Burned – An Advanced Magus Fire 1V1 Guide

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Advanced Magus Fire 1v1, through the eyes of Daniel MistTalon (DMT001).


Advanced Guides are a step up from our normal guides here at Duelist101. Normal Guides are built to help you reach Warlord, but “Advanced” guides show either unconventional playstyles or setups that have ranks far beyond Warlord (900). These guides assume that you have solid gear, a solid PvP pet, and a basic understanding of PvP.

In this guide, I will be going through a 1v1 set up for a Level 38 Pyromancer in the Second Age. This is the setup that has taken me way beyond Warlord, and into the Top 50 Pyromancers on the Leaderboard. While this guide is not for a beginner in PvP, many of the concepts will still transfer to someone just starting out.

This guide will showcase all the trained attacks of the Fire School up to Level 38. Warlord and more can be earned without the use of high level TC attacks such as Efreet.

Magus Fire 1v1 Stats

Training Points 

At level 38, you have access to a maximum of 16 training points, if you made it to Dragonspyre and picked up the Stone Roses Quest. Check out our Training Point Calculator to help you with choosing your training points. Here’s what I trained:

That works out to a total of 13 training points used for this build. I myself never made it to Dragonspyre, so I personally have 15 points available. One of those points was spent on Myth Shield for a couple of Wizard101 Central Tournaments I was involved in. 

Anyway, training Tower Shield is an absolute must. It should be trained for any PvP you plan on doing in Wizard101. It is also incredibly helpful in PvE. Weakness is a spell I would not enter battle without; I have it on every Wizard.  In the past I never trained it, but since changing my play style a couple years back, this spell has become one of my all time favorites. It is so helpful against every school out there, can be used to stall the other player (many people will not attack with a weakness on), or by weakening their attack. This is huge if you hope to survive some of the big hits, especially Myth double hits and other Fire DoTs. As a Magus Fire you will only have around 1500HP, and anything you can do to control damage is extremely helpful.

The Gear and Pet


BenOrioWith this setup, a Magus Fire Wizard will have 35% Resist, 29% Damage, 16% Accuracy, 66% Power Pips, 15% Stun Resistance, 5% Outgoing Healing, 1% Armor Pierce, and 1514 HP. Now comes the tough one, you need to find a pet. I highly recommend a Double resist pet; something with Proof and Defy. I started the second age with a SPUD Inferno Salamander. A pet with Proof/Defy can raise your resist to 50%.

High resist is necessary. Your 1300-1500 HP Magus Fire will be fighting players with over 3000 HP as he or she ranks.  You need every bit of resist you can get. As time went on I was able to develop another pet. Another Inferno Salamander that gave MC Infallible, Sprite, Fairy, Proof and Defy. This is the pet I am currently using in Ranked Matches at the moment. A Good pet can make the difference between winning a match or losing the match.

Check out these 3 guides on making your Perfect PvP Pet.

Perfect PvP Pets Part 1Perfect PvP Pets Part 2Perfect PvP Pets Part 3


The Deck

I am going to be showing two decks with slight modifications in each. One from when I had did not have MC Infallible,  and the other when I received MC Infallible.

As you can see, little changed in the main deck. Conviction was added to try to block some of the criticals, which I started seeing around 1200 rank. Before that, there were very few. I also removed two Reshuffles. I found that in 70% of my matches, I was not even using 1 Reshuffle. 15% of them I was using 1, and the last 15% I would use more than 1. If the match is not over by the time I run out of cards, I call the GG.

The side has the biggest changes. Infallible TC was removed and replaced with Phoenix, an extra Scald and a Fire elf. All attacks in side are Monstrous.  I tinker with the deck all the time.  Sometimes I put in a Fire Dispel or two, depending on what school I seem to be facing more that night. Sometimes I put in more Steal Charms and take out a shield or a Fire Blade. It never remains exactly the same, which is something every player should be doing as he/she grows more comfortable.

The Strategy


DMT Fire symbolMagus Fire is one of my favorite levels and schools to duel with. You either have or have access to all the tools necessary to win. AoE’s with Meteor and Scald, Dot’s with Elf, Link, Scald and Hound.  Link kills Weakness and Infection. A Minion that is just a BEAST when it comes to shield removal (Thanks Fred). Everything needed to be successful in 1v1 PvP.

The idea behind this setup is to control the opponent, make them do what you want them to do. You want to put yourself in a position where you dictate the match.

How do you do that you ask? It takes a lot of practice, and a little luck. As you may notice, I have 4 Weakness in my regular deck and 3 TC Weak in side. It can be used to stall your opponent. Many players will almost instinctively not attack if they have a weakness on. Even if they do, that’s 25% off the attack, and it stacks with TC Weakness. It buys time to shield, or puts the opponent on the defensive. I cannot count the number of times Weakness has saved me.  Using this one single spell can, but not always, win you the match.

DMT ShuffleYou’ve probably also noticed this setup has a Balance amulet, and that this guide does not include off-school minion killers or a TC Judge for a Sucker punch.  I run Balance Mastery primarily for Reshuffle and Heals. I don’t shuffle much, but i find two power pips a better deal than four.  My main heals come from 3 Availing Hands in side. Nightshades Choker could easily replace the Balance Mastery, but you lose one of most effective heals in the process. Balance Mastery (especially with AH) lets me ignore Life dispels.  If I find myself needing to remove them, I do not carry a Life wand, which means relying on unreliable pet heals.

Life Mastery and replacing the Availing Hands with Satyr is also a viable solution. I personally just have a hard time losing the cheap shuffle.

From First

From first, you are in the driver’s seat. Figure out what school your opponent is.  This will help you develop a plan for the match.

I usually start out by looking for a Weakness or shield, but will blade if there’s nothing else in hand. Watch what your opponent is doing. If they are blade stacking, time to counter. Hit them with a Weakness, play a steal charm, try to keep them unbuffed. Punish them for shield stacking with Link.

Fire ElementalGet your minion on the field, get him established. I will shield Fred(Minion) the next round after I cast him. Experienced players will hit your minion as soon as you bring it out. Shielding him from First gives him time to Link/Elf away shields. I love it when they completely ignore my Minion. You may see this when an opponent has built up a large cloud of blades, and doesn’t want to waste them. Fred is my best friend in the arena, can always count on him to do his part.  Your minion can also be a distraction to the other player, they focus everything on the minion and ignore what you are doing. I have had people kill my 3 pip minion with Medusa (7 pips) and Efreet (8 pips). This is the best case scenario, you just gained pip superiority.

If your opponent minions, I suggest taking it down right away. Meteor from side works great for this. If you have a bubble up, unbuffed Meteor from regular deck will take down all minions but the Myth ones: Talos, Cyclops, and Minotaur. One blade on a regular Meteor under bubble will take down all but Talos. For Talos you will need one of the Monster attacks in side.

Minion’s importance at this level cannot be underestimated. If your opponent kills it, get another up, even if that means working through your deck a little. Keep this up until you hopefully get one established. Savvy opponents will AoE to handle your minions, so remember to heal off that damage. This is what the Pixies in Main Deck are for, and they’re also a great way to clear nasty white pips.

You need to start building pips at this point: for either a combo or a Big Bad Hound. While you are building pips, you should be shielding and blading yourself while putting Infect and Weaks on your opponent. Before I set up for a kill, I will build pips, then cast Infallible TC from the side. Once I’m ready, I have two primary attack modes:

Attack Options

Bladed Heckhound

High Pip Hounds can decimate unprepared opponents. I’ll usually casts this hound on the same turn that Minion is using Fire Elf or Link. This covers my Hound afterburn from an opponent who uses Triage.


Scald, Meteor, Phoenix. I throw out a flurry of attacks from Max Pips, hoping to overwhelm my opponent with a stream of damage.

Now that I have a MC Infallible pet I will wait for it to cast Infallible most times before I hit. It has many triggers, putting up a blade, putting Weakness or Infect on your Opponent, healing yourself, hitting your opponent with an attack or even a wand. All of these things will activate MC Infallible, I am sure there is more, as it casts quite a bit.

DMT Heckhound

Once you get off that Big Hound, if you have any Infections left this is a great time to put them on your opponent. Shield yourself, and save your pips to follow up with another attack just to be safe. Remember many of the people you are battling when you get to the higher ranks will have 3000+HP. Depending on their resist and heal boost, they may be able to heal out of your hound. Don’t let that happen.

From Second

A win from second is a little more difficult, but not impossible.

You still need establish minion, but this is much more of a challenge from second. A favorite method of seasoned duelists is casting minion when the opponent is low on pips. Make sure you are putting weakness on them, if they kill it get him out there again. Stay healed, and Availing Hands when you hit half your HP. Cloak your Infects and Weakness. Going second you will more likely have to Reshuffle, which means multiplying. Never hurts to have more weakness to cast next time through your deck. You can also cloak some school specific shields, just do not cloak too many shields. You do not want to overrun your deck with these cards, limiting your ability to find what you need.

As always, kill every enemy minion that decides to come out and play. Magus Fire has the best spell ever to take a minion out, especially from second: Scald. I pull one of the Monster Scalds out of my side. Not only does it take out their minion (even shielded), it will clear shields and damage your opponent as well. Hopefully you have your bubble out, and you might even have Infallible from pet. (If you do not have the MC Infallible, I do not suggest you play the TC until you are ready to let off a string of attacks. You do not want to waste your Infallible TC on a minion.)

DMT Infallible finalIf you manage establishing minion , and get a couple weakness on your opponent, it is time to go on the offensive. Get a blade or two out, cast your Infallible TC (or beg your pet to cast it). I like the pet one because it lasts for 5 rounds instead of 4.

From second, I like the combo over the one big Hound. Why? Triage can ruin a big Hound in a hurry. If you have no minion out or he fizzles when you cast Hound, it is wide open to Triage. I tend to get a couple blades up, and throw a couple Monster Scalds from side. Under bubble with Infallible, they will do some serious damage. If you can push your opponent into healing, they are not hitting you.

Get the pressure on, blade and attack, hit with the Phoenix or Immolate to get a good spike in damage. Try to keep Infects on them. If you have done your job they will either be near dead or dead. Hopefully they have used most of their heals, and now you can set up for a Hound. It does not need to be full pip, but after getting hit with that big combo chances are they tossed the triage, or they are very low on heals. You just need to keep the pressure going before they can reshuffle and reset.

School Specific

Fire and Ice


A school you know all too well. Never play your bubble against fire. It is just going to get you killed faster. The only time I do play bubble against fire is if I am going to hit with a full pip Hound next round.) Be very wary of Efreet as well. Keep a shield on and I try to keep one wand in hand to counter the weakness. I have seen level 10’s cast Efreet, so be ready for it; it will be in most Fire’s decks these days. Get damage out ASAP: Monster Scalds from side under Infallible work great. Again keep their Minion down, get yours up. Steal Charm works well in this matchup; otherwise keep Weakness and Infect on them. Grind them down, your Dot’s will wear them out.


With Ice you want to keep their minion down. Many Ices bladestack into a big Snow Angel or Mammoth. These are not their only attacks, but it’s what i see more than anything else. Fairly easy to counter. When they put up a single blade or TC blade, steal it if you can. Stack Weakness if possible. When they put up the TC Elemental blade (many do), steal the fire one. Build your pips. Infect and hit. You want to stall their hit as long as possible, Make them heal, then take them out. If you get a good Ice, you will face minion spam, Blizzards, Frostbite. I find these matches make for a better and tougher fight.

Storm and Myth


Storm is a very dangerous school. Get shields up fast. They can hit hard early with monster Kraken and Bats. Wild Bolt is always a danger. You never know when it is going to hit 1000 and it clears a shield every time as well. Against storm, I go all out offensive. Blade, hit, shield, hit. Hit every chance I get. Their HP is low, so if you can get them healing instead if hitting, you’ve just put the tempo in your favor. The more damage you can inflict on them the better. These are usually a quick match with one Wizard going down early. The toughest Storms are the Level 60+ variant, their critical can hurt you in a hurry. Make do with Shields and Conviction if you can.

Myth GirlMyth

Myth is a tough school to defend: double hits, big minions. You need to try to keep their minions out of the game. They will do the same with yours. Your best answer against Myth is constant Weakness, though a timely Tower Shield can save you from Medusa’s wrath. Those double stuns can leave you defenseless if you neglected Conviction.  Work their health down and try to hit with Pheonix for the kill. If you get off a big Hound, cover it up and infect. Earthquake will kill blade clouds, so don’t spend too much effort on blading up. You will want to get Infallible up, then blade, hit, blade, hit, rinse, and repeat. Takes a little time, but with your AoE’s you can take down their minions and put hurt on them at the same time.

Life and Death


Keep Infects on Life. A tough job in a MC heal dominated arena, but do what you can. Your only shield against them is Tower, so weakness comes in very handy. Get Minion up and kill theirs, since Sprite minions heals like crazy. Hound from First or if minion will be covering it with Link/Elf. Trained Triage will stop your offense in a hurry, and leave you without pips. Combos against Life are good, but they can heal too efficiently. The combo needs to kill or they will heal out of the hole and reset the stage. Nice thing about playing Life, they rarely change the bubble, but be ready to change it back if they put Sanctuary up.


With death you do not need to worry too much about Minions, very few play an Animate game. You must be careful with your minion, however. Death will feast on your no-resist minion, so shield and weak appropriately. Get your bubble up early. They most likely will not Doom until you are low on health. Build pips, get some blades going. When you have all your blades set up, Release the Hound! Make sure you or Minion follows up the Hound. Fairly quick matches against most Death. Skeletal Dragon is common. Again counter big hits with weakness, steal their blades. If they put a Feint on you, use it to your advantage hit them with a Meteor. The extra 30%damage is always nice.



Balance can be very dangerous. Get your bubble out asap, they will rarely change it. Two Tower Shields are ideal against them. Keep a weakness and infect on them. I have run into a number of balance that are running three ManaBurn cards on their gear, either in their wand or Amulet. If this is the case you need to keep pips low, do not give them a chance to Burn you. Play it much like against Storm. Blade, hit, shield, Blade, hit, Weak, hit. Mana Burn is going to make it very hard for you to get a big hound off. You also have to be careful of that Full pip Judge, that’s why you need to keep them weakened. Stealing their blades is good. Nothing better than using their blades against them.


That’s It!

DMT Magus Fire PhotoWell that is about it for this guide. There are so many more things I could go on about against every school, and probably even Magus Fire. It is all about the Tempo of the match. (Great read on Tempo Here) Honestly, it’s hard to put it all down in one place. But if you’ve made it this far, chances are you’ll be doing great already.

Hope you enjoy the read. Good luck in your PvP adventures.

And most of all, Have Fun.





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  • penrosecat1

    Its not showing the things in the boxes for me. Is this just for me? Also medusa is 8 pips? Other than that its a good guide, even though I didn’t read the crucial bits (lol).

    • DMT001

      Thanks. Will get that fixed as soon as I can.

  • izabera

    i just think that trained spirit shields are much more important than reshuffle and cloak..

    • DMT001

      I wish I had the points for that. This is how I trained my points back in first age. This is what I have. Not able to retrain. Shuffle I could live without, but I really like having Cloak in there. Helps a lot to multiply my shields and Weakness when I have to shuffle.

  • ~ByzantineRhino~

    On my fire (who is past mid-level) I spent my TP on ice wyvern. You don’t get mutate until level 56, but it does the same amount of damage as a colossal power link, and same damage as salamander except 2 pips less. It even has more accuracy than normal fire spells. Also, I saw in one of your matches that you spam blade stack, but why not the sky iron hasta for the extra general damage? Or is it because the wands are fire?

    • DMT001

      Would love to use the Hasta, but yes it is because they are Fire attacks. Many of the people I am fighting are well over 3000HP and can have as much as 90% heal boost. I need those attacks to do as much damage as possible. To lose my fire blades for a wand attack just does not work for the way I play. I did try it for a little while, but was not comfortable with it. I also like the Balance blade i get from my wand.

      • Blake FireBlade

        If you are still Magus then a beetle pet would solve your problem. I am a magus fire with 1956 rank, and the rain beetle works great as a secondary wand for weakness removal.

  • This is completely off topic but why do people say “Found it!” all the time in the comments in many articles? What did they find?

    • DMT001

      From time to time there are contests here on Duelist where a picture is added to an older post. The first person to find that picture wins the contest. That is what they have found.

  • Oscar Jean


    • DMT001

      No Idea!

      • Oscar Jean

        rindding ring ring dingding ring

  • mmailliw

    Sounds like you’d have been a very fun opponent for Victoria Stormbane when she was still in Magus! (I suspect I’d have been able to beat you from first, but not from second… but that’s neither here nor there ;-))

    I LOVE that you’re bringing back an ‘unpopular’ school at the level tier and making it dominant, though I must admit that I’ve had a very hard time thinking of Infallible as a mid-level spell (no matter how many times I tell myself “it’s trained at a lower level than Monstrous and no one has a problem with that!”).

    -Infallible pet, though, is A LOT deadlier than Infallible TC as the latter will run out and are obvious signposts for you to do whatever is necessary to dull the attack (weakness? minions? attack yourself to put opponent on defensive) until the timer runs out.

    Two more questions, though, that I want to ask:
    I) You seem very comfortable using Grand tier TCs (AH and Infallible) so why don’t you have an Efreet in your deck? I assume you’ve tested using it as a finisher or combo lead-in and it didn’t work as well…
    II) The closest wizard I have to your level is currently my “Playing with Fire” Adept Myth William StormBane, who uses a VERY different strategy than your standard ranked myth. Would you like to duel him sometime? (with or without a handicap to ameliorate the level difference)

    • DMT001

      I have always enjoyed playing fire. Was my first School, has always been one that I enjoy.

      Infallabe is one of the spells that is just kind of ? I never started using the TC until after I hit Warlord. Idk. As a pet talent I agree it is much better than using the TC because you will never run out. If I did not use it or have it as a pet talent I would be putting myself at even more of a disadvantage than I am now. Is it nessary to use? No. I have won my share without using the TC or without my pet casting the spell. Efreete would help me win many more matches I believe, but I have just never put in in my deck in second age, I did in first age a couple times, Mostley against puppets. I think I did put it in a 1v1 deck once or twice, but cannot even recall if I used the card or not. I have just never found the need to use it. Weather one uses TC or not will always be a debate with many different opinions.

      Yes Will I would be willing to go up against your adept. We could work out some kind of handicap.

      • Ethan Shaw

        I honestly don’t like playing fire. I feel the second lowest health means the second hardest gameplay. Its not that I hate Fire, I have a fire, but I like Ice because of the Resist and Health, and P.S. do you mind if I start using a different strategy for fighting the ice? Just asking.

        • DMT001

          Everyone has their preferred schools. Mine just happens to be Fire. I find fire has just so many tools at this level it makes it hard for every other school to handle.
          You use whatever strategy you are comfortable with. This is just a guide, meant to be changed or adapted to what will suit your playstyle. This is just how I played.
          Good luck have fun.

          • Ethan Shaw

            thx. I used this guide, what do you know? NONE of my opponents where ice. Awkward

          • Ethan Shaw

            With my fire I used shatter treasure cards, then hit with a monster immolate.

          • DMT001

            I personally am not a fan of Shatter, My feelings are it is a broken card. just my opinion though. You are better off with the Immolate TC you find at Bazzar, hits for the same damage on opponent, but does not hit you nearly as hard.

      • Saliho Toure

        Quick question, do you have a youtube page or have any video we can watch you fight? ty so much for this guide to very helpful!

        • DMT001

          No sorry I don’t have You Tube channel. Glad you liked the guide.

  • Frost Monarch

    Nice guide! I used to do a similar setup with my adept fire. Got to commander, got my boots, then I got bored. I wanted to go to magus for a more solid hit like phoenix but it seems that you don’t use it, which I can get with this more advanced setup.

    • DMT001

      I do carry one in the side for a finisher. I also Carry a couple Immoliate for the same reason. With this build my 2 main attacks are Scald and Heckhound. Both Dot attacks. I use these for the most part because it renders shields totally useless. With my minion spamming links and elves I never worry about them shielding. I do use the Phoenix as a finisher from first. From second I do not use it as often because there is nothing worse than hitting into a shield.

  • adrian giantgarden

    i hope i fight you one ay 🙂
    i am lvl forty eight life overlord

  • adrian giantgarden

    we fight oneday because i have been ranking down a bit and my rating is 1074

    • DMT001

      There is always the chance we will meet up in ranked. I tend to get level 50’s in the 1400 to 1500 range. So with you being level 48 it is not very likely.

      • adrian giantgarden

        btw why dont you carry any efreet?

        • DMT001

          I just want to see how far I can get using only trained attacks. Just trying to show you do not need touse Over level cards to be sucessful. It is more of a challenge. More satisfying when I win.

          • adrian giantgarden

            i see

          • adrian giantgarden

            lol i wonder how you do against death, life, and myth if you dont have any shields just towers and weakness

          • adrian giantgarden

            It must be really tough

          • DMT001

            Win more than I lose.

      • adrian giantgarden

        lol looks like ill fight you during duel a duelist good luck 😉

        • DMT001

          Will try an be there, I will be quite late though. I am working all day so I will miss a good part of it. Will try my best to be there though.

          • adrian giantgarden

            ok i hope to see you there

  • daniel lopez

    This is a rather interesting guide.

  • adrian

    Whats your stats?

    • DMT001

      Stats are listed right below the Gear selection.

  • Eric Legendtamer

    I beat this guy on my magus Balance. For sure it was a very good, solid build.

    • DMT001

      I battled many people, Not many of them were Magus. Will have to say GG then.

      • Koi the fish

        So I am wondering what gear you used before you got the good gear cause i am not there yet and would love to get Into your skill range. This guide seems to work wonders lol.

        • DMT001

          If you have any crown gear with resist it is helpfull. I earned tickets when I was level 5 and bought all my commander gear then. Never underestimate the power of the elf.

          • Koi the fish

            Haha well ty for telling me 😀

  • ChoGath

    Check your links … HTTP: … think your “:” is missing 🙂

    • ChoGath

      Look here -> on about against every school, and probably even Magus Fire. It is all about the Tempo of the match. (Great read on Tempo Here)

  • John Chen

    What do you recommend replacing the availing hands with if you don’t have any mastery and are planning to use night shades choker?

    • Blake FireBlade

      I am a Magus Fire in the 1900 ranks and I personally don’t use any heals in side. Heavy discarding is enough for me.

    • Nicholas Shade

      Try using power link.

  • Jacob Oliver

    Do you recommend any other pet besides the rare inferno salamander? And did you hatch the inferno salamander with someone else because when i looked up inferno salamander in w101 central, and when i look at the pet talents it doesn’t have spell proof or defy. It also doesn’t have any may casts for MC infallible, unicorn, or sprite.

  • Lulyhawk

    Where do you get the gear before Commander Gear? If I don’t know that, this guide doesn’t help.

    • Aaron S.

      Just use senator gear from olympus. Quick and easy farming, no sweat wasted. Lack of universal resist is a moderate problem, but just use a proof pet and focus on damage and utility.

    • DMT001

      Aaron’s suggestion is most likely the best gear if you do not have any other pack gear for that level that has some resist.

  • Saliho Toure

    do you have any video we can watch?

  • Johnny the Bear

    I was using this guide and it works except when i fizzle which is happening a lot lately.

  • Olivia

    If you are not advanced, would the stratgy and deck be the same??

  • Jackson Evans

    Would you use Sky Iron Hasta over the Spear you are using now?

  • Mark StarBreaker

    I love your guide and have made my way to Warlord using a slightly differently setup with life mastery.
    Using senators gear has required me to go with a more defensive deck setup with only 14% universal resist.

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