Grandmaster Ice Warlord Guide



Patience is not active; on the contrary, it is active; it is concentrated strength.”

-Edward George Bulwar-Lytton

Grandmaster Ice 1v1 

Infamous for their high health, utility spells, powerful buffs and resist, Grandmaster Ice wizards can pack a huge punch when it comes to PvP. Just look at the leaderboard statistics and see for yourself (Battle Points info).   

Image 5

Starting Off     

Despite what many believe PvP has become, there will always be a part of it where patience and waiting for the right moment will always prevail. Ice is a prime example of this, especially at the Magus-Grandmaster range where you can’t constantly heal and enchant hits. As an Ice, you will need to blade up, keep a minion out and overall – control the match in the late game. With your higher than average health, you will be able to take early hits head on while building pips to take over the match. 

In the beginning, you will feel slightly incompetent because of your low attack and base damage, but keep your head high since this struggle will only last for a temporary period!  Your ultimate goal, just like all Grandmasters, is to obtain the Warlord set. I highly recommend doing tournaments to start off so you can gain some PvP experience as an Ice and a couple hundred tickets. Aim to reach 1000 tickets from tournaments and gain the other 800 from ranked PvP since you will need a grand total of 1800 tickets for the full gear (robe, hat, boots). 


Gear Selection

Since you obviously won’t have the Glendemming’s set starting off, you will need to pick alternative gear to match your needs, resist & health. 

Crowns gear: The best suitable option would be the Overlord set from the Crown Shop that costs 6995 crowns. 

Cap of the FrontierImage 11

Raiment of the JudgeImage 12

Dune StridersImage 13


Life Mastery AmuletImage 17


Farmed gear: If you are feeling short on Crowns some good ol’ fashion farming would be your second best bet. Unfortunately, you will running around Mooshu and Dragonspyre quite a bit. 

Jade Oni’s CapImage 14

Dropped by: Jade Oni in Mooshu

Malistaire’s Iceflame TunicImage 2

Dropped by: Malistaire in Dragonspyre

Forest Spirit’s Careful BootsImage 15

Dropped by: OakHeart in Mooshu

Raven’s Saphire Talon

Image 7

Can be bought in Hrundle Fjord at Krut Brightwood.

Winter Raven Ring

Image 8

Can be bought in Hrundle Fjord at Krut Brightwood.

Sky Iron Hasta

Image 16Dropped by: Ares Savage Spear in Mt. Olympus


Pet: Having a may cast Infallible pet would be a great bonus to this build along with Proof, Defy and Fairy. 



Deck Construction

Now for the bulk of the build. After doing several matches I came to the conclusion that hits in main are not needed at this level. I made the main deck as the source of buffs, shields, minions and heals. Your matches should not exceed the amount of hits you have in your side. Use the hits wisely and make sure everything you do has some sort of a reason, not just damaging them. Try to keep infects on them before you start hitting unless they minion. Most importantly, BLADE UP!


A Few Tips

  • Constantly use your minion, a good starting move from second. 
  • Use spells according to your pips, do NOT exhaust all pips before being able to end 
  • Time shields accordingly- not just spam them
  • Keen Eyes should mainly be used on Weaknesses with the exception of Satyrs.
  • Don’t start the bubble war, end it. 
  • Have around 2 Infections before you start hitting. 
  • Only Blizzard as a minion killer or to end the match.
  • Reshuffle when all your enchants have been used up.    
  • The side deck is changeable as long as it has enough damage  output


 Watch as I rank up from Private to Warlord using alternative gear.  Grandmaster Ice was by far the easiest school to rank up pre-Warlord gear.

Private to Warlord Part 1

Private to Warlord Part 2

Private to Warlord Part 3


Do you have other tips for Grandmaster Ice wizards who are looking for help? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Dueling!



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  • Logan LegendThief

    So simple, yet very helpful.

    Grats! 🙂

  • Billy Garvey


  • ChoGath

    The links to “Private to Warlord” parts 1, 2, 3 videos don’t work for me.

    • Trevor Spiritshard

      Me either.

    • ChoGath

      looks fixed now.

  • ChoGath

    How does this setup play against a determined Myth wizard with Earthquake? The myth minion game compares favorably against the ice minion. A set of earthquakes in the main deck will make your cloud of blades disappear. For similar reasons, people are moving to MC enfeeble pets to counter the “cloud of blade” strategy.

    • Jose Breeze

      Against myths I would focus on playing it slow by building up infects and continue to blade regardless of earthquake. The lower their pips are the more options I have. Plus, if I did verse a myth at this level I would hardly need 2+ blades to deal good damage to them. With the infal pet (or tc infal if I feel like packing them) 1 blade would be enough of a buff considering their low hp. As for minions, I find I do the majority of my damage to them by actually killing their minion with an AoE. Of course this all depends on your gear but a determined myth would most likely be fought against when at warlord therefore I would most likely have the warlord gear by then. With the warlord gear a simple bubble -> ice bird would be enough to kill it since it would average around 700 damage depending on the damage from pet+gear. The only real concern when versing a myth is the bubble war which I generally do well against due to heavy discarding when required. And if all else fails 3 shuffles should be enough to keep the match going in wait for a perfect opportunity.

      As for Mc enfeeble pets I have never really fought against them but in the case I do I wouldn’t change much besides regulating the amount of blades I put up, probably keep it at no more than 2.

      PS. The earthquake card I have in side is actually an aftershock when up against stackers.

      • ChoGath

        Aftershock is a great TC for eliminating the huge “cloud of blades” in an emergency. I carry one in my L30 balance deck for the same reason you do. They are fairly rare in the bazaar, but can be sniped on occasion.

  • Trevor Spiritshard

    Nice write-up. I have a question: What happens if you ever run out of side deck attacks?

    • Jose Breeze

      You lose. But the probability of that is next to 0% unless you vs a high level jade. Even then, I have beaten some full jade 80+ wizards, it is just a matter of how you approach them. As an ice the best thing you do is wait until you are bladed with a bubble and infallible up and them having at least 1 infection on. Try to combo with feint into a zilla or frost demon.

  • WilliamD

    lol so many people just fled.

  • kerry

    may i hatch with your pet your stats are just so good

    • Jose Breeze

      Sure just send me a TFC.

      • Nathan hextalon

        Can I hatch with you? My pet is really really bad

        • David

          If you are still looking, I’ll hatch with you. My pet has sharpshoot, pain giver, and spell proof with spell defy. (if that is what you are looking for)

          • Cody LotusBlade

            I am nathan but yeah if your free like right now go to sunbird hatching place

      • Fabrice

        question would commander gear would do?

  • kerry

    btw why discard such nice cards in video 1 couldnt help but notice you did allot of discards

    • Jose Breeze

      Discarding is a key factor to succeeding in PvP. Without being able to discard you will find yourself in those situations where you wish you had a certain card up, this reduces that risk. I only discard cards I don’t need immediately or within the next turn. It becomes a habit the more you get accustomed to PvP.

  • Shadowmancer

    That rate…

  • Shadowmancer

    How long did it take for warlord?

    • Jose Breeze

      2 days.

  • swaggy tyler 360

    may ask in the deck where is the attack? lol

    • Jose Breeze

      I don’t use attack in main deck anymore, realized they were pointless for grandmaster ranked.

      • swaggy tyler 360

        ok thank you for leaving the masssage and it is an honour to hear a massage from a you tuber especially when they are pvp ones 😀

  • swaggy tyler 360

    when i say the deck id mean the deck at the video i mean the deck above the video

  • swaggy tyler 360

    but you have a really cool pet that i also have but it is not as good as that nice pet i like it nice gear to it is very protective and good looking nice pvp stats to they are not that bad for an ice wizard i think that you inspired those ice wizards that have always looked forward to pvp but have failed a few times you helped them allot and you also helped my ice wizard i am gonna make him pvp from now on thank you for inspiring those who needed your help it was useful and it is also useful at this website thanks man 🙂

    • Jose Breeze

      Thanks ☺ means a lot!

      • swaggy tyler 360

        yw but you are a good you tuber you inspire people you inspired ice wizards 😀

      • swaggy tyler 360

        i even followed you because you admired me and inspired me

  • Cameron

    My thoughts:
    1. A triple damage, double resist pet would be better.
    2. Monstrous Leprechaun is a more useful and effective spell than blizzard. Especially for Grand Ice.
    3. Malistaire’s Deathedge is better than Raven’s Sapphire Talon.
    4. No mention of a wand (Frosty Stare Tiki Torch or the huge block wand).
    5. Too many sprite.
    6. No Woolly Mammoth TC.

    • Jose Breeze

      Thanks for the insight! ^.^

  • Ethan Breeze

    From the standpoint of another grandmaster ice warlord (drifting around 1300 rank, no duelist athame or ring yet though), I prefer to have a life minion killing spell, such as seraph. That way, it doesn’t waste blades for a combo. My combo I like a lot is blade stacking, debuffing, then infallible, frostbite, stun, mammoth. Another is using shatter instead of frostbite or infallible, but you will have a more successful time with it because you have a better pet for staying alive. All up to you though.

    • Jose Breeze

      Great opinion. I purposely did not include high level TCs mainly due to moral reasons but when up against people a lot higher level than you anything goes. I use the AoE minion killers or ice bird because the ones who are using minions are those the same level as you which will chunk them greatly regardless of wasting blades. Higher levels don’t bother with minions anymore so I don’t pack non-ice minion killers.

      • Ethan Breeze

        If you don’t choose to use higher level treasure cards, would an enchanted colossus be able to substitute woolly mammoth? The damage is close enough that it could still be presented as a kill option.

        • Jose Breeze

          Yes, possibly. The side deck is interchangeable honestly anything can go depending on how efficiently you use it.

          • Antonio Icebringer

            Do you pre enchant all of your hits with monstrous? BTW amazing PvP rating, one of the highest I’ve ever seen

  • Jackson Evans

    Jose, for this setup, would you recommend a pet with proof defy ice dealer ice giver and pain BRINGER OR a pet with may cast fairy sprite and infallible along with proof and defy for this setup? Please help!

  • Jackson Evans

    Jose, for this setup, would you recommend a pet with ice dealer ice giver pain BRINGER proof and defy or a pet with may cast infallible sprite and fairy with proof and defy?

    • Jose Breeze

      Probably the one with damage but that would mean taking out a few utility cards in side to add some tc infalls.

      • Jackson Evans

        ok i did that and currently am around 605 rank on leaders with a rank of 2124, thanks a ton!

  • TechnoNecro

    How do you think this holds up compared to the ice with a balance mastery who has loremaster and paw trained? They can quick reshuffle and I’m guessing their go-to heal is availing hands. They have sandstorm over blizzard as a minion killer, and judgment to close out games. I’m not sure which mastery I want to use, mind offering some insight? Also, why the keen eyes? Isn’t it essentially serving the same purpose as cloak? Because weakness is at 106% acc with grand gear so I can only think the keen eyes is being used to multiply weakness when you shuffle. Thanks in advance!

    • Good question. I have a good friend who does the same balance mastery strategy on his ice and it works out great. Though it is very time consuming to get lore and farm the bazaar for availing hand tcs, it is very rewarding at the end. I, however, still prefer the life mastery on ice when it comes to ranked pvp. Balance is good when versing other people the same level as you but when you start versing higher level with high damage output you will need the sustain life mastery gives. As for keen eyes I use them to stack weaknesses on an enemy and to further multiply them and satyrs. FYI a keen eyed weakness is NOT the same a regular weakness. Using both these together can reduce the damage output of the opponent significantly especially because they can’t tell the difference.

  • Blaze FireSword

    Spiderkeeper’s Icemantle dropped by Yeva Spiderkeeper and Snowcrusher’s Snowstompers dropped by Vicktor Snowcrusher are better no crowns options. 🙂

  • Antonio IceBringer

    Can I hatch with your pet? I want to get good stats for PvP on my ice

  • mvemjsunp8

    Amazing guide! I actually win over half of my matches now!
    One question: How do you face a “Judgement Wizard”? (A balance wizard who saves up his pips and one shots you with judgement)

    • Wolf Spirithunter

      I know its a old poat but you use tower and weakness as you see him do in his videos

    • Aaron S.

      From first it’s easy: simply tower a lot when they get a lot of pips. From second, as Wolf says you’ll have to alternate between weakness and towers. Using your minion is good too because it will potentially distract them from their task of judging. Also, getting off an early balefrost is a good way to keep up the pressure 🙂

  • David

    Hi Jose Breeze I got a question what would you say would be better for magus pvp if Lets say you were to pick between ice or myth?

  • Talon Winter

    Any tips for this post-darkmoor? I am around 2600 rank and I only vs exalted. I a, pretty much stuck where I am. Anything to deal with them?

  • Wolf Spirithunter

    You should use the old Dragonspyre grand boots and hat it is better then the ones he suggested for the non-crown option. The boots are called Snowcrusher’s Snowstompers and the hat is Spiderkeepr’s Icemantle they give more stats then the ones he suggested.

  • Jose can we hatch pls?

    can we hatch?

  • Nathan hextalon

    Very VERY nice but one question WHEN should I satyr like when I am below 1800 health or 1400?

  • Nathan hextalon

    Say, Jose could I replace conviction with something like maybe steal wards?

  • Charles Ice

    I noticed in the first round you used a life dispel which is great and all, but I noticed this wasn’t in the deck posted above. Where should one incorporate life dispels in this deck build?

  • Dillon

    jose can i hatch with that pet?

  • Jason Light

    Un can I use winter moon if I have it. And how do you feel about snow angel? Also is this pet good: a ice bird with ice giver, fairy, and spell proof.

  • Emily Stormcaster

    do you think that the proud jaguar armor is better than the crown gear suggested?

  • Quinn

    I wish my matches were as easy as his lol, in the 3rd age i got warlord facing nothing but warlords and commanders and probably like once or twice a private. Very good guide though 🙂

  • Quin

    I know this post was made a long time ago but hopefully you’re still active on here! Do you have any suggestions on what the best gems are to get for a grandmaster (lvl 50) ice wizard doing pvp? I specifically need 1 square, 1 triangle, 2 tears, and 3 circle gems haha. Those are all the slots I have. If anyone knows, the help would be appreciated so much!

  • Connor Parks

    Basically blade up keep shields up then attack

  • CatherineZG

    Hey Jose can I hatch with your pet sometime soon? I have a pet right now with shatter enfeeble fortify spell proof and defy idk if that is helpful.

  • AJRandrew

    i need more training points for all the spells i:

  • AJRandrew

    i need more training points 🙁

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