In this post you will find a quick video of how to pvp as a max level storm. I posted a guide on my set up and now I recorded myself in action using my very own set up.

“Insanity in Action” — Prodigious Storm PvP


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Wizard101 Prodigious Storm PvP Update!

Peridot reporting in with a follow up video to the Wizard101 Prodigious Storm PvP Guide I recently posted.  For those who read the guide, you might have noticed I mentioned that I would put together a video where you could actually see me use the deck.

Before you leave, be sure to take our poll at the bottom about whether YOU would use Insane Bolt in a PvP match. We’re curious about the results!

Deck Changes

Before you get down to the video please note that I did change my PvP set up a bit in this video to fit in with my needs. Changes included me adding Storm Efreet and Rain Beetle. I will add a third tab to the guide so people can choose the setup they are most comfortable with.

I didn’t just post matches where I won, or went first… I actually lost one of my matches thanks to RNG but rest assured I kept the video of the match so everyone can witness what went wrong. Enjoy 🙂


Take our Insane Poll

One of my favorite moments in this video is when I embraced the insanity and manage to steal a win using insane bolt. This is why I really want to know: do you use Insane Bolt in PvP and do you think it is a legit damage spell?

My Thoughts on Insane Bolt

Insane BoltMy thoughts are that is is a legit spell and super special since it does moon damage rather than storm damage. I also personally like this spell because, in a tight corner, it offers a better chance for victory when Wild Bolt and Healing Current are your only other options. Insane bolt is definitely based around RNG, but I find it important to always keep a few copies in my deck.


What was your favorite match?


  1. Mr spoke says:

    Hey nice video what’s your YouTube?

    • Alex Thunderstaff says:

      I go under the name of jonathan deathsword when it comes to youtube but I’m no were near as good as our good old classic, Heather Shadowslinger. Thankyou for the interest though 🙂

  2. Merciless Jean Percy says:

    Lol if i were storm i’d only use it when i’m definitely going to die regardless.
    Either way i think it’s really unsatisfying and i can imagine how hurt the other person would feel if they lost a match they were going to win due to a lucky insane bolt lol.

    • Billy Garvey says:

      Me and my friend like to double storm 2v2 for fun. We beat this team from first legitimately and they were pretty mad, but next match we got them and we were second. We had essentially accepted our loss, and proceeded to both insane bolt the hitter. He put up a shield but both of our insanes hit them. Through a number of max wild bolts and criticals, we managed to beat them using completely trashy moves. Saltier than the Red Sea

  3. Laurel Balanceblade says:

    If I were storm, I’d only use insane bolt as a last resort. i.e when it’s a hit or die situation

  4. Billy Garvey says:

    Insane bolt is a perfectly reasonable spell. Sometimes throwing one out first round is a perfectly acceptable move in my book. If I’m not mistaken, it has an 80% chance of hitting the opponent. Accompanied with majoris boots from Rasputin (who needs block anyway?) my critical is often 80-90%. If I land, they just lost almost 5k health. If I can determine a match the first round with 80% of the odds being in my favor, it’s more unfair towards the opponent. Sure it’s a risky move, but if I hit myself I like to believe rngesus was telling me I wasn’t going to win anyway.

    • ExplodingStar says:

      It may be 80% success rate but trust me it does not seem like that when you use it regularly in ranked.

      BTW is the 80% the official number confirmed by Kingsisle or is it an estimate by testing?

      • Billy Garvey says:

        I thought it was unconfirmed but generally agreed upon as the value

        • Charles Darkflower says:

          The value of a 20% self destruct rate was confirmed in the May 2011 Wizard101 update notes.