I would recommend the lower zigazag headdress, and if you have neither of these…the wintertusk crafted hat works decently only offering slight debuffs compared to the two listed before this.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-30 (2)For the robe, the Skyscream Cape, dropped by Sylster Glowstorm in the waterworks is definitely the way to go.  This robe does an excellent job of balancing out our stats.  Giving as much resist as the rest of the Waterworks gear, or defense is not lacking in any way.  The accuracy again is very nice giving us that 100% accuracy we are after.  The damage and critical again by far top any of the other waterworks gear (especially the damage).  If you do not have this, I would recommend the Zigazag robe or Wintertusk crafted robe.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-35 (2)Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-39 (2)In terms of boots, the Glendemming’s Sturdy boots are the better choice, but since those are warlord exclusive, I decided to also show you what I used to rank up.  The waterworks boots, again dropped by Sylster Glowstorm, offer a huge amount of damage.  But honestly, that’s about it.  The waterworks boots are honestly not good compared to the rest of the waterworks gear.  

So, why switch…the Glendemming’s boots offer a huge increase to one crucial stat that legendary wizards generally lack…Block.  Block is hugely important to this and the Glendemming’s boots give us the block that we lacked with the Skyscream boots.  They also up our resist significantly and also our power pips.  Despite these boots being important, DO NOT MAKE THIS THE FIRST THINGS YOU BUY WITH YOUR ARENA TICKETS.  There is something much more important that we will get to pretty soon that is much more important then these Glendemming’s boots.  Make this the second thing you buy.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-45 (2)Remember how I said not to buy the Glendemming’s boots first in the last gear section.  Well, this is what you 100% should buy first with your arena tickets.  As soon as you are warlord with 600 arena tickets, you buy this wand.  This wand is the holy grail of everything.  Offering us a whopping 15% pip chance and 10% accuracy along with 65 critical and 55 block, this wand is outstanding for this level.  Essentially what this wand will do is solve all the problems you may have had ranking up to warlord.  It will up your pip chance you lacked while ranking up to around 80-90% depending on the gear you chose.  It will 100% solve the problem of fizzling you had while ranking up (even though it was slim with the waterworks gear).  And it will also majorly increase your critical and critical block.  

The message I am trying to tell you right now is… GET THIS WAND.  While ranking up, any wand with a decent amount of critical block will do the trick.  The Lifefoce blade is probably the ideal ranking up wand but if you don’t want to farm waterworks anymore than you did, or you don’t have the crowns to buy it in the crown shop, any wand with a decent amount of block from the bazaar will be just fine until you get to warlord.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-49 (2)Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-52 (2)In terms of the athame, the Duelist’s Fatal Razor is obviously the better choice for any build.  Sadly, this fine knife costs just around 3500 arena tickets which is an incredibly hefty amount of tickets.  I would recommend tournaments if you want to get this thing.  This is the last piece of arena gear I bought with my tickets but it’s really up to you whether you want to get this or the duelist’s daredevil ring (which we will get to in a little bit) first.  Since you will definitely not get this athame for quite a while when you start pvp’ing, the one I would recommend before you get this is the Bear’s Claw of Storm.  This athame is strictly used for the damage as it offers no real advantage to other rings in terms of anything else, but since damage is the main factor I went for while ranking up, it is 100% what I recommend you use also.    


Picture 2015-03-19 15-28-57 (2)

In terms of the amulet, life mastery is the ABSOLUTE ONLY choice for this.  Now, even though I said our health wasn’t lacking compared to other schools by a lot, it still is.  Especially when you get high enough rank and begin to face levels 90-100s with Hades to Darkmoor gear.  Even against fellow legendary wizards and the incredibly high ranking grandmasters you are guaranteed to face, you will generally have less or similar health.  Also, since everyone at the 50-60 range rocks life mastery, life dispels are incredibly helpful with things and life mastery makes them easily cast-able on any round due to them only taking one pip.  But the main reason this is absolutely necessary is healing with those quick satyrs when your down on health.


Picture 2015-03-19 15-29-01 (2)Picture 2015-03-19 15-29-05 (2)Now, with rings, the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring is the #1 choice.  Sadly, just like the Duelist’s Fatal Razor, this also costs a whopping 3500 arena tickets.  Again, tournaments are the way to go if you want to get both of those pieces of gear from Brandon Mistborn.  Obviously the pierce, health, damage and block are a huge step-up from the “until you get the good ring” ring.  

Speaking of that ring, the Amethyst Ring of Battle is the ring I would recommend until you get the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring.  Similarly to the Bear’s Claw of Storm, this ring can also be bought simply at the Bazaar.  Again, the only reason I recommend this ring is because it gives the most damage out of any other ring (besides the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring of course) available at this level.  I honestly bought the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring before the Duelist’s Fatal Razor but that was just me.  The order in which you purchase these 2 items really doesn’t matter as long as you managed to get the warlord and wand warlord boots beforehand.  



Picture 2015-03-19 15-29-11 (2)Picture 2015-03-19 16-48-49 (2)As we probably all know, pets are a struggle and a half.  I hate pet training as I assume many do.  Now saying that, I have had pretty decent luck with pets.  These are the two storm pets I have used to pvp on this character.  As of now, I use the pet on the left.  Ranking up, until I got to around 1500 rank, I used the pet to the right.  Why did I switch?  Well, at level 60, that 28 critical rating is worth around 4%.  If you compare that to use of this pet at exalted, that critical is only worth 1-2%.  Thats a 3% increase.  With the stats I am using right now, I have 268 critical.  This is worth about 56%.  That means I am going to critical on my storm hits over half of the time.  

Against max level wizards, which I face at this point pretty commonly, they generally go for all out critical (which is generally around 400 with the max level wizards you will face due to their low rank) and leave their block completely unattended.  This means that your 268 critical can generally land on their 100-150 block.  This is EXTREMELY helpful for taking their 4000-6000 health.  That is primarily why I switched to the pet on the left instead of the quad damage with proof one on the right.  Now, I realize a lot of people don’t have really good pets, but I would recommend the minimum you have on your pet is double damage and spell proof.  This strategy is mainly based off damage ranking up.  Once you get a little higher rank, I would HIGHLY recommend trying to get a really good pet…ideally something similar to the one on the left (pain-giver or storm giver is a better option then the pain bringer that mine sadly got at mega).


Picture 2015-03-20 06-14-34 (2)

Picture 2015-03-20 06-14-39 (2)



The deck is also incredibly important.  So in this section, I am going to give a reason for why I put each card in my deck and why I put that number of copies in.

Stormrunner Storm 1v1 Main Deck

Main Deck Explanation

2 Stun Blocks: stun blocks are incredibly important.  Eliminating the ability for your opponent to stun you can save your life.  Use them against any school when you can.

5 Tower Shields: Pretty self explanatory.  Use them whenever you feel the opponent is ready to hit or when you have nothing else to do during a round.  This is always a decent move.

2 Volcanic Shields:  This is only for the storms and fires you will face.  Its like a tower shield but better.

5 Gargantuan and 5 Monstrous:  Again, pretty self explanatory.  Makes your spells hit harder.  No going wrong there.

3 Life Dispels:  These are your best friend against anyone who is using a life mastery and life wizards in general.  Timed right it can take their pips and stop their heal entirely.

2 Dream Shields: Similar to volcanic shields.  Only use against life and myth wizards.  Like a tower shield but better.

3 Infections:  Your second best friends against people wearing life mastery.  Subtracts the power of their heal by 50% which can really keep your opponent in the kill range after the first hit.

2 Cleanse Charm: I use them mainly to get off efreet weaknesses but they can be used to take care of other weaknesses also.

5 Darkwind: Its a bubble war in the arena and you want to win it.  Plain and simple.

2 Insane Bolt: Insane bolt is a last ditch effort to pull off the win.  If you know you are going to lose, use it.  It can win the match for you. (and personally, from experience, Insane Bolt hits the opponent 70-80% of the time)

4 Krakens: Low pip cost, high damage.  Can easily pull off 1100-1200 damage with infallible up.  Excellent to combo with storm lord.

2 Leviathans: Very conditional use due to the high pip cost.  Can pull off 2000+ damage with infallible and bubble.  I would generally recommend only using this if you can guarantee you can get the full effect of its damage due to the high pip cost.

4 Lightning bats: Can be used to get rid of shields or finish an opponent off.  2 pips for 500 base damage with an enchant.  Outstanding

3 Storm Lords: The stun this spell gives is what will usually start a combo.  I use these nearly every match.  I only keep 3 because I keep a few in my side deck.  Does nearly 1000 base when enchanted.

2 Stormzillas: I use these only when I go for a Storm Lord into Triton combo and I get a white pip the round after the storm lord leaving me with 5 pips.  Then I will use this instead of the triton.

2 Thermic Shields: Huge help against the plethora of level 50 ices you will face. Like a tower shield but better ;P

4 Tritons: I generally use these as a follow up hit after hitting with a Storm Lord to get the pure damage of the triton on them un-shielded.  It does 1100 base when it is enchanted.  Excellent spell for spiking damage.

7 Wild Bolts: This spell is the main spell I use to get rid of shields.  It has the chance to do 1000 damage while simultaneously getting rid of a shield.   If it doesn’t hit a thousand, then you just used it to get rid of shields.  That is why I keep so many.

Stormrunner Storm 1v1 Side Deck

Side Deck Explanation

The side deck is just as important as the main so I won’t skimp on any details.

4 more Tower Shields: Due to this being such an important spell, I have to keep these in the side deck so I can draw a shield whenever it is necessary.  Shielding is a huge part of pvp and you need to be able to draw one whenever.

4 Satyrs: These 4 satyrs are our 1 source of healing in this deck.  There has been very few times where these Satyrs haven’t been a sufficient amount of healing for a match.  Healing 990 base and adding your heal boost, these will heal you for around 1100 which is plenty.  Just don’t discard them…

1 Triage: I cannot tell you how many times this spell has won me a match.  Going against a fire when they use their Heckhound with 3 blades and an infallible, using this will save your life.  It is very conditional and rather rare so that is why I only keep one.

4 Infallible: There is very solemnly a time I hit without this aura up unless I am just hitting to get rid of shields.  The accuracy it adds isn’t what matters.  It’s the pierce.  Piercing through peoples resist 20% Increses the damage of your hits tremendously.  100% use these (at any level).

2 more Krakens: Again, low pip cost, high damage.  No need to explain.

3 more Storm Lords: I keep these in here because of the importance of them.  You need to be able to start the combo when you know you are either at risk of dying or can get an open hit on them.

2 more Tritons: If I can’t draw them from my main deck to follow up my Storm Lord, I can draw them from here and finish the combo.

4 more Wild Bolts: Breaking shields and spiking damage.  Just nice to have more of them so you can draw them in your time of need.

3 Black Mantle: Similar to a stun.  Just not guaranteed. Good spell to delay with if you need to buy yourself a couple rounds.

3 Weakness: Similar to the tower shields just takes effect on those pesky overtime hits that people like to use and reduces a little less damage (30%)


School Specific Strategies

As I am sure you have figured out by reading the Deck section of this article, the main goal is to go for a simple Storm Lord into Triton combo.  Obviously if the opponent chooses to stun block, this combo will not work therefore you will have to resort to utilizing other spells to just constantly be applying pressure.  Before you pull off any chain of attacks, you obviously want to defend while lowering your opponents ability to heal through Infections and Life Dispels while gaining pips so you can chain attack.  With the basics said, let’s get into the strategies I recommend for each school.


Storm is a unique class to play against.  Sadly, when I do play against them, they are generally max level.  Through my roughly 250 matches on my legendary storm, I have only faced one other legendary storm.  This storm essentially went for as much critical as he possibly could (just over 330) and spammed.  Since I was first, I did manage to win, but going from second I don’t think the outcome would have been the same.  If, when ranking into the 1300+ range, you do come across a fellow legendary storm, you are going to use a fairly basic strategy.  You really just want to spam shields to lower their attacking power.  If you do manage to draw a stun block, I would highly suggest using it to stop that storm lord combo from happening.  If they shield, get rid of it with a bolt as long as you are protected with a tower shield or volcanic shield.  Once you gain enough pips, you want to pull off a storm lord to triton combo.  If the storm is putting to much pressure on you and your getting to low on health, you can either heal with a satyr or try to pull of a little less intense of a combo.  Maybe a storm lord into kraken combo, or possibly a storm lord into enchanted bats combo if you know for a fact you can get the full effect of the storm lords damage on them without running into a shield.  Infallible can be an effective tool against storms but the number one rule is to always stay protected with a shield or a stun.  With higher level storms, you really don’t need to play much differently.  You essentially just need to hit more.  A lot of higher level storms will neglect shielding for the most part.  This is a huge mistake on their part.  While they are spamming hits on you, you can continue to try and build up pips to lead into a combo with storm lord.  When their pips are low, use infallible and get ready to go into the storm lord.  If you can critical on them, even better.  If not, then you are going to have to use a few more hits in order to win the match.


Ice is probably your hardest match-up no matter what level the opponent is.  An ice will generally be rocking huge resist accompanied with a very small amount of damage (30-50 like I said earlier).  There are 4 types of ices you can face.  The level 50 ice, the level 60 ice, the level 75-80 ice (the absolute worst), and the max level ice (later in ranks).  The general ice, levels 50, 60, and 75-80, will generally use a very similar strategy.  They will like to blade up and utilize an overtime spell on you, frostbite or snow angel.  Since ices like to win the bubble war, you generally will want to use your bubbles sparingly and NEVER DISCARD THEM.  The ice damage bubble will give 40% more damage to an ice if they use a treasure card version.  This gives ice as much damage as we have essentially.  That is bad news for us.  Try to predict their hits with a bubble.  A level 50 ice will probably be one of your more common matchups and you should 100% be able to come out on top most of the time.  Keep the infections and life dispels on them constantly.  Remove their shields they up.  Kill the minions with pre-enchanted wild bolts.  Timely place your bubble.  Build pips, get infallible up, and storm lord combo.  If they do stun block,  just “heavily utilize” bolt. (emphasis on the heavily).  When you do manage to get a max bolt on them, it will bring their health down to half.  Then, with your infections on them, use a couple tritons or krakens to end the match.  Level 60 ices are no different just with a lot more health.  Use a very similar strategy with a few more hits scattered in between the shields and infections.  Level 75-80 ices are a huge challenge.  They have huge resist.  I am talking upwards of 80 resist to storm.  This is going to be your hardest match by far.  I have only faced a couple level 75-80 ices and lost every time.  If you manage to win against someone with 80+ resist to your school without having the glorious shadow shrike, then you deserve an award.  Max level ice will commonly use their abominable weaver so be ready for that.  Heal off their damage they put on you.  Get rid of their shields with wild bolt spam.  Then continue to utilize a variety of attacks to slowly dwindle their health.  If they have life mastery, infection and life dispel.  If not, just continue to hit and heal.


Fire is probably my favorite school to play against.  Not because they are the easiest, no definitely not that, but because I enjoy the challenge of it.  Fire essentially has what a lot of the things you lack.  Mainly…a DoT.  Well, actually, multiple DoTs.  This gives fire a easy way to get around your shields.  With that being said, you will still have quite a hefty amount more damage then them.  If you fight a fire similar to your level, they will generally try to go for an Efreet from first, or a massively bladed Heckhound from second.  Against a fire, Weakness is honestly a much better move then tower shield strictly because they can get rid of the tower with a basic power link or fire elf. If they do go for a hugely bladed Heckhound, the Triage you keep in your side deck will be your best friend.  Always take their bubble down when you can.  From first, it is pretty simple.  Utilize infections and life dispels.  I would recommend life dispels a little more heavily due to the fact that they can rid of infections with power link.  Once you gain enough pips and get rid of their shields, begin the storm lord combo and from there, you should easily be able to kill.  From second, you play similarly but play a little more defensive with your tower shields.  Against higher level fire wizards, you wanna play similar to a fire wizard your level but you want to first, check if they have life mastery so you know whether you need to lower their healing.  If not, it is pretty simple.  Consistently get rid of their towers while building pips and shielding yourself.  Once you have enough pips, start the Storm Lord combo and after that, widdle their health down with wild bolts and krakens until they die.  Pretty basic.


With my rank the way it is now, if I fight someone my level, it is usually not death.  That being said, death is not an easy school to play against.  With THAT being said, their strategy is also rather predictable.  Almost every death will attempt to blade up and hit you with a bone dragon.  No matter what level, no matter what rank, a death that attacks will generally go for this.  To weaken them, stick with weaknesses over tower shields since a death can easily go around that with a bone dragon or poison.  Again, similarly to fire, the triage in your side deck can be a life saver.  Be cautious of a death obtaining 8 pips as this gives them enough to use their fatal overtime.  Also, be wary of a death using doom and gloom if you are going second, or first for that matter.  Obviously, don’t completely neglect the use of tower shields as a death still has a rather strong arsenal of single hits that can be the death of you if used at the proper time.  Essentially, to win, you are going to want to be very defensive until you have enough pips to to go on the offense.  Consistently get rid of those pesky tower shields and weaknesses with wild bolt and get infallible up, then go for the kill.  Against a higher level, things can be a little more challenging.  With death having access to bad juju, Call of Khrulu (doubt I spelt that right…sorry :P), and possibly Darkmoor gear, death is a huge threat.  Death has a very large amount of health at max level, so before you actually start to try and go for the combo, I would suggest spamming their health down to around 3000 before you actually try to combo them.  Infections can be a huge help to stop the infections against any level death but especially higher levels due to the critical.  But once you get their health to around 3000, you can try and get infallible up then go for the storm lord combo.


I actually do fight quite a few myths.  Being them higher levels to max or level 60s.  Myth can pose a challenge if you fail to draw your stun blocks.  The moment you draw your stun blocks going against a myth, you want to put those things on.  A lot of myths rely on the ability to stun you.  Since a stun block completely negates the myth wizards ability to do this, you want to use them ASAP.  If you do get your stun blocks up, myth wizards still pose a challenge.  They have double hits in Minotaur and Orthrus.  They still have a fantastic overtime in Basilisk even if they don’t get the stun.  And they have keeper of the flame (well, not all of them) which can get rid of your shields while boosting their next hit.  So, how do you overcome these challenges?  Weakness is your best friend.  This lowers both hits of Minotaur and Orthrus.  This lowers the damage of their Basilisk.  And this lowers the damage of their single hits.  So, how to deal with a myth wizard, stun blocks 1st, weaknesses 2nd until you gain pips.  Many myth wizards, even the higher to max level ones use life mastery.  Infections must be used before you hit.  The good thing about myth wizards, despite their vast arsenal of utilities and hits is that their health is not much higher then yours.  Even at max level they will only have around 4400-4500.  This is good.  When fighting the, you really don’t need to lower their health all too much before you go into your storm lord combo.  Myths also like to carry a lot of bubbles so try to be conservative with your bubbles, only using them when you feel they are going to hit.  Against a max level, you really do not need to play a ton differently.  You just need to lower their health a bit before starting the storm lord combo so it can kill or almost kill.


Ahhhh, life.  The school that is taking over the arena at max level with their guardian wings, hungry caterpillar, and mainly, their outstanding ability to heal.  Now, I am not going to lie to you, life is challenging to face.  The good thing is that we do carry life dispels meaning, timed correctly, these things can completely take their pips and stop their hits.  Infections are also going to be a MAJOR tool against these guys.  More so than any other school.  Against a fellow life your level, they really seem to enjoy rocking myth mastery.  So, if you do see a mastery on them, assume it is myth and get those stun blocks up thus eliminating their ability to stun you with the Medusa they are probably trying to go for.  Also, the Dream Shields we keep in deck can stop both the damage a myth hit would do and a life hit would do.  Essentially, to take down a life, you want to lower their health a little bit first.  No matter what level unless they are lower level then you (then their health will more then likely be similar to yours making it easy to take them down with a simple combo).  If you fight a life your level or close, you are going to want get as many heal debuffs as you have in your deck on them and utilize those life dispels in a timely manner.  While lowering their healing and getting tower shields up (yes, against life wizards tower shields are better then weakness), you also want to be attacking them whenever you have an open shot.  Once you get their health to around 2500-3000, get infallible up and pull off your combo.  I would recommend playing like this against any level.  Obviously guardian spirit can be a problem but that just means you get to kill them twice…am I right? 😀


At max level, balance is by far the best school.  There is no disagreeing with that.  But, at level 50-60 range, balance does not yet have the spells that really let them succeed at max level.  That being mana burn and supernova.  This doesn’t change the fact that they CAN have the fretful Loremaster but it still really eliminates a lot of the power they have at max level.  Now there are 2 types of level 50-60 balances.  Ones that have Loremaster, and ones that don’t.  Playing against one that does, they will more then likely spam it.  This is honestly not to difficult to deal with when each one will generally only deal 600-700 damage on you even with infallible.  You can easily heal these off while shielding and gaining pips.  Since balance can’t do anything about lowering you pips at this level, you don’t have to worry about that.  Also, against a balance, you can VERY VERY VERY easily win the bubble war.  Most balances do not even carry bubbles at this level making it VERY VERY VERY easy for you to win the bubble giving you that extra damage.  So, if you draw it, use it.  Against a balance without Loremaster, their goal is going to be blade up and Judgement you.  Tower shield is by far your best friend here.  Spam them.  Every time you get one, use one.  In order for a balance to get rid of these, they have to use the blades they are putting up to get rid of them, and if they choose to hit into a shield, that just lowers your damage and makes it easy for you to heal off your damage.  I very rarely play against higher level balances due to them all residing at the top of the ranks.  But if you do, it will be a challenge.  Try not to gain many pips and get infections on them to stop their availing hands.  Spamming low pip hits is probably the best way to go about this since they can easily take over half your health in a simple mana burn.  Infallible is a big old no no against higher level balances.  If you do manage to win against a higher level balance, give yourself a pat on the back because it is tough.  I didn’t say undo-able since I have done it, but it is a definite challenge.  When I won, I just got a lucky critical max wild bolt and I somehow lived through their gaze of fate with 16 health.



To finish this lengthy guide, I would like to share the rank I have obtained and some finishing remarks.  To start the finish, here is my rank.

Stormrunner StatsAs you can see, I have made it to 1745 rank.  This is honestly the lowest I have been in a while.  Most the time I stay at around 1800, either slightly below or slightly above.  I ranked down just a little due to fighting the same max level storm wizard with incredible stats who for some reason was at around 250 rank.  That being said, you can still see that this strategy is very successful.  I encourage more Diviners to try out pvp but instead of on max level, due to the fact that it is very challenging to rank up on max level storm as of now (unless your Eric Stormbringer :P).

Finally, this is my first guide on this website.  As a matter of fact, this is my first post on this website or any website.  So please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments letting me know what I could have done better.


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      I know I’m not psylent night but I did write the guide. Thanks for the positive feedback 😀

      • Jeremy WindCaster

        Sry, It said that name on the top of the article. BTW great guide, i am gonna use it in summer and try to get to warlord (but i want the training point benefit to get tower shields 🙁 )

      • Billy Garvey

        I’m confused, where did he say psylent night? lol

        • Stormrunner

          He edited it to take Psylent Night out 😛

          • Billy Garvey

            Ahh ok xD

  • Matthew Hawktalon

    I have a level sixty six storm myself, but I do have a friend who has a level
    sixty storm. I was wondering how you felt about the lower zigazag robe as
    an alternative to the skyscream cape for a level sixty/sixty one. I know he uses
    it along with the skyscream hood and glendemming’s sturdy boots.

    • Stormrunner

      I actually do mention the zigazag robe as a substitute. The only reason I recommend Skyscream over Zigazag is because i feel like the added resist and block really helps over the 2 damage and 10 critical the Zigazag robe offers.

      • Matthew Hawktalon

        Oh I missed reading that lol

  • Matthew Hawktalon

    I don’t know if it really matters but under the description for going against a
    fire opponent it should say “more damage than them” instead of “more damage
    then them.”

  • Mark StarBreaker

    Great looking guide, you take such a different approach than I do on my Legendary Fire. It’s curious too see that you have so little heal boost; with my boost satyr does 1700.
    I really want to try Legendary Storm pvp now. 😀

    • Stormrunner

      Since storm’s health is lower then other schools, we don’t necessarily need 1700 per heal. Most of the time, a heal for 1100 health is generally plenty.

  • TechnoNecro

    “If the storm is putting to much pressure on you and your getting to low on health, you can either heal with a satyr or try to pull of a little less intense of a combo.”

    My god, 4 grammatical errors/typos in 1 sentence…

    • Stormrunner

      I am sorry, it was a long guide. I tried to proof read as much as possible but it was around 6000 words so it was wasn’t easy.

    • Mikey09

      well that made you sound pretty bad.

  • sonicflare9

    You should get this

    • Stormrunner

      Well, sadly, now this spell is essentially a leviathan for 5 pips. They changed the remove all positive charms effect to remove 2 positive charms. Therefore, now the spell is almost useless to any storm over level 58.

  • Jeremy WindCaster

    Which treasure card enchant do you recommend @Stormrunner:disqus? Monstrous or Unstoppabe? with a lvl 62 storm with 90%damage and 22%Accuracy

    • Mark StarBreaker


    • Stormrunner

      Well you can easily get gargantuan as mark said which is probably the best choice. Accuracy really isnt a huge deal since it will become 100% once you get the warlord wand and for pierce, you can use infallible.

      • Jeremy WindCaster

        Do you know if Archivist or anybody else in the game is still selling Garg (after this spring update)? (I am on a break from game atm because of school).

        • Gargantuan is still available from the Archivist. Enchanted a lot of TCs the other day in fact 😛

          • Jeremy WindCaster

            I saw in the update that it wasn’t selling it anymore. So much disappointment in people. Some were like “I am not sleeping tonight until I find that” lol. Would have been really bad if they really removed it from there.

          • Adrian Thunderblade

            I really dont reccomend it. Because after the first attack, the storm shiled wil still be there

          • Ah you commented on the wrong post lol

  • Billy Garvey

    My friend has a very similar strategy and I’m just finishing collecting waterworks. I might combine the two

  • Pat The Potatoe Lord

    From other school perspective after looking at your deck: “Oh I hated you, spammer T.T”

    • Stormrunner

      Lol, people have said that to me before.

  • sp52

    Great guide man. I really snood level up my storm…

  • Alysaa GoldenBlade

    Hey! Could you make or guide or tell me what gems you put for the deck athame ring etc… I don’t know what to socket for legendary storm!

    • Stormrunner

      Sorry Alysaa, I havent really experimented with gems to much on my legendary wizard. I am more focusing on my max levels. Therefore, I really dont know what gems are offered at level 60.

  • What do you think of using Storm Prism to bypass storm-specific resist and shields?

    • Fabrice

      yea some storms go for the blade stack convert then owl method

  • Logan LegendThief

    This comment is sort of late and not entirely related to the article itself, but I have to ask: Where did you find the link to the tab-looking things you used in the article?!
    I have used them myself before back when I wrote a guide, but I never saved the code to have as a reference. About a week ago I tried to find the article so I could use the tab-thingy, but I found nothing.
    If you have the code, or the link to the article (it was posted in the community site), would you mind passing it along? Thnx.

    • Stormrunner

      In the original article, I didn’t use tabs. Psylent Night adapted it to look like this. I also have no idea how to use the tabs.

      • Logan LegendThief

        There used to be an article that had the code for the tabs and some other stuff. But it was created long ago and for some reason when you go to it, the info that was published along with it is missing.

        So I guess I can’t make prett[ier] looking guides/articles now 🙁

  • BoilingHotCoffee

    What’s with April Guys?

    A huge drought of articles…

  • Billy Garvey

    What deck do you use? I use the bundle of summer storms from upper zigazag

    • Stormrunner

      The deck doesnt really matter as long as you can hold 64 cards. I personally use the malestrom deck but again, it doesnt really matter.

      • Billy Garvey

        Cool thanks! I’m climbing fast on my legend storm with a similar but slightly different strategy (no life mastery). Almost commander 🙂

        • Stormrunner

          Out of curiosity, what amulet are you using? Because I couldn’t imagine doing this without life mastery. Once you get to a certain point, I would recommend using life mastery. At about 1500 rank you start to face people with 2 to 3 times as much health as you and you need to be able to heal in order to stay up there with them.

          • Billy Garvey

            Currently, I’m using Shangos. Although I’m not 1500 yet, my friend who gave me the strategy is and did so without life mastery. The strategy was pretty similar. Get infallible up and spam bolt until you can triton, stormzilla, or leviathan without a shield if you can’t stormlord combo.

            I’m struggling on the final stretch to warlord, I might try out the life mastery.

  • Hunter Deathcaster

    what deck do you use

  • Adrian Thunderblade

    When you are fighting a myth, why dont you cloak your stunn block so they waste a medusa or basilisk on you? It works for me 🙂

  • Marvin Koonce

    What deck do you use?

  • Myke Hunt

    what deck is that

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