Frozen Heart – Advanced Level 100 Ice Darkmoor PvP Guide


Advanced Level 100 Ice

The addition of Darkmoor has brought ice an arsenal of gear and spells to unleash an icy force both foul and fair in the arena. This guide will list not one, but TWO strategies that you may use in the arena to dominate the playing field, and show the others that ice can be the most powerful class. 

~Born of cold and winter air…~

Let’s start with the most important factor of Frozen Heart, gear. This chart shows a majority of gear dropped in the dark depths of Darkmoor.

mali_ice_hat_statsThe Hood of the Cold Hearted is an amazing hat that grants a tremendous stat boost in everything, (after all cold hearted is similar to a frozen heart, right?)

Dropped by: Malistaire the Undying in the Graveyard.

100 ice robe armor of the cold heartedThe Armor of the Cold Hearted without a doubt is a phenomenal robe that grants a massive plethora in ice stats.

Dropped by: Malistaire the Undying in the Graveyard

ROBE - Plate of the Bitter GhostThe Plate of the Bitter Ghost is an alternative from Armor of the Cold Hearted if you have yet to receive it.

Dropped by: Shane Von Shane v2.0 in the Graveyard

ROBE - Unseen LordUnseen Lord’s Chill Armor is a great alternative to these robes due to the extra Armor piercing and Block. These can add a good amount of stats for a small defensive, yet offensive side. (Please note I would recommend Armor of the Cold Hearted if you have yet to receive it).

SHOES - Shoes of the Cold HeartedShoes of the Cold Hearted gives a tremendous boost in stats. Having critical block, resistance, ice damage, and more stats compared to the boots ice has been given in the past.

Dropped by: Malistaire the Undying in the Graveyard

ATHAME - Wolf's Lanlet of ShiversWolf’s Lancet of Shivers give a great amount of health compared to other athames, letting you become an eye catcher with tremendous health.

Dropped by: Yevgeny Nightcreeper in the Graveyard.

100 ice wand quarterstaff of cold furyThe Quarterstaff of Cold Fury can act as a great wand, as it grants wonderful stats for a dropped wand.

Dropped by: Malistaire the Undying in the Graveyard.

WAND - Frosty Stare Tiki Torch 100Frosty Stare Tiki Torch is a very interesting wand, granting a massive boost in stats, and giving a few extra cards that can be more useful than Shadow Blades.

This is available in the Islander’s Hoard pack in the Crown shop for 399.

WAND - Lunar Sceptor of AnubisLunar Scepter of Anubis is a great wand that gives a great amount of Critical Block, and Critical.

Available in the Pharaohs Hoard Pack in the Crown shop for 399.

100 ice amulet amulet of neverwhereAmulet of Neverwhere adds a grand amount of stat boost to your main stats with the added resist and armor piercing. The extra Sleet Storm can come in handy when you have a shrike, or fighting an opponent with low resistance.

Dropped by: Shane von Shane’s first fight.

AMULET - LIFE MASTERY ChapletChaplet of the Death Knight is a useful Life Mastery amulet since it grants life accuracy. If you don’t have this, you may use the Exalted Life Amulet, or Life Mastery Amulet.

Dropped in the Golden Key chest in Darkmoor Part one.

w101-l99-gem-of-the-grand-prophecyGem of the Grand Prophecy can be useful as it gives you an added 40 critical block.

Dropped by: Morganthe.

Amulet-of-Divine-InfluenceThe Amulet of Divine Influence can be very useful with its added stat boost and critical block. This amulet will always remain a true staple in the game, as one of the best amulets in the game.

Dropped by: Hades the Unseen.

RING - Duelist's Daredevil RingThe Duelist’s Daredevil Ring is very good as it grants 6% Armor piercing, which will help you reach a large amount of Armor piercing for an ice.

Sold for 5000 Arena tickets.

RING - Band of the Cold GraveThe Band of the Cold Grave ring, although does not give universal block, can give you an incredible amount of health, you can potentially hit 7000 health with this ring.

DECK - Village Carpathes CaseThe Village of Carpathes Case is a very useful deck, as it gives you 50 more health than a normal deck, more critical, Shadow Resistance, and a White pip.


DECK - Deck of Winter's CaseThe Deck of the Winter Shadows can act as an alternative, as the extra white pip at the start of combat will be helpful.




~Strike for love and strike for fear…~

Your pet will always be your trusty friend to give you a boon in stats. Choose talents wisely, here are an example of pets that you may use if you have these talents mixed together on a pet.

PET - Spirit of the Forest PET - Frankenbunny PET - Critical 

 Other talents that can be useful for this strategy:

Ice Striker + Critical Hitter + Critical Striker

May cast Balefrost

 Other pets that can help in this strategy

Rain Beetle

Lord of Winter



~There’s beauty and there’s danger here…~

 A deck setup, and the perfect gear setup will be crucial to Frozen Heart; However this strategy has not one, but two types of strategies, choose your path wisely.

A Mending Heart

Mending StatsMending Deck

HAT – Hood of the Cold Hearted
ROBE – Unseen Lord’s Chill Armor (recommend Robe of the Cold Hearted)
BOOT – Shoes of the Cold Hearted
WAND – Lunar Scepter of Anubis
ATHAME – Wolf’s Lancet of Shivers
AMULET – Chaplet of the Death Knight (Or Life Mastery Amulet, or Exalted Mastery Amulet)
RING – Duelist’s Daredevil Ring
DECK – Village of Carpathes Case

This Setup will allow a cautious wizard to stay healthy as you can still dish out hits, and maintain healing. The life mastery will help you with casting heals and more.

A Piercing Heart

Beefy Stats 1 Beefy Deck

 HAT – Hood of the Cold Hearted
ROBE – Unseen Lord’s Chill Armor (recommend or Robe of the Cold Hearted)
BOOT – Shoes of the Cold Hearted
WAND – Frosty Stare Tiki Torch
ATHAME – Wolf’s Lancet of Shivers
AMULET – Amulet of Neverwhere
RING – Duelist’s Daredevil Ring
DECK – Village of Carpathes Case 


Although more risky, this setup focuses more on the offensive, allowing you to have a massive amount of armor piercing, resist, and damage. The only drawback is that you are limited on healing.


~Split the ice apart..~

 Now for the most important trick, learning combos. First, let’s look at a few spells that will be extremely helpful, and allow you to get your opponent’s head spinning in the end. Be sure to stay defensive at the beginning using Tower Shields and Fortify, until you are ready to execute a combo.

SPELL - Abomintable Weaver


The Abominable Weaver is your main source of damage. This high hitting spell can allow a minimum of 1600 damage, with enchants, and with your damage. The tower shield will help you, as it’ll give you an extra round or more on defending yourself until you prepare for your next hit.


SPELL - Shift GreenOak


Shift Greenoak acts as a more powerful, trainable Storm Beetle card. This spell, not only can remove Tower Shields and Weaknesses, but can also place a Weakness onto your opponent, and grant yourself a Balanceblade. This spell will synergize well with your combos, and can be a powerful game changer.




Frostbite will be a great spell to peel your enemy’s health until you can execute them with an Abominable Weaver. This spell will also allow the breaking of shields, and also deal extra damage while you prepare.




SPELL - Infallible SPELL - Sleet Storm


Granted that you hit with one of these two auras, you can unleash a massive amount of damage with your spells. Keep at least one up and get ready to use it when you know you can execute your combo.







Balefrost or Katabatic Winds will help grant a massive edge in your battle against another wizard. A permanent buff will help you achieve maximum damage output. I would recommend Balefrost frequently and always keep it up, and Katabatic is good against those who stacked Ice resistance.



 Iceblade Iceblade will always be a great spell that will be a great combo starter. The extra 40% will be beneficial to achieving maximum damage output.

sharpened blade Sharpened Blade will be very helpful as it’ll help boost your blades to their highest effect, including the Shift Greenoak spell.


The many combos, in order from left to right:


The Ice Breaker

SPELL - Shift GreenOakIceblade(Spell)_BalefrostSPELL - Infallible(Spell)_FrostbiteIcebladeSPELL - Abomintable Weaver

Weaver Fever

IcebladeIcebladeSPELL - Shift GreenOakw101-katabatic-wind-v2SPELL - Sleet Storm(Spell)_FrostbiteSPELL - Abomintable WeaverSPELL - Abomintable Weaver


There are many more combos that you can try on your own, do your own sequence, and dominate the arena.


Difficulties against (from Normal-Hard-Difficult-Challenging):

  • Fire (Normal): Fire spells normally take a bit to prepare, whereas your combo will be more simple to prepare. If you do however fight a fire that spams DoT spells, they won’t be able to kill you fast enough as you should have over 6500 health. Even if a Fire does Efreet you to interrupt a potential combo, you can still use the Greenoak spell to remove the Efre-eakness. Follow up with a Frostbite if possible as fires do have their own source of Ice shielding. Stick with Infallible instead of Sleet storm, as the extra 10% increased fire damage can be risky, and can turn the tide into their favor. -Use a Mending Heart setup if necessary. 
  • Ice (Hard): Fighting ice wizards can put you at a disadvantage, as they can also have access to the Abominable Weaver spell. This can break your combo sequence if they time it right. Another disadvantage is, odds are no one will cast an Ice Global, lowering your damage. Your combos may not fully execute an ice wizard, as they have a massive amount of Health. Play your cards carefully, as you will have to combo your spells perfectly if you want to perfectly kill an ice wizard in one single combo or spell. Keep infallible up to pierce through an ice’s high resist, and slowly lower an ice’s health until they’re dead. -Use a Piercing Heart setup if necessary.
  • Storm (Hard): Storms can chunk anyone down until their head is spinning. Trying to complete your combo can be risky if you don’t stay at a defensive at the beginning. Stay at a hard defensive early game until you have enough pips to build up your combo. Once you can get your combo off, you should be able to kill a storm easily. Just be careful as they CAN chunk your health extremely early and remove your blades with the use of Glowbug Squall. -Use a Mending Heart setup if necessary. 
  • Life (Difficult): A Life wizard’s healing, and potential to hit high damage can be very irritating, and can drone on until you have no cards left. Prepare for a hit and try to use Doom & Gloom if you choose to pack it. Add a Doom into your combo to ensure that you can reduce a life wizard’s healing, and finish the battle faster than needed. -Use a Piercing Heart if necessary.
  • Death (Normal): Death can regain their health from the damage of the collateral damage you applied onto them using Frostbite or other spells. Frozen Armor will be useless in this fight, so instantly discard that. Other than that, treat a death as a fire (Bad Juju and follow up with Shift Greenoak) and you should be fine. -Either strategy works fine.
  • Myth (Normal): Although a myth wizard can shred through your defenses from Weaver’s shield using pierce or a double hit, you should be able to execute a combo onto them. Stun Block and Conviction can be extremely helpful as stopping a Medusa stun can drastically turn the tides into your favor. -Either strategy works fine.
  • Balance (Challenging): With the amount of versatile spells that a Balance has, such as Mana Burn, it will be hard to build up for a combo. Be prepared for Mana Burn, and try to execute slivers of your combos early. Balance’s early game is weak, but after a few turns, that can change instantly. Be prepared for Mana Burn, and any other spell they dish out at you. Frostbite and Winter Moon are still viable for you in these fights, so keep them handy. -A Mending Heart works if necessary.

 Extra tips:

  • You can Sharpened Blade Shift Greenoak. If you have treasure cards for it, use it on the Greenoak as an emergency find in your side. A 35% blade will be more useful than a bit more life damage.
  • Your amulets will offer you a Shadow Shield card, which will instantly shut down a Dark Nova strategy.
  • Winter Moon is still a very good spell, use it to your advantage!
  • Storm Beetle pets will also be helpful, as they cost less pips, and potentially pull off a combo easier. The only drawback is that this spell has a good change to fizzle.

Use these tips to your advantage, and unleash a winter’s fury in the arena. Show everyone who’s the real head of class! (As a bonus, can you spot the small easter egg?)


~Beware the Frozen Heart…~

Castle Darkmoor Guide Castle Darkmoor Graveyard  Castle Darkmoor Gear Guide  

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  • Balance101

    I <} these guides! Looking at a huge Frozen fan right here! Here's the Easter Egg: "Frozen Heart" is a song in Frozen sung by the Ice workers. The quotes are lyrics from the song.

    • Cody Nightblade

      Interesting… Never noticed that.

  • Wolf Icehammer

    Really good guide. I was wondering if you would be kind enough for me to hatch with your frankenbunny pet thanks.

  • Wolf FairyForge

    *Sees more then 100 Ice Wizards in the Arena* Welp. We’re are going to flee the duel now… Ice is going to murder us all. We can’t have that.

    • ThatPromethean

      Lol, beware Wolf. Ice is going to strike and eat you!

      • Liam

        No More Balance. Time for rise of Ice and Life….. 😀

        • Aaron S.

          I disagree. Time for the rise of Life? most definitely 😀 those kids be shooting to like 2000 rank all day -_-

          But no more balance? XD right….

          Ice? yeah I guess we’ll see more that.

        • TheRealHBF

          Nah balace still op. Life eh.

  • Laurel Balanceblade

    I wonder if we can call darkmoor gear, the game changing gear. Being able to dish out damage and stay averagely defensive is such a plus. I want to see how future pvp guides are gonna be but i bet the gears used in future guides are not gonna be from darkmoor. If not all at least a piece

    • Just regarding hat and shoes, I don’t see how it can be anything but darkmoor- those hat and shoes provide the best all around stats. As for the robe, I suppose crafted gear could be used instead in future guides, since darkmoor robe gives no block

      • Aaron S.

        Boots make up for the lost block on the robe 🙂

        Although I love darkmoor gear for well, being good, I still hate how it’s basically the best gear in-game. It simply beats everything. In a sense, there will be no more variety anymore in the arena. Everyone above warlord is sure to have full darkmoor while focusing on their shadow-enhanced spell. And as much as I hate to admit it, that’s EXACTLY what this guide does 🙁

        • Oh yes..back to waterworks. I’d hate to depend so much on just the shadow-enhanced spell as a main attack, but I guess there’s no choice since it just does so much damage and everyone’s using it.

        • Laurel Balanceblade

          It is the waterworks era again where nothing really beats it. And in respect to the shdow enhanced spells, they are the only spells ib the game that hit with so much damage for little pips.Someone once said, what would you rather use… Savage paw or gaze?

          • I always feel unsure when using gaze against that situation, i usually prefer savage paw over gaze.

          • Laurel Balanceblade

            True. I guess the situation does matter. I might become a double edged sword if one is not careful

          • Aaron S.

            Yes, but that’s EXACTLY the problem. The reason waterworks gear was not a problem is because although it may have been THE best in the game at the point of its release, all of the gear it overshadowed was bazaar-bought gear. So in a sense, there is no real problem since everybody wins; bazaar gear was never desirable anyway.

            The problem with darkmoor is that its gear overshadows EVERYTHING. That includes waterworks, crafting, tartarus, crowns: everything. It literally makes every other piece of gear in this game obsolete. That’s a problem. Unlike bazaar gear, people actually care about crowns/crafted/farmed gear that they acquired previously.

            I am also aware that some wonderful people are attempting to shine a light on crafted/tartarus gear by claiming that the robe has more block, or maybe the hat has more critical (etc.), but in reality, the minimal gain in such stats by wearing crafted/farmed gear is nothing compared to the spike in damage, accuracy, pips and resist that the new darkmoor gear provides.

          • Paul Fireflame

            Like everyone will farm those gear sets so easily. The dungeons are really tough, maybe most of the people will have this gear after 1-2 months in arena, but that will nullify it huge advantage of this gear, isn’t it? It is like fire against fire. To quote Syndrome –
            ” *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone’s super…
            [chuckles evilly] *no one* will be. “

          • Bifflet

            Over… SHADOWS everything?

          • That pun was amaze 😛

          • Aaron S.

            I quit game -_-

      • ProfJstn

        i’d say crafted hat, darkmoor robe, darkmoor boots, and darkmoor wand will be pretty good
        high crit, 200+ block (245 at least using blade of felled and alpha & omega) decent damage and decent resist

        • That’s actually not too bad..if I use crafted hat instead of darkmoor helm with my current gear, i’ll have around 80% storm resist.

  • Storms, when in doubt…UNLEASH THE BOLT!

    • Aaron S.

      Ice… when in doubt, weaver.


      • Laurel Balanceblade

        Balance, when in doubt…i was trying to continue the joke but can’t think of anything x. x

        • 55runedark1

          balance when in doubt spam lore?

          also fire when in doubt spam da DOT and efreets

          • Laurel Balanceblade

            Haha ty 🙂

          • kerry

            life when in doubt caterpillar and gaurdian spirit

        • Aaron S.

          Lore? -_-

          • ProfJstn

            Fire, when in doubt. spam efreet and krampus

    • John

      When in doubt, lore it out 😉

  • Hunter IceShard

    I’m loving this guide – I’ve always viewed my personality as a frozen heart, and very independent when it comes to dueling. I love the idea of incorporating the best gear, however I’d like to suggest use of shifting shadow’s into this – especially when the odds are against you and you need that one big hit (not ice school) to get past ice immune fire’s etc.

    • Hunter IceShard

      Also the polar bear cub provides an alternative to winter moon and a hit if needed! I really like the pet to cause a disruption to the enemy’s offensive stint in a match.

  • kerry

    the bad news is this build works best with malistair gear i cant even get the hat because i am bad at farming him idk what to do i get the most useless stuff.

  • TDAY11

    All it is in 100 pvp is juju spam and angel strategy so if you think this deck will help I will try

  • fish

    I dont quite understand how the weaver fever combo works. Even starting with max pips, when you use greenoak, you will automatically be lowered to 4 power pips, or 8 pips. Then, next round, providing you get a power pip, you will be at 5 power pips, or 10 pips. Next, casting katabatic winds, you will go down to 6 pips. Next round you will be at 8 pips. Utilizing no pips the next round will put you at 10 pips. Then, next round, casting frostbite, will put you at 4 pips due to the fact that frostbite will use 6 pips if you have full power pips. Then, you will be at 6 pips the round after allowing you to cast abdomidable weaver provided you have a shadow pips. This will deplete your pips completely allowing you to have 2 pips on the next round which doesnt allow you to cast weaver a second time like the combo suggests.

    • Aaron S.

      He was probably getting a little feisty.

  • ProfJstn

    *nudges Aaron S.* unchecked ego

    • Aaron S.

      LOL you must be balance 😀

      • ProfJstn

        nah i’m fire

        • Aaron S.

          You sure? xD

          • ProfJstn

            what if, you’re really balance but have been tricked into believing you’re ice
            *inception noise*

    • Jason Light

      *nudges profjstn.* unchecked brain

  • Bifflet

    Great guide!

    It’s very interesting to see a more offensive take to ice pvp, and I’m noticing I’m starting to do it more almost unconscionably. Weaver is the first spell Ice has gotten that can really be used for utility. (I don’t count winter moon because it has very little use at this point due to stun blocks and the lower damage.)
    Something that I see balances do frequently is hit with loremaster, even if it’s through a shield or a weakness, only for the utility as opposed to damage. As an Ice, I have never experienced this until now, when hitting though a shield doesn’t seem like a bad option.
    Again, very interesting and great job!

    • Bifflet

      Also, I like seeing that greenoak ;D

  • ProfJstn

    “Fire spells normally take a bit to prepare”
    ALH plz understand thats just not always tru

    • YurBOi

      NEver True. Spam that Fire From Above.

      • ProfJstn

        and when the shadow runs dry, let the brimstones and krampus fly

  • Roland Silverheart

    Alex, you gave ice another reason to try again. They will beware the frozen heart! Onward to Victory!

  • Billy Garvey

    I really don’t like darkmoor PvP. In both team and 1v1, it turns into a shield breaker-wait for shadow pips. Whoever gets 2 shadows first and can either shrike hit or hit hit usually wins the game, or brings the opponent dreadfully close. Also if you don’t have 2+ pieces of darkmoor gear (and you aren’t jading) don’t even try, save your rating.

  • The Operator

    Great guide, the only thing I have to say is that the combos are a little unrealistic. They involve no disruption (i.e. Stuns or Mantles) or defensive (Heals, Shields, Weaknesses) spells except for Weaver at the very end. The whole time, your opponent is free to Weakness, Shield, Enfeeble (ex. Squall, Sirens), or even land free unshielded hits on you.

    It’s a bit like saying, my combo is Feint, Potent Feint, Berserk, Storm Owl. It might work well for PvE where enemies don’t know what they’re doing, but in PvP chances are when you start stacking buff after buff, your opponent is going to do something about it. Just because your combo gets out a lot of damage fast doesn’t mean it’s reliable.

    I don’t have an Ice wizard, so I’m not one to judge, but if I had to make an Ice Combo, it would probably involve Winter Moon, Woolly Mammoth, or even Handsome Fomori (now that it applies a mantle). Disruption techniques (Stuns or Mantles) are crucial in order to offer your opponent the least amount of counterplay possible once you start your combo.

  • Alexander Lionheart

    Also one thing I forgot to mention with the combos, some you’ll have to wait a few rounds to cast the next available spell. Clutch Elucidate Greenoaks can work too

    • Matthew Hawktalon

      But wouldn’t that give them time to heal, shield, threaten you with attacks, etc?

  • wizfanftw

    XD nah my fire still slays ice rofl

  • Wolf Icehammer

    Do you people think having the first setup with the malistaire wand instead will work considering I have 68 damage and 50 or so resist. Will I be able to do well with that damage?

    • Hunter IceShard

      you could probably include the war axe of old times into this set up. I like that wand for the extra damage, but just wondering where the little extra block would come from

    • Ethan Breeze

      Beacon of the Aurund Vale (or something like that) Gives 115 critical block and 6 ice damage at exalted. That would really help ices out.

  • ProfJstn

    can i just say
    with the cold hearted set, the best name for the fire one would’ve been
    the “burning passion set”
    i mean come on

  • Charlie teh Unicorn :3

    Used this and won 10 matches so far. Really solid and nice guide! thankfully I already had a few pets like yours made so the pet part wasn’t an issue. the only thing I had an issue with was the healing. Sometimes the storms can be pesky with the 700+ critical and all. But I’ve maintained overlord with this 😀

  • James Earthwalker

    It’s happened… they’ve finally balanced out all the schools! O:

  • Billy Garvey

    I’ve been working on a high damage/high block/mid resist setup
    Gear is as follows:
    -Hood of the Arund Veil(new winterland pack)
    -sultan’s robe(mega bundle)
    -darkwraiths compelling boots(nightmare pack) or sultans shoes(mega bundle) I prefer darkwraith for resist
    -Beacon of the Arund veil(winterland pack, use for better damage/pips)
    OR Teeth of the lords of night (shaman’s hoard pack, use for block).
    -Blade of the felled, morganthe athame, darkmoor athame(cronus, morganthe, first battle of graveyard, use what you can get, they’re all pretty much the same)
    -duelist daredevil ring(Brandon mistborn) OR alpha and omega(gladiator dimachaerus, if you can get daredevil, use that. Otherwise, use alpha.)
    -life mastery/exalted/darkmoor OR morganthe/divine. I have life mastery so I use that, but anything works.
    -for the pet, triple damage double resist is preferred, but defy can be replaced by fairy/healing current

    Pretty much, spam shields and weak until you get pips, then pull off some combo using abominable, moon, shrike, and frostbite. Luminous could also be highly effective, as your universal damage should be in the 70s. Any tips on gear/strategy adjustments? Thanks for reading and thanks for replying in advance!
    -A Thaumaturge craving power

    • Billy Garvey

      This puts my damage between 105 and 111, resist around 40, accuracy 1-0% fizzle, near perfect pips, block around 270 or 60%, healing around 35%, pierce none unless using daredevil ring, and crit at almost nothing

  • IronFistOfJustice

    Yon know what’s interesting? I see all schools but death on there to compete against. Infact I haven’t had the chance todo much pvp due to work n such, but I wonder how well death is doing with the darkmoor setup. I got the boots but y’know. Myth, death, balance, storm still need their guides updated with darkmoor sets

    • IronFistOfJustice

      Nvm I see death now >.<

  • Charles Thundercoin

    Help please. I need a triple damage double resist ice pet. If you have one please help me by hatching and ALH if you are reading this please hatch. I mean you did write this to help ice wizards so help me.

    • Email Ask Duelist. I believe you could find contact information in articles labeled with Ask Duelist. Just search it up in the search box or go to the Wizard101 Dropdown Menu, it;s right under PvP Guides, directly under Character Chronicles.

  • Pete Mayes

    How do you get the band of the cold grave

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