Wizard101: Summer 2016 Update – PVP Changes


Wizard101: Summer 2016 Update

PVP Changes

The Wizard101 Summer 2016 Update is finally in Test!   With it comes many fascinating changes for PVP that are truly hard to believe.  Let’s see what is in store!!!


PVP Tournaments… for GOLD!

One of these changes is that instead of having periodic free PVP tournaments, members can now enter PVP tournaments by simply paying with gold!  22,000 K gold is really a reasonable price and can easily be obtained through gardening and/or gold farming.

Picture 2016-07-20 14-42-31


With this new gold feature, I really do see more people wanting to try out PvP since getting gear from ticket vendors will not cost people to pay for numerous tournaments with crowns or wait months for free tournament member benefits to roll around.

In additions to this, there is a new “roll again feature” where you can spend crowns after the tournament for more attempts at loot.   This works much like second chance chests at bosses, crowns costs will increase the more you “roll”.


These new features should really make tournaments feel more alive with new eager faces around.    This is very exciting and there are rumors that a new periodic membership benefit will be released to make up for the loss of the free tournament one.


Critical Hits… now with less damage!

For PVP only, critical hits will now do 1.25x damage instead of 2x.   This right here is the most exciting of the changes.   No more losing 3/4 of your health over one lucky shadow enhanced spell critical hit! This however does NOT apply to critical heals. Getting a heal with a critical will not mean it will heal you less, in fact heals with a critical now heal with a little boost to balance the heavy damage our wizards are able to inflict. It is important to remember that criticals in PVE will remain the same as they have been since the Polaris update. 


Spectator Chat

You now have the option to block both text and menu chat of pvp spectators to your duel!   No more having to turn off chat bubbles and close your chat box, Hurray!!  This is available under privacy options in your menu as “PVP Team Chat Only.” 

Picture 2016-07-20 20-50-42


Pet Cards

The Talos spell card from the Crabling pet, as well as, the Battle Cherub’s Guardian Spirit spell cards are now flagged No PvP.  90px-(Item_Card)_Guardian_Spirit_Variation2

90px-(Item_Card)_Talos_VariationHopefully this will be a relief for the lower level pvp’ers out there.

 Excited about these changes? Tell us why..


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  • Blaze MeOut

    I honestly wish kingsisle puts level restrictions on pet and treasure cards in pvp … makes the pvp meta game a lot more fair instead of no pvp symbols for everything … the whole idea of shadow pip was also so that lower levels cant exploit it in pvp

  • Anonymous User

    I’m an avid PvPer and I’d like to voice my opinions from a mid-level PvP (60-89) point of view.
    Personally, if my critical hits will only do 1.25x more damage it is not worth investing in critical gear or block anymore. High damage and high resist will be the new meta. I like the idea of temp spammers getting a much needed nerf and I like the notion of more strategic matches (rather than solely relying on critical). However there will be a serious issue that needs to be addressed with jades – instead of using block wands we will see an increase in jades with life critical wands for those 2x heals. Top that off with over 50% or more incoming/outgoing healing, this new change will surely drive people like me away from pvp. I refuse to sit in front of my computer for 3 hours straight progressing no further than where I first started. There is no skill in waiting for someone to flee. Further addressing the issue with jades I can only imagine max level PvP will be absolute garbage when new astral spells like Indemnity hits live. It will be dispel and juju haven. Maybe KI should also devise an astral spell which gives immunity to negative charms for a couple of rounds.
    Currently the only possible solution I can offer is to crank up the critical from 1.25 to 1.5 so that it still remains somewhat relevant or nerf wizards with jade gear completely with a hard-capped 0 healing boost.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      I disagree completely. In a slower meta critical heals on a jade would indeed be a huge problem. We are however not in a slow meta any longer. Shadow enhanced spells already deal huge amounts of damage and with mastery amulets once again relevant it is entirely possible to utilize doom and gloom. The best way to defeat jades is via combo or OHKO both which preempt heal boost. The only real threat is a critical guardian spirit which once again could be limited via death mastery. Secondly, indemnity has a negligible effect on jade/juju and dispel strategies. The best ways to remove juju spam is not with tc space limited cleanse charms.

      • Stormrunner

        i know this is off topic but i thought i’d ask. How do you feel about the new storm spell applying its trap before it hits? Don’t you feel as though this kind of defeats the purpose of a spell applying a trap?

        • Eric Stormbringer

          The storm spell is poorly designed all around and I hope they completely revamp it.

        • nobody

          i think the idea itself was pretty original, altough kinda worthless

    • wizåliå

      I sort of agree with you there…I am already working on a pet that does not have critical or block and basically resist and damage only. I would love to see what sort of strategy people would be using once it goes live. However, I am curious about life wizards who obviously may be thinking about boosting their critical so they can crit on heals. Maybe I am wrong but really hoping there isn’t a rise of life wizards! The other thing is that the update could change legendary pvp (those who rely on critical!)

      • Angel Dawn

        I have a level 65 Balance that was recently 2K rank (1944 now). I used a triple critical, dealer, proof pet. Though it is true that I need a new pet, it does NOT mean that legendary pvp is done for. In fact, when a level 60 faces a 110, the level 60 has a much greater chance to win than before, when all it took was for a storm to land a critical Rusalka and you’d be dead. The fact is, we will see more and more level 60’s carrying ward/enfeeble pets. Balance, Ice and Life previously dominated the 60’s, and still will.

    • Izzy

      Indemnity can’t be enchanted on dispels.

    • Anonymous User

      Apologies about indeminity mechanics – I didn’t know it doesn’t work on dispels.
      I guess I should have mentioned that the bulk of my PvP experience is with 4v4, so cleansing a juju is usually a very critical play in a match. As long as it doesn’t become available to lower levels through TC then I am cool with that. It’s striking to note that level 80 jades that I usually face have over 70% resist across the board, and close to 100% with proper ward pets. I guess this is only minor in max level PvP where access to shadow spells like shrike and high-pierce gear is prominent.
      It is relatively easy to get 300 critical – this merits around 50% critical chance at level 70. It is also relatively easy to get over 50% resist. And with critical heals still going for 2x plus a little boost, please understand where I’m coming from. This is why I suggest a 1.5x damage boost instead of 1.25x. Critical will still be relevant, critical heals from spammers will have a lesser impact and a lucky critical will not necessarily end the game. All the while preserving well thought out strategies to win the match.

      • Sierra

        how about they just nerf the critical on heals also, i see no reason why a heal needs to 2x+ on a critical now that critical hits have been reduced.

        • Anonymous User

          I definitely second this solution too

          • Sierra

            Hey! I resemble that remark. This is why we elicit comments after all.

          • Eric Stormbringer

            Mostly because the critical nerf will do nothing to assist jades at all.

          • Anonymous User

            Hmm, well if you see my previous comment I don’t think its irrational to assume jades will start using life critical wands. In fact I fear this will be the new norm should nothing be done about critical heals.

          • Eric Stormbringer

            Even then, they wont be achieving anywhere near reliable critical rates. Jade Gear gives no critical, healing rings/athames give no critical and critical life wands will still only add a piddling amount of critical due to the Polaris update. A storm in balanced gear who is carrying 400+ critical rating is still only at 35%. A 170 critical wand would likely be in the low teens percentage-wise.

          • Anonymous User

            Perhaps this isn’t an issue at max level, but I think you are overlooking your lower level counterparts. At level 70 jades can use the harrowing pack wand (since they’re not school locked) for 109 life critical. And just having 150 critical, which merits 20% critical chance, means unicorn spammers can heal everyone for 2k occasionally. Don’t tell me mid-level PvP is irrelevant, because PvP at all levels shouldn’t be broken. If as you stated this doesn’t apply to max levels, then the best solution would be to nerf critical heals as well.

          • Eric Stormbringer

            I’m not sure what youre trying to say. 20% critical means 80% chance not to critical. Are you saying a 20% chance to critical heal in team PvP breaks the game?

          • Anonymous User

            1 in 5 is nothing to snuff about. And that would just be the bare minimum.
            Frankly I’m concerned that this is not an issue for you – but we can agree to disagree.

  • Arcwarrior

    the critical change alone has me thinking about coming back that’s huge so say a spell does 2000 before would do 4000 now would only do 2500 thanks to the new crit result that’s amazing it about time they force people to use there brain and not win off dumb luck.

  • I’m so happy about the critical update. I didn’t know how KI would ‘fix’ critical but it looks like they did a good job.

  • Anonymous

    I think Aegis and Indemnity is going to hurt max level PVP. Aegis alone negates the effectiveness of Enfeeble, Disarm, Sirens, Glowbug Squall for storm as well as Earthquake, Pierce, Shatter, Mystic Colossus, and King Art for Myth. The spells these 2 schools rely on are now not as good. If you are facing a shield stacking jade and you have to use shatter 2 rounds in a row to remove everything, then what is the point of the spell anymore? The same can be said for wizards who want to blade stack. Enfeeble will no longer remove all the blades the first try and neither will glowbug squall. This also affects Ices ability to steal wards which I don’t think anybody but Ices will be mad about since Ice is a top tier pvp school at max level. What I don’t understand is why KI would take the few advantages these 3 schools have and remove them? If this is the case, then why can’t we use Aegis on our pips or auras to protect them from Mana Burn or Supernova? Maybe even use Aegis on Availing Hands to prevent Ices from stealing heals. This might not affect 1v1 PVP as much except if you get the Lifes that will spam shields and heal all day long in order to frustrate you into fleeing but it will make a significant impact in 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 tourneys for sure.
    Then you have issues with Indemnity. Now juju spammers will have a field day with this as it will takes 2 rounds of cleanse to get it off unless you have wand hits or low pip hits. This will also affect myths ability to use cleanse ward. I guess the theme here is these 2 spells will be affecting Myths and Storms utility spells. Nobody will care because neither school is a top tier school in this meta. Now if these changes were affecting Ice or Balance, I guarantee there would be a revolt.

    • nobody

      i think it shouldnt affect stealing spells. also who knows maybe spells like these will (eventually) come for aura’s and hots too… i mean we finally get spells like these at level 110. who knows what we get next? luckely for schools like myth and storm removing stuff isnt their only advantage, otherwise you’d be right about them getting screwd over, but i think these spells are pretty fair. just hope they dont get used too often >.<

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I’m not excited for the Tournaments for Gold feature. Once again, Crown Players who own every area are EXTREMELY discriminated against.

    • nobody

      i am partly excited. its a step in the right direction, but as you said its discriminating against crown players. they shouldve made them availeble for gold to everyone, not just members.

  • sarha

    i still think that others should be blocked from seeing pvp players cards, so there is no cheating, and I believe that the report button needs to be dealed,, to many people are turning people in who have paid good money every month to play and got their characters permanently banished and that aint right,,i been reported for not doing nothing wrong,, or saying nothing wrong and I pay every month for crowns and membership, when we write a lot of the words don’t appear even tho its open chat,i really think that they need to think about getting that report button off ,,

    • sarha

      I meant the report button needs to be deleted sorry was typing to fast

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