Empyrea Part One – Wizard101 Fall Test Realm 2017

Another fall test realm is in our grasp! The first part to Empyrea, new shadow magic, revered crafting, bank space increase, and much, much more! Read further to discover what lies ahead of us in this new update!

For a full list of update notes – go HERE 

Empyrea Part One:

A new world is upon us .. or at least part one of it! Much like Khyrsalis, Empyrea is being released in two parts – with part one in the test realm at the moment! Wizards can level to a new level cap of 125!

Empyrea was created by Grandmother Raven to keep the Chaos Heart in and The Spider (Old Cob) out, but now with Mellori being captured, anything is up for grabs. The heart sits in the middle of the world, with storms that even Raven herself cannot pass through. With the help of ..well.. you, the Arcanum teachers hope you aren’t too late in saving Mellori, and the spiral.

A few notes about Empyrea, as per the update notes:

  • Training point at 125, as well as quests from Zeke and Eloise.
  • Eloise has new, unique stitchable gear.
  • “Within Empyrea, players who are seeking a greater challenge and excellent rewards will find both within a new side quest encounter called the Beastman Fight Club Gauntlet. Good luck! The struggle herein promises to be our hardest content to date.”
  • New roaming bosses with new pet drops.
  • As per newer world releases, the final boss will be released later in the test realm cycle.

New Shadow Magic

Shadow Trickster is back ..and actually for real this time! Wizards who begin their quest into Empyrea will come across the infamous Shadow Trickster. After completing the quest, you will be awarded the Shadow Trickster spell and have the option to purchase a “Donate Shadow Pip” spell! To read our guide to Shadow Trickster Click Here!

Revered Crafting

A new crafting title beyond Legendary has you opening your crafting book to all new sorts of ways to collect reagents! Talk to the Librarian Fitzhume to begin your adventures toward being a Revered Crafter! With this new rank, come many more ways to collect, and types of reagents, such as:

  • Flying Squid Ink (A reagent found from combat in Empyrea)
  • Shiny Scales (A reagent only found in fishing chests)
  • Participation Trophy (A reagent that is purchased with arena tickets in the pet pavilion)
  • Aether ore and dust (A reagent found as a ground spawn item in the Spiral)
  • Shocked Key (A reagent only found within silver chests)

Also, if you are looking to craft higher level gear, you must seek out Loligo in Aeriel Shores in Empyrea, legendary crafting rank needed!

Check our guide here.


New Member Benefits

Not much is said about this in the update notes itself, but it is mentioned there are a few new member benefits coming our way after this launches to the live realm, so keep an eye out for those!

Various Other Updates

Backpack elixir and bank size increase

  • Your bank space has been increased from 100 to 150! (bless wu)
  • There is an elixir for 2500 crowns that expands your backpack space by 50, 2 uses max per character.

Daily Assignment Addition

  • With Empyrea, a new classification of quests is here: Heavyweight! Also, there is a new quest once you hit day 12, so get those Pekron investigations going!

Realm Locking

  • This function allows you to lock your realm, so that when you are moving around worlds, you won’t get bumped into a more busy realm!

Castle Magic

  • 36 new spells for all you enthusiastic castle magic junkies!

Crafting for Wysteria Lore Pack Spells

  • Check out our guide for recipes Here!

and much, much more! Make sure to take a look at the full list of changes!

What is your favorite part of the new update?
Are you excited for part one? Comment down below!


  1. Brand Ghostspear says:

    So far, so good. I like the look of the shadow trickster spell. Unfortunately, Captain Pork wants us to make sure we get a smooth sailing to Empyria, so we aren’t able to proceed the quest after we approach the new world. But as of now, I am curious to know on what does this “trick 1” effect do after you become a shadow trickster?

  2. The Balance Wizard Soloer says:

    Has anyone done beastman fight club? I need a guide plz XD

    • bob palmer says:

      yea i did it. the first 2 battles are pretty easy. the last one took my team an hour lol. just know that whenever the beet minion is summoned, you have to kill it within 2 rounds, otherwise it will kill one person. the beet will sacrifice itself and hit a random person at exact health. the beet has around 7k health and i assume it resists all schools(fire and storm definitely) because it’s a shadow monster. the storm boss is the one that summons the beet minion, so kill the storm boss first. remember to bring shatter because they shield a lot. if you want to trap, bring indemnity because the ice boss takes traps off and puts them on you. they hit pretty hard too, so bring a healer. if you do have a healer, put up sanctuary because everytime there’s a heal, a -55% percent infection is casted on the person who used the healing spell. universal blades will trigger a juju on the recipient. any other blade is fine. also, if you join the battle late, the ice boss will mana burn you and then give itself and all the bosses 7 power pips. it seems like so far, only the last fight has drops.

  3. Blaze MeOut says:

    Details on how trickster works in test realm:
    *+60% critical on yourself
    *-30% block on yourself
    *”trick 1″ details:
    –triggers when you use a drain spell or a spell that has a trap on the enemy
    –steals one pip from the enemy you placed a trap on
    SO.. BACKLASH!!!!
    *healing is neutral on backlash
    *traps is neutral on backlash, but will trigger “Trick” mechanic
    *drain hits will trigger “trick” and decrease backlash
    *normal hits decrease backlash
    *blades and shields are neutral on backlash
    *hits with trap effects like brimstone revenant trigger the “trick 1” mechanic and backlash results in neutral
    **backlash on weaknesses/dispels/smokescreen and trick mechanic
    **backlash and trick on effects like beguile, stuns, or guardian spirit
    **spells that hit and heal like power link
    **if any of the above works ^^^^ –> see how trick and backlash works with a spell that hits and has that after effect

    • Blaze MeOut says:

      Possible new strategy builds in pvp based on how this spell works:
      Critical Healers
      Critical Jade healers
      heal-hitter combo
      Death critical drain hitters
      Fire heal-hit build
      Storm pierce focused gear builds
      Honestly, Trickster buffed up PvE gameplay the most. Shrike, is still in my opinion, more useful for PvP hitter builds. This spell can possibly buff up builds for ice, death, and life in pvp.

      • SuperToare says:

        Yes but its kinda dangerous to destroy any chance of blocking a critical. I mean minus 30% chance to block is much since a lot of people don’t have that high critical block. I know people don’t block often but sometimes a block can save your life.

        • Blaze MeOut says:

          each shadow spell has a drawback other than backlash…
          Trickster has been the most backlash friendly out of them, so this isn’t much of a disadvantage for the huge critical input. I expect a spell that gives a huge amount of critical to give less block. That’s normal for how glass cannon like abilities should work. Specialization is key for any mmo or else people lose interest playing a certain class or school.
          -In shrike you debuff on healing input. Healing and shielding/debuffing increases backlash on yourself.
          -In the healing shadow spell, you’re increasing the incoming damage on yourself. Hitting/shielding increases blacklash
          -Sentinel –> hitting/healing increases backlash
          –there isn’t anyway known for increasing the net backlash for trickster so far

    • Logan LegendHunter says:

      Weakness trigger Trick and decrease backlash
      I healed myself once in trickster mode, and it added backlash, so you should check it again (i used sprite)

      • Blaze MeOut says:

        did you critical heal or no? I only checked when the heal was critical

        • Logan LegendHunter says:

          I did critical sprite, after a lot of fizzles 😛

          • Blaze MeOut says:

            hmm try other healing spells … tell which spells increase it and which ones don’t … maybe we can find a pattern specifically sprite, pixie/fairy, satyr, and regenerate/helping hand … maybe trickster might not like DOT spells if a pattern emerges

  4. This update seems exciting and all but I still have lost interest in the game, and have gone a year without playing. I feel like if they upgrade the graphics then I will come back

    • Not sure how possible that is with an older game. Look at Polaris, they updated the graphics there then everyone complained of terrible lag!

    • you’re not a true gamer if you put graphics over content

      • Not true at all, I played wiz since like 2010, it would just be nice to see a change in graphics.

  5. Logan LegendHunter says:

    Ignus has new crafting recipes for jewels as well. The level varies from 95-115 and requires Turmeric and the treasure cards required in the 85-105 jewel recipe. Good to know, since we have a Turmeric vendor at Mirage: Guillermel!

  6. JThundersword says:
  7. Nathaniel GD says:

    I love this post!