Dear Diego, Page Two

Dear Diego


Dear Diego

I finally did it! I worked up my courage and did my first ranked PvP match. Actually, I did my first three ranked PvP matches.

Dear Diego

Picture 2013-01-26 20-06-50My first match was a little strange. I won, but it didn’t feel like a huge victory: my opponent fled. I’m not sure why. I thought it was pretty funny that on the screen I saw, there was a tiny icon of a chicken next to his name. I guess that’s what shows when someone flees.

I really like one thing that happened as a result of my first match: I advanced to the rank of Corporal!

Dear Diego

 Ninja-PigsI stepped into the ring again feeling confident. Turns out that was sort of misplaced. I was matched against another Myth Wizard (aka Conjurer). I felt pretty clever because I not only had Myth Shields in my deck, I had a Myth wand! But my opponent outsmarted me: he had myth prisms. I put up a Volcano Shield (an Ice School shield that blocks both Fire and Storm) but it was too late, because I put it up after he put up the Myth prism. He then cast the Ninja Pig spell on me. Between his blade and trap, he hit me pretty hard.

Luckily I healed and was able to go on with the match. I put up another Myth Shield and a Tower Shield. After a few more rounds, he cast Ortheus. With the first half of the spell, my Myth shield and Tower shield were both gone. With the second half, I was left doing what I call The Spiral Head Roll.

Dear Diego

My rank was back down to Private. I was not well-pleased. I stepped back into the ring hoping that I could regain Corporal with one match, the way I acheived it in my first match. I won the match, but it didn’t put me back at Corporal. Part of me wanted to head back in and try to get my rank back. The level-headed part of me decided that I would wind up in PvP matches all night if I kept chasing the rank. So I decided to stop while I was ahead with a record of two out of three matches won for the evening.

One good thing I can say about my evening in the ring is that I did not have the problem of mean comments from the other players. My sister Rowan was subjected to some pretty foul language when she used to PvP. Not only from her opponents, but from friends of her opponent who ported in to say unpleasant things to her to try to undermine her confidence. Anyway, my opponents last night actually didn’t talk to me at all. The all had PvP chat blocked and none of their friends ported in during the matches.

I took a look at the talents that have manifested in my PvP pet, a hawk named Lady Hunter, and I think I might try to hatch her. She has May Cast Pixie and May Cast Storm Shield, and she has some boost to Storm Damage. I’d really like SpellProof on my PvP pet. And she didn’t cast Storm shield once during my PvP matches, so if she’s going to be stingy with it I might as well get different talents.

I’m looking forward to more PvP and I promise to write again as soon as I have more to report.


Dear Diego


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  1. I always put the death stare on my opponents, thinking they will pull out an orthrus or medusa even if their adepts or magus. I don’t let let that compromise my own style but face everyone like they have that two headed mutt standing behind them 😉

  2. One tough loss, but you’re out there mixing it up, that’s the important thing. Love that you are trying this, despite the stress of being in arena. Good luck with the pet, I think you’re right that Proof is extremely helpful, would definitely make a difference.
    These are a lot of fun to read, looking forward to the next one, good luck with your next set of matches, Christina…

  3. This is cool! A 1st person account of dueling from the beginning 🙂

  4. Yay, Ravenwood Radio tonight… I’ll be tuning in! 🙂

  5. Congratz on the 2 wins. Good for you to jump into the ranked arena. You will have ups and downs, we all do. Don’t let it bother you. Worst thing you can do is let it all get to you.
    You have done the right thing turning enemy chat off. That way you do not hear anything they might say. One sugestion, turm off chat bubbles as well. Then if any of their friends do port in, you will not have to hear anything from them unless your chat box is open and you want to see it. I now keep my chat open to hear what they are all saying. i just do not talk back. Dont need the grief if they are being rude.
    I do like chatting with much of my opposition though. I have made afew good friends over the years with some of the people I have battled. Although there are a few bad and rude people in the arena, there is also a very large number of great people to. Sometimes they are just mad because you beat them.
    Good luck to you. Have fun out there, and do not sweat the losses. As your experience continues to grow, So will the wins.

  6. i love the new poly morph petredon or what ever its called

  7. Sandy Ventura says:

    I found it!

  8. It’s orthrus and they 😛