Enchanted Armament’s Impact on Low Level PVP

Enchanted Armament’s Impact on Low Level PVP

What so special about it?

enchanted armament

Some wonder if low level access to this card is overpowered.

The Enchanted Armament pet is notorious for providing sharpened blade cards – 1 at baby, 2 at ancient, and 3 at mega. Higher level wizards love that a blade sharpened with the pet card stacks with a blade sharpened with the trained card. When it was first released, the armament was controversial – despite (and because of) its many benefits, players argued that allowing lower level players access to such a card (or 3 cards, to be exact) was “overpowered” and not appropriate as it placed an even larger burden between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’, so to speak.

Why is it overpowered?

Think about it. Assuming the use of a mega armament, you are given 3 sharpened blade cards. If you are level 25 or above, you have access to two blades (unless you’re ice, of course) – your school blade and a tri blade (spirit or elemental). If you are, say, a fire wizard and use these two blades, you have a 35% on top of another 35%, which increases your hit by 82.25% (1.35 x 1.35). That’s pretty awesome! But then add on top of that two 45% blades (pet sharpened fireblade and elemental blade) and your hit is increased by 283.2% (1.35 x 1.35 x 1.45 x 1.45). That is insane!

Let’s continue this fire wizard example and place them in a PVP situation. At level 25 and with this amazing pet, Β his best bet is to do a full bladed heckhound with a bubble. Assuming he uses monstrous on his attacks, does not have any weakness on when he hits, has 3 power pips and 4 regular pips (a common power pip:pip ratio for that level), has 20% damage boost, and his opponent has 50% resistance (standard arena resist at mid-level), his heckhound will do approximately 1413 damage per round (blades: 1.35 x 1.35 x 1.45 x 1.45 x damage boost: 1.2 x bubble: 1.25 x opponent’s resistance: 0.5 x base damage of heckhound with monstrous: 1475 = 4239 / number of rounds: 3 = damage per round ) Let me restate that number: 1413 damage per round – with NO infallible, not a lot of damage boost, but simply through the sheer power of blades! Without the sharpened blade cards from the armament, you would have to factor out 2 45%s, which would leave you with only 538 damage per round, which isn’t near as impressive and is fairly easy to heal off.


With the help of the Enchanted Armament, this heckhound can do 1413 damage per round to a player with 50% resist.


I’m interested! How can I get one?

enchanted armament

The Enchanted Armament is dropped by Gladiator Dimacherus.

The Enchanted Armament pet is dropped byΒ Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus. He drops it very frequently, so there’s a very good chance you’ll receive the pet after the first try. Another option is to receive the pet through hatching – that way, you have more developed talents. Unfortunately, the randomness of pet hatches is not extremely reliable, so you may have to do several hatches before you get the pet.

Do you use or plan to use the Enchanted Armament for low level PVP or do you think it is too overpowered for low levels?

Let us know in the comments!


  1. Molly Daisyfountain says:

    I’ve been trying to get a good one for months lol… No luck as of yet. I think it’s an awesome pet πŸ™‚

    • Shadowmancer says:

      Lol… I use to have like 50 while farming for the Alpha and Omega Ring. πŸ˜›

      • jacob dark blood says:

        XD yeah it is very easy to get this pet and even alpha and omega ring i got it in the second try

  2. The Balance Wizard Soloer says:

    I must be really lucky because I got it at my first try XD

    • Cody Nightblade says:

      No, not really, because I also got one on my first try, as well as about 13 more armaments after the first run.

  3. AngelAngle says:

    I have been using enchanted armaments for quite a while in low level PvP. My favorite has incredibly infallible, spell-proof, spell-defying, pain-giver, and may cast dragonblade, making it quite deadly. Even with the sharpened blade cards, high level players, such as a low level warlord might battle, often have a ton of health. Even with the sharpened blade cards, it can be difficult to defeat extremely high level opponents.

    • Luke Willow says:

      Sounds like a great pet! And yes, at the higher ranks, I use the enchanted armament to offset the large gap in spells and gear between my level and my opponent’s level.

  4. Cody Nightblade says:

    I don’t think the Enchanted Armament pet is overpowered in lower level pvp because at lower levels, wizards have access to tc spells like earthquake and possibly enfeeble. I do think the use of x rank damage spells to hit and with sharpened buffs is a little overpowered. However, if it was restricted to higher levels, many who cannot level up efficiently cannot use the pet, especially if they hatched for it and developed the talents.
    Also, the Armament does not benefit Balance as much because their blades are affected by all hits, so sorcerers have to hit through weaknesses and shields with their blades. This may be countered with pierce and cleanse ward, though.

    • Luke Willow says:

      Great points!

      While lower levels DO have access to treasure cards like Earthquake (and Enfeeble, if they farm for it), many either do not carry those spells or, if they do, only carry 1 or 2, in regards to side deck space and pip cost. The school that likely has the biggest advantage at mid level against bladestackers is myth because, after level 42, they have trained Earthquake, have it in their main deck, and have the luxury of only having to reshuffle to get more.

      You’re right – balance, under normal circumstances, does not do very well with an armament. However, if they are the type that likes to set up for a big Judgement, the armament (unfortunately) benefits them beyond belief. The extra sharp balance blade and bladestorm adds a lot more damage to their judgement — and, if you put a pet feint talent on top that, makes it too easy to OHKO if you have treasure cards like shatter and cleanse charm.

      • AngelAngle says:

        Balance can get even larger benefits from the enchanted armament if it uses a treasure card such as basilisk or heckhound. My balance was able to attain around 2,000 rank with basilisk->minotaur->judgement combos. 6 possible blades make this a kill combo nearly every time, even against 4,000 health opponents.

        • That’s a killer combo, ouch! It’s crazy how much one pet can contribute to the success one’s strategy. In your case, the armament reigns as the focal point which gives you an edge against players without the pet.

        • Cody Nightblade says:

          That is a pretty painful combo, especially with infallible…

      • Cody Nightblade says:

        Very interesting points, as well. I think, if ever the Armament gets a little too overpowered in pvp, to make the pet pve only (no pvp), like some polymorph spells

    • Shadowmancer says:

      Don’t forget mc enfeeble and disarm too 0, 0

      • Cody Nightblade says:

        Hehe that makes me think of what someone would do in a 1v1 match where they were bladestacking, and the opponent’s pet casts enfeeble maycast

  5. jacob dark blood says:

    when we take tc it’s elemental blade is already over powered and this pet is not majorly needed cause its first generation is worst in its talents so we need to hatch to get a good one

    • Luke Willow says:

      Yeah, I’d recommend hatching with someone to get the pet rather than farming for it from the Gladiator, but that’s just me. For players who don’t have a lot of gold, the first-generation version from the Gladiator offers pain-giver and spell-proof – two nice talents for PVP – but with that said, it does not have any other nice PVP talents like MC heals, auras, dealers, or defy, which can only be obtained through hatching with another pet.

      • Cody Nightblade says:

        Don’t forget the Armament has 5 selfish talents…

      • jacob dark blood says:

        or better hatch with your normal pet you use mostly the pet we use the card it gives is a waste like mine. so if we hatch with it too times until we get the sword and shield pet with our pet talents it is the only good thing with the pet! the card it gives is really useful than most of the pets!!!! πŸ™‚ reply if you can! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Blaze Raven says:

    Nothing to see here. Just a way to mega stack and further throw off the damage:health ratio of the lower level ranges. Move along.

    • Cynical says:

      It was put in the game for higher level players to obtain as a reward for killing the Gladiator. If a mid level obtains one it was either through lucky hat him or because they have a high level. So they deserve the pet and any use they suck out of it. If you’re implying that this is breaking mid level pvp, might I say rank 8+ Tcs? Move along

      • Cynical says:

        *lucky hatching

      • Toothpick says:

        I do not agree.

        The levels/classes of your other wizards should not give a benefit to your current wizard in PvP.
        I believe this is the reason why PvP gear, tickets, and TC are not transferrable through the shared bank.

        In my opinion, the ideal PvP match should test wizards’ skills with minimal outside interference (luck being the only variable I think is fair). Bringing in pets/spells from level 90+ dungeons can have a powerful and possibly negative effect on the entire system and SHOULD be discussed.

        Saying move along is very disrespectful. If you have nothing to add, then okay. If you have something to say, okay. Don’t try to stop people from having a discussion that they have every right to have.

      • Blaze Raven says:

        Notice the word ‘further’. I’m not saying anything about what they deserve, but I will say the pet was not meant for midlevel. Rank 8+ TC aren’t very difficult to deal with, but when you combine it with things like this, that’s when it gets out of hand.

        It also brings into play extra buffs and buff multiplication in a way that was not intended for the level ranges. One may argue this is no different than using TC blades. However, these are a resource that multiplies every Shuffle and can even power up spells of that level to the extreme end of the spectrum. Resources are a big part of anything below 50, and this is just “free TC blades” that multiply and can be added onto other TC blades.

        Needless to say, the pet has been throwing things out of whack in those ranges for a while now. Even if I deserve the pet, that doesn’t mean it ISN’T toxic to gameplay.

  7. Quinn Dreamhaven says:

    It could be overpowered depending on how you use it. Like if you used the 40% blade, the tri blade, and then both with sharpened blade and then with a treasure card sharpened blade (is there such a thing?) on the 40% and the tri blade and then the treasure card version of those blades. That is overpowered (and thats not even taking into account traps and potent trap).

  8. Um only thought is how a tc aftershock/earth could easily stop this, also this might be necessary for some to defeat higher levels. It is however quite dangerous with with high level tc

    • Luke Willow says:

      Yep, TC Aftershock or Earth stops a bladestacking player in their tracks and forces them to either reshuffle to get their blades back or switch up their strategy. However, many players usually do not carry these cards — and if they do, they only carry 1 or 2 and hope to kill the player before the player kills them.

  9. Brand Ghostspear says:

    I have the enchanted armament. I used it for my low lvl death for the pet has the deer knight spell. I enjoyed using that pet for fighting through enemies on my death through story quests since he can’t crow yet.

  10. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    I don’t see it as overpowered. When i see someone blade stacking on my adept balance, i just triple weakness (a Keen eyes weakness -25%, a tc bazaar weakness -30% and a trained normal weakness -25%). So if you do the calculations that takes the heckhounds 1413 per round down a ton, to maybe around 900 (not bothered to do the math, lol). Then there are shields, and those help a ton. And just saying, i doubt any experienced player would let their opponent get 4 different blades on them without casting a single defensive power, or without killing them first.

    • Luke Willow says:

      I’ve played on a Magus Ice wizard for a long time now… and, even at 1922 rank, I have found it surprisingly easy to maintain the tempo of most matches as I keep my opponent occupied with too many problems to handle – minions, healing suppression, weaknesses, dispels, shields, etc, allowing me the chance to blade up, remove any damage-decreasing wards/charms, and do a fatal hit, even to my higher level opponents.

      • Merciless Jean Percy says:

        Yeah. I get a lot of people quitting because of my notorious weakness spamming and shield spamming. I love playing defensively though, i have my deck with 4 blades, 4 attacks and some side deck enchanted ones, and everything else are shields and heals and debuffs (plus reshuffle and cloak).

        • Luke Willow says:

          Yep! That’s how I love to play too – especially on characters where I use balance mastery, since cloak works like a charm at creating the “perfect” deck for your opponent. πŸ˜€ LOL at the rage quitting.

    • You Know Who I Am says:

      It actually brings it to 556 per round. Shows the power of Weakness!

  11. Frost Monarch says:

    I haven’t use my armament for pvp as much as pve purposes. Insanely great for making battles fly by.

    • Luke Willow says:

      I love the armament in this way because it is not just good for PVP. Some pets, like the Rain Beetle, really aren’t all that great for PVE because their card is useless, so the fact that the armament provides cards I can use in both styles of play is very convenient.

  12. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    P.S Fire gets heckhound at level 28, unless you’re talking about them using a tc heckhound, the situation is improbable. Lol, but the situation doesn’t change anyway.

    • RyanRavenBlood says:

      They get it at Level 18

      • Merciless Jean Percy says:

        If i recall, they get their minion at level 18, right? Just like balance and storm, minion at 18, x pip spell at 28.

        • Luke Willow says:

          Nope, fire gets heckhound at level 18, and their minion at level 28. No worries, though – with all of the spells for each of the seven schools, it’s really easy to get the order in which they are learned mixed up.

    • jacob dark blood says:

      at 28 in fire you got heck hound really?

  13. Blaze firethief says:

    Let’s not forget the May cast sword and shield talent

    • I love that talent when it activates correctly.However, I’d rather invest a talent slot into something that’s more reliable, like a damage, resistance, accuracy, MC heal, or MC aura talent. Some people don’t mind the inconsistency, though, because it CAN be a lifesaver in some cases. Thanks for bringing that up!

    • jacob dark blood says:

      it is not a great talent but it is a unique talent

  14. GRRR!!! Ill get you for spoiling my plan…. Apollo….

  15. pyro200 says:

    Nice Apollo, this article is a BEAST!

  16. SethSkullRunnner says:

    I used the armament for my fires pvp start, Got to warlord with it ( May cast fairy, Spell defying, Pain giver, and May cast tower shield.) πŸ™‚

  17. Edward AnvilShard says:

    Finally my Armament with Fire resist has a use. I’ve been using them for a while now, but I’m glad to see them getting the swag they deserve.

  18. Blaze MeOut says:

    Guess how many of these armament pets have from 0 to 100 … I did some epic farming when I was with a friend … I will give you a hint I have over 20 of these already :p

    • Nice! The Gladiator is very generous with the armament, as I mentioned. Best of luck developing one for PVP use, if that’s what you’re into. πŸ˜€

  19. Blaze MeOut says:

    Get an armament pet with good stats … its gonna have the potential to be better then a storm beetle pet … my friend once told, I can’t wait for a couple years until you see these pets with perfect stats …

    • I agree! The armament has a lot of potential. There are many pet owners (including me) who already have an armament with great talents/stats, so if you’d like to hatch with one, you shouldn’t have to look too far.

    • There are many Armament’ out there with decent stats. With a good hatching partner, it only takes a couple days to max out the stats these days. Have seen it done from scratch in a day or two, maxed out stats and talents. With the right hatching partner and motivation, it dont take long.

  20. Blaze MeOut says:

    Its hard to get tc sharpen blades with a low level considering you can’t trade or auction it … I would say the best you mostly would have is one 45% blade … tbh this pet is not overpowering if its really hard to raise this pet with decent stats and considering the trouble wizards have with the boss to get it

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      Plus I could say that stacking blades up to four blades is pretty hard considering shields and weaknesses plus the fact that you can also fizzle at low level because of the gear … and the fact that it takes four whole rounds … also my main first wizard is a max level fire … Its hard to pull off a decent heck hound

      • It’s a lot harder to pull off a large heck hound at max level because you’re getting hit so much that the damage from a DOT won’t be enough to kill them before they kill you. This article is focused on the impact of the pet on low level, because low level has a much different playing style than the meta today we know and love (or hate, lol).

        • Logan Legenthief says:

          I switched from lvl100 pvp to lvl60 pvp today and i gotta say (it must be in caps, sry) IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! SOOOOOO MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE.

          and if you want to know what i mean, get a lvl100 and pvp, then do it on a mid lvl, or a 50-60.

          P.S. I love lvl60 pvp.

          • Shadowmancer says:

            Me too. I LOVE LVLS 60-70 PVP

          • jacob dark blood says:

            that could be long

          • Glad to hear you enjoyed 60 PVP! I enjoy lower level PVP as well as it removes the wild card that is critical. At the legendary range and below, you don’t have to deal with super insane critical, which makes everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

        • Blaze MeOut says:

          You do have a good point though …

      • Decent heck hound is actually pretty easy at lower levels. I can do some pretty decent damage with mine, without this pet. Stacking those extra blades can be a challenge, I do not usually get to hit with 3 or 4 blades on. Generally I tend to hit with only one blade or none, depends on what my opponant is allowing me to do. If I had a chance to hit with 4 blades I would most likley scald followed with a heckhound. I am different that way, lol.

    • Igor Efimov says:

      It is not very hard at all to get an EA. Gladiator is one of the easiest of the Aquila level 90 bosses to farm.

      The pet itself starts out as a first generation pet with all stats over 210, and a couple of very useful first generation talents at the very top: Pain and proof.

      It hatches in 5 minutes.

      It is ubiquitous. I get about 2-3 EA’s per half hour of farming Gladiator (about 3 minutes per run). The same is probably average for other people. I screen them for useful talents and hatch the survivors to max stats pets to improve the pet.

      I move the resulting max stats pet, now with proof defy pain and one or more heals, onto my level 20 wizard to go pvp with.

      The major stumbling block isn’t money here. It’s time. The guy who just started playing six weeks ago, vs. the guy who already has a max level storm, three other midlevel wizards dedicated gardeners, full garden of couch potatoes or DHE on each, and an adept-magus PVP contender who benefits handsomely from over a year’s worth of cumulative farming, boss drops, and TIME.

      Sure it’s possible to buy all that nonsense with crowns.That said, it would be incredibly expensive to try and match resources with someone who’s been playing for a year and building their pvp support engine right out of the gate. And then you would have to level multiple wizards on the same account to help run all those farms. That’s something you can’t buy.

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        Um I was considering this to low level wizards … low level wizards have to get the tc from high level bosses and the pet the same way … tc is not tradable nor auctionable so this is the only way with exception to the pet … after all most of what the author of the article discussed focused on low level

    • jacob dark blood says:

      it is east when you have a high lvl friend and farm dungeons or minion

  21. ProdiousTheGreat says:

    My enchanted armament is somewhere in my back pocket…or is it up my sleeve?

  22. The enchanted armament makes a HUGE difference in low level pvp. I used one for sometime on my adapt myth with a balance mystery. my combo was; Enchanted spirit blade , trained Spirit blade, tc spirit blade and myth blade, or bubble. Well that’s a hard hitting chimera. Always auto gg.

  23. Firestarter says:

    I think the amount of content high level appropriate content that KI has allowed to enter the arena at lower levels is where they have most failed the pvp community. Not only does it greatly increase the power gap between the haves and the have nots of the arena, it degrades the pvp experience to much more of a win at all cost mindset where sportsmanship often goes out the window. It allows dumbs down the quality of play, and leads in the long run to fewer players in the arena. Which means it’s ever harder for those of us who remain to have KI’s ear.

    If you gave me one pvp wish, this is the thing I would change. Even before fixing the turn system.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Likewise, the matching system is a bit messed up right now, lol, which leaves high ranked low levels fighting low ranked legendary, transcedent, and even archmage wizards. KI has tried to compromise by allowing higher level content to trickle down to the lower level wizards, which, while helping a bit to decrease the higher level opponent’s advantage, does not solve the heart of the problem.

      Unfortunately, the “trickling down” of this content affects low level PVPers of the same level range very negatively, dividing low level players into the haves and the have nots, like you said, and until the main problem is fixed, this will continue to happen.

      • Alexis Ice says:

        They need to make it fair. The immediate fact about a low lvl facing a storm at transcendant. It is not fair especially a storm like my lvl 80 storm. Getting a full Power Pip supercharge enchanted with sharpened blade and a regular one with sharpened and non-sharpened storm and elemental blade. I could kill my lvl 50 Ice with 54 resist 140 block, 2500 Health with a THUNDER SNAKE! That is scary and could scare my lvl 30 Balance going against someone like that could kill me I would definitely throw out my competitive spirit for pvp I would absolutely LOSE my sportsmanship especially to a blade stacking storm. That’s why I am going for a Storm ward pet with 14 Universal Resist(pets never give me 15%) and a balance ward pet with mc Fairy.

  24. Shadowmancer says:

    Don’t forget tc blades for you bladestackers out there πŸ˜›

  25. I haven’t done the testing myself, does anyone know if cards enchanted with the armament’s Sharpened Blade IT multiply when shuffled?

    • Yep, I believe it does! If I recall correctly, reshuffle multiplies the blade that is sharpened and the blade that is not sharpened but not the actual sharpened blade card from the armament. I will do some testing tomorrow and give you a more solid answer. Great question!

      • Toothpick says:

        I do not understand what you mean by multiplying the trained spell and the enchanted spell but not the pet spell. Reshuffle gives you back the original spells and the enchanted copies you made so far. I believe that you get all your spells back every reshuffle minus the reshuffle used AND you get the enchanted version of the spell (so you can multiply the enchanted versions but the trained and pet spells should be the same number as you put in the deck).

    • jacob dark blood says:

      i guess so

  26. PurpleSkittlez says:

    I see this pet as more of a ranked pet anyway because when you hit around 1.5K+ rank even when having the player of your skill box ticked you will find yourself vsing grandmasters/legends which means being able to do those stacked blade ultra hits make it easier for you to kill.

    Since central doesn’t even really allow sharpened blade normally in the first place does it really matter? I mean everyone has access to it through hatching anyway so what’s the big deal. Doesn’t mean you have to use the pet anyway, I mean a rain beetle or any pet which gives you an extra blade usable to your school will help out in any way.

    This pet is just a great way to make it easier for low level wizards to deal with pesky overlords that down rank for fun/tickets and make it a bit easier to fight higher leveled opponents! I mean lets be truthful even without the sharpened blade pet in a rank match lvl 28 vs 28 it would still be the same old blade stacking thing.

    • Great points!

      You’re right, Central does not allow low level players to use this pet – with good reason. And I can understand what you mean by “if Central doesn’t allow it, does it really matter?” But I think it does. Thousands of players will never set foot in a Central match, or prefer ranked to competing in a Central tourney — and that’s completely fine. The players who do participate regularly in Central tourneys will know by now that the armament is not allowed, and will continue to play as so.

      Yes, the armament is a great solution to dealing with higher level opponents / overlords that downrank. Without the sharpened blade pet, you’re probably right – the match would consist of bladestacking anyway. But with the pet, you are given an edge that is difficult to defend against and works every time.

      I’m an advocate for the pet when it comes to facing higher level opponents, but I’m worried for same-level PVP. If level 86 cards are jumping into low level, what’s next?

      • PurpleSkittlez says:

        Sorry for such a late reply, yes I agree with your points completely. And it can cause difficulties but an easy double weakness stacked with maybe a shield does a trick. I use on my magus ice a balance mastery for loremaster as I face often people who use that pet in tournaments. This way I can use loremaster normal/enchant/weakness to pretty much make them rendered useless. Yes they can wand it off but if they’re busy using wands they waste turns they could be blading and you can chip away at there health with lore easily.

        So there are ways around it at adept you could do the same thing. Lot’s of counters to it if the person puts some thought ahead of this situation (which I hope most warlords have). I mean I’ve seen people use LoW at lvl 28 already, it’s kinda sad to see people really abusing card you get like 50 or so levels higher then they planned so easily. I mean snow angel tc was one thing to cry about but LoW really kinda gets a bit out of hand.

        Well I guess we can’t do anything about it, it will be interesting to see what other ideas/strategies people come up with to counter this pet and how people use it. That’s always the one thing I love about pvp and using classes/weird set ups. You always find new and surprising ways to counter these commonly known strategies.

  27. tay kyles says:

    No one really uses the Pet in PvP though.
    On top of that, the 1st gen Gene pool is horrible
    Making the Pet genes useful goes back to those who do the work, reap the benifits

  28. ConnorTheDeath says:

    They might as well give an option for lower levels to buy higher ranked cards for crowns

  29. legolover@rooknight.net says:

    technically you then have access to six blade 35%x2 45%x4 not including if your armament mainfests blade item cards

  30. Artur Earthbloom says:

    I think it is pretty overpowered, but we should adapt to all the changes. Same with crit at lower levels via gear from packs and bundles.

  31. Myrna Dragoncloud says:

    PVP is ruined

    • Myrna Dragoncloud says:

      I am posting this every where I can, even on the message boards.

      • Myrna Dragoncloud says:

        You stupid lower levels buy treasure cards and ruin PVP

        • Myrna Dragoncloud says:

          I don’t care what you think treasure cards should be banned you lower levels ruined it.

          • Kyle Life Blade says:

            lol buying treasure cards doesn’t ruin pvp. A brain is still required to succeed in lower level pvp even with treasure cards. And how did lower levels ruin pvp? Honestly i hate when high level wizards act so spoiled. If ur mad on a specific low level for beating you in pvp or something don’t take it out on all low levels.

    • Hi Myrna, I see you feel strongly about this but it is against Duelist’s Code of Conduct to spam the Comments here.

      • If you would like, I’m always around if you need another mod…
        Email sometime if you’d like to try that…

  32. NathanGoldSpear says:

    X x I want one can anyone take me to glad?

  33. NathanGoldSpear says:

    Will any exalted take me to glad plz?

  34. You Should Know Me By Now says:

    Wrong. Without both sharpened blades its 672 damage per round lol.

  35. Well, the Knight’s Lore Pack actually gave novice wizards access to Backdraft with 20% per pip with boots. With some gear, it is possible to dish out a 280% trap. If two level 10 pyromancers were to team up, with one defending/backdraft and the other blading/sharpened blading, they could possibly take out grandmasters. Maybe a little higher than 10, for trained tower shield…