How to Use the Duelist101 Training Point Calculator

Duelist101 Training Point CalculatorGot some training points to spend, but not sure what spells to get? Planning a new wizard and want to see what level he needs to get that certain spell? Experimenting with training points can be tricky: if you buy one wrong card, you have to spend real money (crowns) to buy all your training points back from Mr. Lincoln.

The Duelist101 Training Point Calculator can help!


Quick Start

Enter your wizard’s school, level, and the number of training points he has available, and the Calculator shows which spells are available for training. Click on spell to train or untrain. If your level isn’t high enough, or if you don’t have enough training points, certain spells are dimmed out and not available to you.

You may also want to view A Beginners Guide to Training Points by Vigilant Seraph.


How It All Works

Let’s take a look at the Calculator’s features.

  • Level Slider
  • Training Point Slider
  • Buy Back Indicator
  • School Selector
  • Reset Button
  • Quests List
  • Spell Buttons


Level Slider

Level SliderMove the slider by dragging the gold colored handle left or right, or by clicking on the black background bar. You can also make small adjustments (after clicking on the handle) by pressing the left/right or up/down arrows on your keyboard.

The Level Slider highlights quests in the Quest List with a gold color at the approximate level that you should be able to get the quest.

Many spells are level-locked, as you move the Level Slider, spells become available or unavailable.  Lowering your level automatically untrains any spells that require the higher level.


Training Points Slider

Training Points SliderSet this to the number of training points your wizard actually has, or to the number you expect to get.

You can count the number of training points you have by opening your spell book to the spells page (where you fill your deck). Select each of the school buttons along the top, and count each spell in each school. Do not count spells in your own school, and don’t count the Pixie (everyone gets Pixie for free). You should end up with a count of all your non-school spells minus one for the Pixie.

As you move the slider up and down, the cost to buy back your training points in the Buy Back Indicator (immediately below the slider) goes up and down. If you have spent three training points or less, you can buy them all back for free. Each training point above your third one costs 350 crowns.

The Training Points Slider also affects which spells are available to you. Some spells must be purchased in sequence. For example, to get Storm Shark, you must also purchase Thermic Shield, Lighting Bats, and Thunder Snake, so setting the slider to 3 causes the Storm Shark spell to dim – you need at least four training points to get it.  If you click on Storm Shark to train it, the Calculator automatically trains all the prerequisite spells too.  Similarly, untraining Thunder Snake also untrains any spells that depend on it.

Lowering the available training points below the number spells you have trained causes spells to be untrained, starting from the bottom of the Calculator and moving upwards.


Buy Back Indicator

Buy Back IndicatorWant to buy back your current training points from Mr. Lincoln? Here’s how much it will cost.

School Selector

School SelectorSelect your wizard’s school with this menu button. The spells for the selected school move to the left hand side of the calculator.  All of the selected school spells are dimmed out because you don’t use training points for spells in your own school.  The spells in your school that you should already have (for your level) are displayed in your school colors, while spells that are above your level are grey.

Setting the school select to “none” displays every spell available to every school.  It doesn’t disturb your currently trained spells, but it won’t allow you to train any new spells until a real school is selected.

Selecting a school with trained spells causes all of those trained spells to be untrained.



Reset Training PointsClears all your trained spells.


Quests List

Quests ListIn the upper right is a list of quests or requirements. These quests are how you earn training points in-game. They are in order of your level.  If you have completed,  for example, The Stone Roses and all the quests before it, you’ll have 16 training points available.  Your specific path through the game might affect which quests you can actually get, but if you don’t have training points for each gold colored quest, you might have missed something.

Hovering over a quest in the list shows a bit more information about the quest: who gives it and where, and if it has prerequisites.  Some of the quests are also linked to guides to help complete the quest (where to find the Stray Cats, for example).


Spell Buttons

Spell ButtonsThe bottom section lists the spell buttons. Spells that are available to you (because you are high enough level and you have enough training points) are active, while spells that are not available are dimmed out.  Spells you have trained are highlighted with a gold border.

Clicking on a spell trains it, adding to your count of used training points and perhaps making some other spells unavailable.  Prerequisite spells are automatically trained as well.  Trained spells are highlighted with a gold border.  Clicking a trained spell causes it (and any dependant spells) to be untrained, and returns those training points to your available count.

Spells that cannot be purchased with training points are not displayed for schools other than the selected school.

Each school has a small collection of “random” spells.  These spells are not locked to your level, but often have some other requirement to fulfill, such as completing the Krokosphinx for Immolate.

Hovering over a spell button shows more information about that spell including: who trains it and where, the name of the quest that earns it, and what the spell does.

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  • The TP Calculator has been updated for Level 90. Thank you, Nick! (and Termagant for making such an awesome tool)

  • VAharleywitch

    Wanted to let you know, the Life-spell listing doesn’t show “Lumenous Weaver”, essentially between Spirit Armor & Seraph

  • VAharleywitch

    This was a very useful calculator. I have some points left, so now to figure out where they can go!

  • I’dliketosigninasaguest.

    The calculator says it is possible to get a training point from Enrollment at level 1. How is it possible to complete the required quest, Rattlebones Report, and still be level 1?

  • Artur spiritshade

    Please update it for lvl 110

  • Termagant

    I guess it’s time for some more updates. I don’t play much these days, so can you guys help with some information about what needs to be added? New tasks, missing spells, etc.


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